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  1. Yes sorry. 0.5 to 0.6. I'm going to have a go at adjusting it later.
  2. What should the top gauge be reading when the machine is up to temp? Mine was between 5.6 and 0.8 today. Is that a little low? What is the correct setting and where can I adjust it if its wrong? Thanks
  3. Hi @Rob1 I am Interested in the Lelit MaraX as a Pump replacement for my expobar Brewtus iv. Office Leva DB. Is it a simple enough replacement? @Egglet are you going ahead with the changeout? Thanks.
  4. What size is the tamper? Interested in both items depending on the size. Thanks.
  5. Ideal timing for this post. Planning the same on my Brewtus iv. Thanks @DavecUKfor the tips. @Holonomic Keep posted on how it goes and what you find. Cheerz
  6. Long shot but does anyone have one of these lieing around they would like to pass on. Im planning a built in scale project and dont want to chop mine up.
  7. £12. Next day. Happy enough and has kept me entertained for hours learning python and TkInter on the Pi.
  8. Cheers I got one from amazon and have got the basics working. Now need to work out the best way to mount it on the Brewtus. Also plan to incorporate a shot timer triggered by the pump starting which will also be the signal to tare the scales. A water tank level indication might be nice too.
  9. I have an bPlus Apollo which is gathering dust. Bought in lockdown madness so I could use different beans. Since the Niche zero has arrived it is not being used. I was going to keep it but could be persuaded to part with it for the right price.
  10. Any one have some scales for sale. Nothing to fancy as I want to take them apart for a project.
  11. Thanks @Rob1 I've been leaving the Gene till around 150. Then E stopping. Dumping in a collander and putting Gene back in the cooling sequence. I was thinking today that it would be better to put the beans straight into an external cooler rather than then moving between two collanders and then placing on a cooled tray. Thats would seem a better work flow as I could go on to the next batch sooner. I'll check out the Sandbox. Cheers
  12. Hi I'm roasting in a general cafe 101 and looking for some post roast cooking device advice. There seem to be a few out there and also possible home made options. Any advice regarding models and options would be appreciated.
  13. Thanks. I guess if you are putting another batch through it wouldn't be good to fully cool and then reheat again. I'll try the 2 to 3 minutes cool to get most of the heat out then e stop and cool thr beans with a tray or two colanders. On the last batch ill let it cool all the way using the auto cool cycle.
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