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  1. If I'm in such a rush that the 1.5 seconds it takes to knock back an espresso is going to make a difference, I think I just embrace being late at that point and take my time with it.
  2. If you feel the Londinium machines don't respect England, what are the alternatives? A German Profitec or Italian Bosco if you're set on lever? I assume you're not cross-shopping with a Fracino-branded machine, and as far as I'm aware you're out of luck when it comes to supporting England otherwise. I've always thought "made in x" displayed prominently on any product was a point of national pride - England or otherwise. Capitalized or otherwise.
  3. I used to like ice hockey, in the before times when a contact sport was cricket (as in acceptable, though I might actually pay attention to cricket if it was a contact sport). At least I can still enjoy movies and music whilst socially distanced. And what may be the untidiest AV setup... but that's kind of the point since it's hidden... AV setup consists of a Denon X8500H, NHT Power2, Bowers & Wilkins 804S, HTM3S, 1NT and CCM663 and SVS SB13 Ultra in a 5.1.6 configuration and a Sony 75" XE94. Apple TV, Shield TV, PS4 Pro and Bluesound Node2 as sources.
  4. For anyone needing a fix, Reddit is a good place to get worked up telling strangers on the internet that they're wrong.
  5. Recently upgraded so these aren't currently required. I had planned to keep these for a while until I was sure, with a plan to move house they may have a home once again in the future, but on the other hand that means storing them in the meantime, and moving them.So I thought I may as well list, but it would be also fair to say this isn't a highly motivated sale for someone looking to make a low-ball offer.In fantastic condition, better than I thought. When taking photos I looked for what I expected to be a number of nicks and chip but they're not really there. Some colour is rubbed off the bo
  6. I'm feeling like the £2700 I paid for mine last year is a bit of a bargain... which is something I never thought I would say of an espresso machine.
  7. Only came across the R24 for the first time today, and there was that initial pang of new-shiny-wants. Then pondered what the point was in making the machine near-silent when the grinder will always be far from it I get it for a new recruit to the Londinium lineup, but with the wireless control now I don't feel like I'm actually missing anything from the LR24. So I get to carry on with life and save my money. Phew!
  8. I can't believe I missed this... I've been longingly looking at an EK43S for the last few weeks and £500 off would have likely pushed me over the edge.
  9. This. I purge around 10g every morning due to this, and there needs to be at least 300g of beans in the hopper (or equivalent weight) for consistency. The E37s is simply not an appropriate grinder to single dose - I've tried single dosing before out of curiosity due to the same Whole Latte Love video. 18g in and 18g out, but's it's not the same 18g. If you want a solution that doesn't leave loads of beans in the hopper try something like this...
  10. That could be spun for marketing purposes. "Londinium: for INSTANT and TOTAL extraction, with perfectly even distribution (all over your kitchen)"
  11. It's in the manual to be fair... in what has to be the best diagram I've ever come across. I think those star-looking-things are supposed to be teeth. Would make some nice wall art above the machine.
  12. For transparency, @qazwsx and I have settled on a meeting location and are going ahead with the deal.
  13. I could be persuaded to meet you somewhere halfway-ish if that helps?
  14. This could work - I'm back from hols today, and will be around all weekend. I don't often find myself Bristol-way any more.
  15. So I'm doing a lot of travelling over the next few weeks and I'm not sure my wife wants this sitting around in the kitchen for that time If anyone wants this and can collect it, or meet tomorrow (i.e. Sat 6th Apr), I may be willing to chop a fair bit from the price.
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