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  1. Red dot is for lining up the portafilter, I believe. To the ideal tightness point.
  2. For sale. Heavily used but still works a treat. Nice seal, chrome as worn through. Only selling as its not being used. VST basket not included. Postage at cost. Based in Berlin but I travel to London monthly. So German or U.K. postage is best. £15.
  3. I wrote to a dealer. They said its not worth doing... :-(
  4. Hallo. Haven’t found the part but I’ll keep looking. Will get both, power switch and indicator lamp. Thx.
  5. Hello Is there a way to upgrade my v3 indicator lamp (orange) to the new green and orange style? Thanks
  6. My latest addition to the coffee machine set up. Rather pleased. Shall taste coffee tomorrow morning and report back. Filter should give about six months of use.
  7. Thanks. I'll try that tomorrow and shoot a video. I usually don't like to do it this way as my AWS scales are getting ruined, last time my friend did this I had to dismantle the little scale and dry it out. Was out of action for a few days. Any good water proof scales out there?
  8. My morning cup. Union Rogue beans. 20grams at 27 seconds. Result was about 36grams in weight. Smooth and tasty. http://youtu.be/B2XVTLIfvxs Comments welcome.
  9. So what are you saying? You made a mistake and it's not worth it?
  10. Thanks for this info. Which model of PID did you go for? There seems to be an awful lot of choice within Auber. I like making milk drinks so think I need steam control?
  11. Oh really? The finish on my pal's bike is top and I'm fussy! I examined it well and the edges were just delightful. What that a single boiler machine? Looks fancy! I guess you are local?
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