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  1. I wish I could bro. Unfortunately trains cost too much. booo!
  2. It is a very intracate dance only to be performed when 2 people share a single moment on the 3rd day of falling in love. Alternatively it is a device used for brewing coffee, with a glass jug and a filter placed on a plunger used to seperate the grounds out of the water after the full 4 minute brewing time is complete. I am sure there are more complex answers out there and that people will chime in, but for now have an image. Someone will be along soon to correct and give a more in depth answer I am sure
  3. All young barista types. Give us a go! We are very interested in having some get togethers if numbers come up sufficiently. We have made this group private access simply because we don't want every chap and his brothers pet goat joining up who isn't in the industry.
  4. That is a fair point. I am being faar to over confident here but I want to be in competition in 2010, so I am trying from the outset to get into good habits. I think everyone who spends the time to seek out awesome coffee [the woeful lack of which there is around here] deserves a bit of provenance geekery!
  5. Personally I know the origins of the revelation blend at work well, I have read and re-read the producer notes, and I know the beans and origins. I also make a point to know where our SO decaf is from, and now, as we are starting a new single source hot chocolate, I know where that is from, and who farms it etc. Our filter coffee also, is a Guatemalan single estate bean, and we offer it as an alternative to an americano both cheaper and tastier in my opinion. Customers love a bit of provenance, and me personally, I like to see baristi who know the craft right down to the farm the be
  6. I shall add you to my list, I am thinking of a London coffee crawl and this place needs checked out!
  7. lol well I pulled an extra long shift to cover you. We're both on the same week next week
  8. Seamus, who said he wasn't drinking tonight drank. So did I. Bugger
  9. Excuse me while I throw view into this. If I go into a place that serves speciality drinks, in this case a speciality tea, the owners and baristi should all know how the drink should be served, what temperatures, the steeping times, water ratios and milk ratios if applicable. Naming and shaming a place sometimes spurs the parties involved into acting out and improving service and makes individual staff realise they are being judged on how they work and that a bit of extra care and customer mindedness goes an awful long way.
  10. kenyan Gethumbwini peaberry has a distinctive wine type quality about it for me. I think you should give it a go
  11. My palate? I know what tastes good and what doesn't that's about it. But I am more than willing to give you tips as a guinea pig.
  12. That is pretty cool! They fit onto my n95 8gb as well.. I am going to have to use one!
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