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  1. @Karka make sure to get the DPD app on your device. It really is excellent and provides great tracking information.
  2. @THR_Crema I’ve not received a request for payment email yet, although I hope to soon. Probably they won’t get around to replying to me for a week 😤
  3. @KarkaIt’s been Sam that has been answering my emails. He answered an email I sent on May 3rd this morning at 06:28 GMT or (I think) 15:28 Melbourne time.
  4. @Karka I would get in touch with Option-O if I were you. Since ordering and paying my deposit getting info has been pulling teeth and slow responses. It could be that your grinder is set to ship next week as well. Don't know until you ask.
  5. I just had an email exchange with Sam at Option-O and they should be shipping my mid-May P-64 next week. The shipping options are FedEx which will deliver within a week but don’t offer the duty pre-paid option OR DPD which do offer duty prepaid ($250 USD) but will take about 2 weeks. Personally I want my grinder as soon as possible BUT I have never had a good delivery experience with FedEx (broken and damaged goods, denial of liability, non-delivery on specified day) whereas DPD have always been fantastic locally. Friendly drivers, 1 hour delivery slots, never have damaged package and
  6. @DavecUKif we played a guessing game would you tell us if we were hot or cold? LOL
  7. @Karka any news on your grinder?
  8. @dfk41 I thought we agreed no wife, mother or sister jabs!! ROFLMAO
  9. The grinders ship from Hong Kong and Shenzhen. You can choose to have the P-64 delivered duty pre-paid to the UK for an additional fee of $250 USD according to email exchange with Option-O customer service.
  10. That is a special kind of ugly. Looks like something your kack handed teenager comes home from design tech class with.
  11. I would consider the Mignon XL. The same footprint, about 3 cm taller, case all metal and best of all 65mm burrs. A great little grinder in your price range.
  12. @THR_Crema That is amazing that Hasbean leant you that grinder. Perhaps the spirit of Steve remains there. You must buy a lot of your beans from them.
  13. @Karka I’ll also be sticking with the P-64. While the P-100 is tempting it is just beyond what I can justify in my mind for a grinder for 8-10 double espressos in a day.
  14. Update from the folks over at Option-O. Looks like everyone can count on your order being a couple of weeks late. Not the greatest news but it was expected and at least they have been proactive in their communicators. Hi all, We hope you are keeping well! As the dispatch timeline is drawing close, we want to give you a quick update. So far all the parts are coming together well and the production is going smoothly as a whole, however due to some backlogs on our supplier's side, some parts will be arriving later than we initially anticipated. So there will be a minor delay (abou
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