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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/allpressespressouk/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= More will be uploaded soon, just getting rid of old stock that's never been used and never will! We have a 3G La Marzocco Strada MP for sale too. 2012 model. Not used for a long time and recently fully de scaled and serviced by our mates at Clockwork Coffee who did a great job at fixing her up. Rather sell on here than ebay to avoid fees. We also have sprare touch pads and gear pumps available, either with the machine, or separately. The machine and all parts are in our work shop a
  2. You're right sorry i did read that but forgot. £300 but would take offers near this too. Considering all thats wrong with it really is a loose button box this (i think) is a bargain. It's no Strada, but hey, its also not 12,000!
  3. Hey guys. I've got a WEGA Atlas here for sale. I havent run it up myself but my boss (i'm a technician for a London based roastery) has had it running, some friends of his used to own it. It's a little shabby on the front, one of the button pane;s is a little bit loose but that is as far as i know, the only thing wrong with it. I beleive it was recently serviced. All flowmeters work well, internals are clean considering its a few years old, and the outside is looking pretty neat apart from as i said, the loose panel. This could easily be replaced however. Also comes with 2 La Ma
  4. Thanks everyone! I work at a roastery called Allpress Espresso. And if you search Michael Dow, you will find lots of my music on youtube.... although... i haven;t really made any of that dance music for a long time now! I used to be in a band called Portasound, they'lll be on youtube too.. And if you go to http://cargocollective.com/alderneystudio/Commercial-Work you'll see some of my music work on adverts and short films like TED-ed animations.. Milanksi, yeah i could possibly do that let me get back to you! Nice on the Prophet by the way, i just bought myself a Virus TI. She's a
  5. Do you still have the problem? What exactly is happening when you press a button to start brewing? Does the needle on the pressure gauge stay around 3 or so before jolting up to 9? If so, the capacitor on your pump is probabaly gone and needs replacing. Otherwise you might have a crappy one way valve on the inlet that's letting water back out the wrong way which can cause the pump to take a little longer to fire sometimes. was it on while you were away or did you turn it off and turn off water supply?
  6. Hey guys, it's in Dalston in East London. Or will be.. No ideas on where this can be made?
  7. While not related to coffee... i sure as hell will be drinking a lot reading and building a synthesizer!
  8. hey guys, im new here, im a (new) La marzocco espresso machine technician working for a roastery in east london. I'm fairly new to the technician side of thigns, but have been in the industry a number of years. I also write and produce music for all sorts, including short films and adverts, and dance music of all sorts, and am just about to start building my own synthesizers... It all keeps me pretty busy! Hope you're all good! Micky
  9. How are we all? This is my first post! Here goes.. Does anybody know of a good place to get custom drip trays cut to size? I have a filter bar going into a cafe, with some Acaia pearl scales, that are to be set into the counter top. This is for our chemex/filter station. We want it to look a little something like this... Anyone had a good experience with anyone in particular? All help greatly appreciated
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