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  1. struggling to find the right shot glass to fit under the gaggia classic
  2. Hi, I would love a tamper for a Gaggia classic (58+mm). Its for my brothers 21st but I am on a bit of a budget. Anyone have anything suitable ? Any shot glasses would be great too. Thx :-)
  3. Hi, How close to Peterborough are you ? I could collect at full asking if Regards J
  4. I got mine from elektros.it - I think currently they are just over £205
  5. Hi, if anyone has any shot glasses, I am on the lookout ... Thanks
  6. Looking for 4 nice shot glasses - Anyone with some spares or not using anymore ? Peterborough
  7. I suppose by turning this screw, it compresses the spring and then reduces the pressure ? Does that sound right ?
  8. I do hope so - I am desparate to do the mod after just getting a Mignon and still not satisfied with the results
  9. Please help ;-) Like many Gaggia users , I went ahead and fitted a Silvia V1/2 wand, but I am getting really poor results. Ok, I am using semi skimmed milk, but surely that can't be the reason I am getting a really poor foam ? Any help on technique or anything else I might be doing wrong. Also the gage seems to run out of steam really quickly too - anything I can do there ? I am very close to going back to the original wand. Cheers
  10. I have been saving for a grinder for a while with my sights being set in a Eureka Mignon BUT I am really tempted my the Macap deal being offered in the for sale forum. Anyone with experience of both grinders that could give some advice and pros/cons ?
  11. I will try leaving longer than 10 mins to check - The portlier is very hot when I load it. ;-) Thx
  12. Hi - just wondered if anyone could give some advice. I am using a Select Deluxe (almost a classic) I prime the pump and wait 10 mins - however (especially with latte) I get complaints about the coffee being 'tepid'. I often have to give a 10 second microwave blast to keep the wife happy ;-) I would also prefer the Espresso to be hotter. Is there any adjustment I can do or am I doing anything wrong ? cheers
  13. Added myself ;-) Solukas JacksDad rmblack78 Krax vinnyRM Kman10 Rapha Bigstick chime101
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