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  1. Im lucky enough to be able to use a chemex at work :D:D
  2. Typically with the supermarket stuff it is! with walmart coffee you can taste the difference in freshness to the likes of sainsburys ext. I have had good coffees here from artisan roast and the roast-den and even from you guys at dear green but the over all standard off coffee is terrible.
  3. From personal experiance i know that coffee is at its best in its first two weeks of roasting so 2 years is far to long but to be fare to these guys there story states that 70% of the flavor is lost in 30days. A bit contradicting but yeah.
  4. I posted the link and then seen that someone asked about roast dates on coffee bags so thats why i wrote the whole story about my experience. I lived in the U.S for many years so i was always surrounded with good coffee so when i came to the U.K to find that all coffee was old and bitter i was disappointed so i started to buy most of my coffee online from amazon.
  5. I got some Coffee on Amazon and it arrived this morning They had put the roast date on the package witch i was most pleased about as most places don't do it. Iv had some filter coffee with it and it was full of flavor. I won't be able to try other methods until the weekend but will let you all know. They had a dosing chart on the back of the package. Its the first time iv seen that so I dosed my coffee according to there chart and it came out a bit light for my taste tbh so if you buy it i would recommend adding another gram or two to there recommended dose. Other than that the coffee its self was of a very high standard. i would definitely buy there other blend to try that as well.
  6. iv been drinking this. Best iv found so far.
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