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  1. Hi all I started this thread, and I'm amazed I have generated such debate. Well I recieved another machine today. To test it out I just used water. The water sprayed everywhere! I take it that it is not a fault but perhaps a design flaw. I used that perfect cream device. Its a little plastic object about 1cm by 0.5 cm and it fits inside the the exit of the portafilter. It improved the stream of fluid exiting the machine, with only a few tiny splashes. Im sure when I put coffee in this would get reduced further. My question is should I persist with a risky machine or get a refu
  2. I use the measuring spoon supplied with the machine 1 scoop for a single, 2 for a double.. If I have no coffee in the basket it sprays hot water and steam everywhere. If I have no basket and just the portafilter it flows out nicely.
  3. To everyone thanks for your product support, it gives GAGGIA's afterservice a lot to look up to. Mr White Trash, When you say 90 degrees I presume you are referring to the angle of the coffee. If thats the case it sounds like we have the same issue. I have given up with this machine I was thinking of getting a replacement but if its an issue with yours I might not bother. To Glenn, mine is the ri8161/40. I do purge the machine before use, it has an overflow pipe and i am using the plastic supplied tamper. To everyone one final question, IF you place an empty basket in
  4. I am using that crema piece and i think that creates the pressure problem and ultimately water shoots everywhere. I called the support line by phillips and it says that this should not happen even if there is no coffee in it. They have recommended a replacement. To be fair if this is an inherent issue of espresso coffee makers I'm unsure if it is worth the risk and might get a refund.
  5. Hi thanks for your speedy reply. No this is a brand new machine. If I put the portafilter without coffee on it it splutters steam and water everywhere. I have managed to get some reasonably tidy shots from the machine since but I'm fearful of the mess everytime. I have pressed the ground coffee in hard to reduce the chance of sputtering. Ive heard about the concept of channelling which is due to ineffective tamping. what do you think?
  6. I have just made the plunge and bought a gaggia classic. My first attempts of espresso were ok and it seemed easy to use. I tried to show my wife our new kit and it spluttered coffee all over the place including the walls. I dont know what i did wrong. I am aware there is an art to tamping for perfect shots, but is spluttering and spitting to be expected? Is it a problem with the machine? Anyone else had this experience. It even splutters when there is no coffee in the portafilter
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