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  1. “Coffee flavoured f&cking coffee. Now pull up your pants!” [emoji1787]
  2. That's sold. Please send payment by Paypal Friends & Friends. I'll pm you the address. Exactly where and when would you want it delivered?
  3. I'm not looking to split yet. I would prefer to move everything on as one lot.
  4. Due to a change in personal circumstances, I don't have the space to be in the home espresso plus brewed coffee game. So my much loved espresso kit is up for sale. This is a great startup kit for someone who wants to up their game to on-demand grinding and a very good dual boiler espresso machine. I am including the following in the kit: Sage Dual Boiler Brasilia RR45OD grinder (with custom single dosing hopper, copper weight + Reg Barber tamper handle as shown). Excellent underrated pro grinder. bottomless portafilter (high quality all stainless steel unit from Sage)
  5. Take it back for replacement.
  6. I have too many hand grinders so selling my second yet to be used Hausgrind. Long story but suffice to say that I have more gear than I need. So this is your chance to get a brand spanking new high quality grinder from Knock at more than £30 off the MBK selling price and immediate shipment, unlike MBK's spotty fulfilment track record. Payment by Paypal friends and family.
  7. New Behmor Brazen Plus for the new house. Plus some tasty tasty beans from the good people at Hasbean.
  8. I've just bought one and had my first pot from it this morning. Brewed at 10:00 and I am finishing my last mug now at 15:00. Great coffee from great piece of kit.
  9. Dallah


    Brewlab have Feldgrind in stock in black if you are willing to pay retail.
  10. I'm finding mine to be very similar in grinding. The handle of the Hausgrind is far more comfortable. The Hausgrind is far better looking and built like a brick shitehouse. The Feldgrind adjustment mechanism is far more positive in use and I do constantly have doubts if the Hausgrind setting is drifting while in use. Holding the Hausgrind body is less comfortable as it is larger and I have small podgy hands. The increased capacity of the Hausgrind is a necessity for brews larger than 4 cups. So in my mind it is a draw and definitely down to the usage and the names are very apt. I need the Haus
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