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  1. Where did my post go? I sent the mods a PM that something was rotten in Denmark yesterday and it was ignored. So posted the content of that PM here on this thread and instant action to delete my post. Unfortunately I’m not surprised. I don’t know what is happening here but I know I don’t like it. Mods Note: We restored this post because the member concerned posted more incorrect accusations of corruption after being asked not to.
  2. Without getting drawn into the, excuse the language, ******* match on this thread it has highlighted to me that there seem to be fake accounts on the “pro” side of the argument. I have seen at least two accounts which have been created in the last few months and have only posted on this thread. It seems obvious to me that they have been created only to help feed the buzz around this machine, which if the topic was anything financial, would lead to serious repercussions I don’t know who is behind them and I wouldn’t want to speculate but it might be worth the mods looking into it as this thread seems to descending from discourse into polemic at times. Mods Note: We restored this post because the member concerned was speculating, without justification or evidence. See this post for an explanation
  3. @The Systemic Kid So in effect what you are saying is that as long as you don't pre-infuse for more than 5 seconds, you are golden and the L1 is a good'un.
  4. Not arguing Just clarifying. If you meant the most coffee by means of preparation/espresso I would agree that it is likely the Italians drink the most. I would concede the point as there aren’t any reliable stats on that.
  5. @dfk41sort of off-topic but according to most most online reference sources Finland has the highest per capita consumption of coffee while Italy doesn’t even crack the top ten (anywhere from 13th to 17th).
  6. @mctaff Any idea how much in LG’s you have put through the grinder? Which burr set are you running it with?
  7. @ckrhodeswhy would you be purging? The P-64 is a very low/zero retention single dose grinder. With RDT as well, there shouldn’t be anything to purge. Please don’t tell me I have spent all this money and will still have to purge like it’s a grinder not designed for single dosing.
  8. Well I got the email from DPD that my grinder will be delivered tomorrow which given it’s coming from China is patently wrong. As I understand it, this is the start of a two week wait until it arrives in the UK and DPD actually have it in their hands. @ckrhodes how long did it take from the time you got the notification that it was shipped until you actually received the grinder? Ta.
  9. @Denis S I’ve got a couple bags of Koppi in as well as a couple from The Barn. I’ll bear the advice about what @Baffo has dubbed turbo shots in mind. You are right in that I would probably not have thought to go straight to that timing and left chasing my tail, so thanks for the heads up.
  10. @THR_Crema I was originally mid-May so the delay actually hasn’t been too bad. It may have been squeaky wheel and grease sort of situation as I sent them at least 2 emails a week asking for updates since the beginning of May. I’m sh!te at waiting for things. Patience has never been a virtue of mine. Now the tortuous wait for delivery which is quoted as 4 - 14 days. With no tracking until the last 48 hours in Blighty. Eurgh.
  11. I drink light roasts exclusively now. I opt for motorised every time.
  12. Just had an email that my P-64 has been built and will ship tomorrow. It has the Unimodal burrs installed but because of the delay, my HU burrs will ship with the grinder now. So now I have a decision to make. Do I start off with the less forgiving Unimodal burrs or do I swap out for the more forgiving, more "traditional" HU burrs. Ah First World problems.
  13. Hooray for @Karka enjoy the better coffee.
  14. @Karka That makes no sense at all. It’s an Australian company and it ships from China to a customer in Essex. I imagine Option O are ignoring your emails?
  15. @Karka any news about your grinder? I’ve paid my balance and it’s been radio silence since.
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