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  1. Would you do £25 for all 5 posted. Otherwise I'll take 2 at £12 posted please.
  2. Id be happy to take this at £55 posted if still available.
  3. £9 delivered? I'll take them.
  4. Can I be second claim on the funnel if it doesn't sell. Whats the diameter of the Rhino cup?
  5. @dan1502 Sorry. I thoughtthought's the address but it was sitting unsent. Should be with you now. Thanks.
  6. I'll take it at quoted price. Thanks
  7. I am looking for some advice on my Mazzer Mini E and potential burr replacement. Its a lovely all chrome version and I've got a variety of hoppers including a 3d printed single dose hoper which is sweet. Bought from ebay a couple of years ago and never given any trouble but uppgraditus suggested I needed a Niche Zero. That might not be happening anytime soon so to possibly give it a new lease of life I am considering replacing the burrs. The counter shows over 8000. Is that a lot? Presuming worse case scenario that these burrs have never been changed. Is that a number which would warrant changing the burrs? If so then should I go stock OEM burrs or is there some upgrade version worth considering? Only grind for espresso. Many thanks Sean
  8. After a good quality hand grinder for use with my La Pavoni and also when trying different beans. Has to be good for espresso with grind setting indicator. I've already good a rhino wares hand grinder for the aero press. So need so be higher spec than that. Anyone hot anything to tempt me.
  9. I would be happy with a split set of with handles or no handles. Colours also bot an issue.
  10. I am still looking to split a series of flat whites if that's now an option. Thanks
  11. Ok. Let me know if you want to split a flat white set. Thanks.
  12. Hi. Would it be possible to have 3 flat white and 3 latte. That's cups not sets. And a milk jug. Thanks.
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