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  1. Thanks for all the info. Really useful for beginners. Is there something similar presenting the grinders?
  2. Google is your best friend. I found the forum when looking how to source green beans for home roasting.
  3. Thanks! Not necessarily looking for a DB but Looking for more temperature stability and ease of use. If I get a DB, i will probably do more milk drinks for friends/family.
  4. Sadist

    Black Friday

    25% off on "Small Batch Roasting" from Friday to Monday with the promo code : "Black-Friday" Interesting website for green beans with good price.
  5. Hi, I registered a while ago... and now posting for the first time. I started to consider coffee seriously after moving to UK from France (I am french). I am almost exclusively pulling espresso shots with a La Pavoni Pro and a Mazzer SJ. I managed to drink decent espresso with that setup. I would like to upgrade it to a single or double boiler machine with a on demand grinder. I roast green beans by myself. I started with popcorn popper and now using a behmor 1600. Thanks all!
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