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  1. The grinders that Sage make, both standalone and integrated into the likes of the BE and The Oracle are pants and barely acceptable for espresso. You will definitely want a stand-alone grinder if you go for a Sage DB. What grinder is influenced by many factors but it sounds like you are at the beginning of your coffee journey so it would be hard to go wrong with either a Niche Zero or a Eureka Mignon Specialita. Both are very kitchen friendly.
  2. Don’t get hung up on a lack of crema if your espresso tastes good. Personally I’m not a big fan of crema. I don’t go to the extent of spooning it off my espresso but I do stir my espresso to get an even taste throughout my shot. I’m not on my own on this. I quote Matt Perger in Barista Hustle “Crema is really different to espresso. On its own, crema tastes kind of terrible.”
  3. When asked I always tell the truth. Sometimes it becomes like a scene from A Few Good Men but she knows overall what I have spent. She has her hobbies as well and I never question her spending. At the end of the day neither for us are taking the proverbial. I don’t drink, smoke or drive a flash motor. I have friends who golf. The cost of decent golf clubs always puts everything into perspective.
  4. Welcome on board. Great first post. Great initial setup. Will be interesting to see how long you manage not to upgrade. There is no rational reason to but I bet you will find this to be all a bit spendy in the future. Shout if you need help. Most people here are very friendly and willing to help.
  5. @EmmaC I could go back and remove the one reference to my wife and align it with the two references to significant other but I think that would be disingenuous and difficult for later readers to follow, so I shall leave it as is. I would stand by my remark that like any obsessive hobby, the hobbyist will often downplay expenditure to their significant other. It’s not linked to gender but to personality type in my estimation. In my case I’m obsessive by nature and often fall down the proverbial rabbit hole. What seems practical and cost effective to me isn’t likely to pass the sniff test m
  6. @Emily Shame we can’t get Blue Peter badges for our home grown gadgets. There are a lot of McGyvers in this lot coming up with some ingenious solutions.
  7. @EmmaC Sorry didn’t mean to offend. That was why I made the reference to “significant other” as I was more than aware that this obsessive hobby isn’t just for cis men. I think most of the general population would find that spending thousands of pounds (as many of us have) to produce a good espresso to be OTT. My post was meant to reflect that.
  8. @Geezercdg I’ve had my Mignon XL enough time to come to terms with it. Did you get some QC fail beans from BB to help run in your burrs? I used those to get me into the ballpark of where I needed to be for espresso grind. Switching between beans should not be a massive difference on the dial in general, assuming you stay with a similar style of roasting (i.e. all light roasts.) If you switch from a light to a dark you will have a bigger difference in grind setting and hence timing as well. As far as how much to purge between changes I would disagree and say you only need to purge about 2 g
  9. How are we defining inexpensive? Mine is anything I would admit the price of to my wife. Let’s face it we are gadget addicts most of us and there is a huge gap between what we think is appropriate to spend to produce a decent espresso and what our significant others think is appropriate. Who else will admit to destroying an invoice before the significant other could see what you spent on your latest bargain of a gadget?
  10. Looks like you guys have proved the point. Shame that they are being deceptive but people are looking for side hustles to pay the bills these days. Limini do seem to encourage the deception in their guide to drop shipping.
  11. @Stu Beck What makes you say that? It seems a rather serious allegation to make.
  12. Walnut portafilter funnel. Holds onto portafilter with 8 tiny magnets around the bottom. Cut out to fit and hold onto my Mignon XL (would also work on Specialita).
  13. Mini John Cooper Works. The new Mini, I'd never get into one of the originals.
  14. @DavecUK you were right not to believe in coincidence. I emptied the boiler via the water tap and sure enough the boiler couldn't refill. I bypassed the water filter and the boiler refilled, the steam and water taps worked but most importantly there was pump pressure at the manometer and lots of water through the grouphead. I had soaked the the water filter, upright, for almost 30 minutes. I think the problem was that I had “upgraded” the water filter from the 35l unit to the 70l unit. I had read rumours that these were problematic but paid no mind. So back to 35l units for me. Thanks for
  15. Thanks for the reply @DavecUK I think the most likely is that I put the cam back in the wrong position. When I took the cam out, I had it in the lower position. I think when I put it back in, I put it in at the half mast position. Is there a way to easily sort out the mix up? I don’t think I understand what the position of the switches inside the group should be at. Thanks for your help.
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