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  1. I would be happy with a split set of with handles or no handles. Colours also bot an issue.
  2. I am still looking to split a series of flat whites if that's now an option. Thanks
  3. Ok. Let me know if you want to split a flat white set. Thanks.
  4. Hi. Would it be possible to have 3 flat white and 3 latte. That's cups not sets. And a milk jug. Thanks.
  5. Looking for a replacement holder. Twin spout. For the above machine. Nice quality. Any suggestions. Are there any issues with ear size? My bottomless PF holder took a fair amount of filing to get it to fit.
  6. Hi I am looking for some advice on the Sage Bambino Plus. My son is looking for a small form factor espresso machine and wants to be able to foam milk. He is used to using my Expobar but has no room for anything close to a normal sized machine. I was recently introduced to friends Sage Barisa Express and was very impressed by the coffee and milk quality and the great design. Based on this I have been led towards the Bambino plus. Has anyone any experience of these machines?
  7. Hi Would you accept £45 posted. PM me if so. Thanks
  8. As per title. After a naked PF for a pre-millenium La Pavoni europiccola. Would consider an old standard PF and just take the bottom off it.
  9. I’ll take it if postage is available. Can you check postage price for uk.
  10. I am looking for a short hopper to adapt for my casadio enea. Anything considered that you have surplus to requirements. Pref round but not essential. I an am currently using it with no hopper so anything will be preferable. I still have the original but don't want to butcher it as they are expensive. Thanks.
  11. I wish it did. I am also after a good hand grinder and noticed you had one. could do as part of a deal. But you are right for as little £230 I would be better off selling the Mignon and keeping this. Where are you?
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