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  1. Normally when there is a cold water feed going into the hot water outlet it is there to level out the temperature of the water outlet - I ie it mixes in a little cold to avoid the spitting etc. There is normally an adjustable valve just after the (cold water) solenoid to regulate flow (and conversely temp) Cold water should not be gong into the boiler form there. As EspressoTechno says, check the inlet, also is there scale in the boiler? If so the fill level resistor/(s) will also be scaled and cause the machine to over fill. There is no flow regulator for the inlet, just keeps going until the water hits the resistor/(s)/probe at which point the intlet will cut off. If I remember rightly the ELise has two probes. One slightly lower than the other. When the water level reaches the upper probe the electrical resistance changes and cuts off the inlet. It's going to be either Inlet valve leaking, scaled probes (resistors) or possibly the connector has lost connectin with one of the probes. (had this before after a customer had a spillage of milk) and worst case scenario a knackered PCB. The former more likely though. Just systematically work your way through the faults. Lee
  2. HI All, I'm very conscious of the fact that although one of the first members I haven't been active on the board for a good while. Life is hectic and I don't often get time to enjoy reading the forum. I am always around for advice on email however should anyone need me! I hope you don't mind my posting this for sale item. Should it sell as a result of the forum I will of course donate to the board The time has come to sell my trusty espresso machine! No room in the kitchen and need to raise money for a new bike for our lands end to John O Groats charity ride in the summer! Hardly used and complete with commercial double and single portafilter (group handle), (disposed of the crappy stock alloy one), knock box and a couple of pitchers. More photos on request! Really good home setup and cost about £800 all in... You know me and as a barista trainier and machine engineer it has been looked after very well! Offers around £400 please! Or if you prefer the ebay link is below. Also do have an Innova conical burr grinder I would be happy to throw in for the right price. Ebay link Many Thanks Lee
  3. Love Calonna & Smalls I'm sure you had a great coffee!!
  4. Great thread! You should create a single document and put it in the Wiki as a project
  5. The first shot you pull - Is this fresh ground the same as the second or are you using yesterdays/a few hours old coffee? Other than that are you sure you are dosing the same amount? Lee
  6. Absolutely no problem! Thats what we're here for! I hope you get it sorted. Regards Lee
  7. Ah, but you removed it to look and put the old one back? Quite often when you break the seal and try to make it again with an old O ring that it won't seal properly. THis is because it will be a little harder and tkes on the shape of both contacted surfaces. (similar to break pads on a disk) WHen you remove it you disturb this alignment the o ring won't seat properly. Lee
  8. Have you had a look at the top of the boiler whilst it's pressurised? Also when you replaced the gasket did you give the leading edges a wire brushing so they were clean? If there was a little debri/dry scale you may find that you do indeed have a small leak. Did you also replace the O ring where the steam valve bolts into the boiler? Lee
  9. LeeWardle


    Welcome to Coffee Forums!
  10. I drink coffee right into the evening and before bed sometimes...it never really has had much effect on me...Maybe it's because I drink so much that under the influence of caffeine is my normal state!!
  11. My first job after leaving school was in commercial radio following a long "apprentiship" from my early teens volunteering for our local station in North Devon Lantern FM. I worked there as audio controller & evening presenter (6pm - Mdnt) for 18 months. I then moved to Bath for a job at Bath FM as Weekend breakfast presenter. I worked part time at a local cocktail bar and really enjoyed the coffee side. In 2001 I took the head barista job at a large coffee house in Bath and have been in coffee ever since! Worked as head barista in a few places back home in Devon, as well as a couple of management positions. I then moved to a distributer as a coffee machine engineer and barista trainer. I have trained coffee is some cool places like 2 Michilin star Gidlegh Park (Michael Caines), Tanners Restaurant. Did lots of freelance training for Boston Tea Party in the SW indeed I trained all the new staff in the recently opened Salisbury branch and for the last year have been a freelance engineer/trainer. As of last week (!) I'm now a manager & Head barista in Boston Tea Party Barnstaple. http://bostonteaparty.co.uk I am also a presenter on The Voice FM, ( http://thevociefm.co.uk )an online and RSL station put together to bring local radio back to North Devon after Heart took over our local station and now broadcast sindicated content from London. We are currently planning a community station for the area. Outside of work I'm a licenced Radio amateur (HAM), musician and cyclist!
  12. Youre local dairy will supply a pergal http://www.dairycrestfoodservice.co.uk/products/dairy/milk/ That seems to be the most common way of doing it. No mess either as the cartons are disposable. Lee
  13. Well, nowhere really. If he has no stock and he offers a refund then he has done all he can. I had this problem as a seller. My products were being shipped direct from the factory to the customer within 48hrs. I had a few win the same product and paid via paypal. When I tried to order the supplier was O.O.S. and couldn't give me a time from delivery. I had to cancel and apologise. I received negative feedback from both parties. Needless to say, I don't trade this way with Ebay anymore. Your best bet would be to get a refund and buy from another supplier. Lee
  14. Hi all, As a regular visitor to Volks Cafe I thought I'd blog about it! Introducing Volks Cafe - Coffee at your place! Lee
  15. I've trained a number of fine dining restaurants, including one with 2 michlin stars - Some are really obsessive about the espresso (if they have a sommelier then generally speaking they will have an appreciation for good coffee). Some see it as "just coffee"! I find it strange that a restaurant will give you a fine dining experience with its food, then give you a bad taste in your mouth to go home with! (and usually to pay the bill/tip by) Lee
  16. I probably didn't put it very well. I always look out for the coffee coming out of the kitchen, also listening for the tell tale signs The Grinder - Freshly ground for each pull? or are coffee's coming out with old pre-ground? The tell tale "Pitcher screaming!".....Also ask some questions..."what espresso do you serve?" if they don't know or call it EXPRESSO it's a no no! If it's a quality bean (Union, hasbean etc) then you're probably onto a good thing.... Lee
  17. The coffee in our local Costa is OK as Costa goes, but of my few visits the attitude of the staff is generally very poor. On one such occasion (two weeks ago) I asked for a flat white, but asked the barista to leave a 2 cm gap at the top to make it much shorter. She was very rude and told me that it wasn't a flat white in that case so why bother?!!! If I hadn't already paid I would have told her where to put it! The worrying thing is, this was the assistant manager! Lee
  18. Need to add Volkscafe - Centre on Barnstaple but he's obviously mobile. Also Boston Tea Party, Tully St, Barnstaple & Wild Thme Cafe - Caen Square, braunton. All amazing for perfect coffee! Lee
  19. Just use the one that is fitted but manage the heat by flushing the grouphead before making a brew. You'll soon get the feel for the correct temp Lee
  20. Hi Billy, I've only just seen your post! Doh! I am an espresso machine engineer and barista trainer based in Barnstaple. If I can do anything to help give me a shout. Kind Regards Lee
  21. I just don't go into somewhere I know will give me a crap coffee! I'd rather get a bottle of water from the corner shop! Restaurant wise, as with most of us, you can tell right away what the quality will be like. Failing that if I receive a poor espresso it has to go back.....Otherwise they will have the "well, nobody ever complains so it must be good" mentality. Lee
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