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  1. LeeWardle

    Busy Boy!

    Hi all! IN case you are interested I thought I would post a quick update! It's been ages since i have used the board! I was one of the earliest members and of course a board administrator too! Often I was found the the engineer bit and spent lots of time trying to help fellow members with the espresso machine issues! Life invariably gets in the way however so I have had very little time to just sit and enjoy the board. I have made sure I have kept my contact details upto date though so if ever advice is needed just drop me an email! As well as work, I am presenter, broadcast technician and part of the management of a North Devon Radio station. We have been on DAB for 18 months and have just launched on FM! I'm also training for a mammoth cycle ride in August, Lands end to John O'Groats in aid of S.U.D.E.P. Action (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy awareness charity) so as you can imagine things have been crazy! I hope Glenn and the admin team are well and so pleased to see that the board is such a success All the best, Lee
  2. Hey Lee,

    Just wondered if you are entering the UKBC this year? I recon you would stand a chance of going all the way.

    Also, where are you man? you seem to have disappeared!

  3. Hi all, From my personal collection I have a couple of Gaggia portafilters. They're both commercial so will fit most domestic Gaggias too. (cubica, classic, evolution etc.) only difference is they are brass with chrome plate rather than the cheaper alloy that comes stock with the domestic gaggias. This means they are much much heavier and retain heat much better. They will also fit most Bezzera commercial machines. I have one double (no basket though) never used but has a Mark on the handle where someone carelessly removed the manufacturers sticker. The other is a single with basket. Again never used. These were part of 3 given to me by a previous employer a few years ago. They were originally purchased for their Gaggia but never used. The Gaggia was then replaced with a shiny new La Marzoco so were then surplus to requirements. I use one on my Kitchen Aid home machine ( internals by Gaggia) so these two have been kicking about in the cupboard for ages. I'll post images tomorrow. Bargain £30 each!
  4. If you haven’t heard this story yet click here first. Thankfully there were no fatalities or serious injuries sustained. Bloody lucky really judging by the mess of the boiler….. If you’re not sure how an espresso machine boiler works I’ll briefly explain. The boiler is 3/4 full of water. This water is then heated with an element. Unlike many other “heating” systems an espresso machines element is controlled by a pressure switch not a thermostat. That is to say that the element heats the water until the machine reaches a certain pressure. (just above 1b) and then cuts of. Once the pressure drops (I.e. the release of pressure via a steam wand, or the introduction of cold water from the auto fill system) the element is switched back in to bring the pressure back up. What happens then if the pressure switch dies? Well either it will stop the element switching in or LEAVE it switched IN. In this case the element will heat the water and the pressure will continue to build until something gives. If the machine has been maintained then the safety pressure valve should operate and release the pressure. If not it will be the next weakest thing. The one question that has echoed around the coffee forums and Twitter today is this: ” Why didn’t the pressure release valve operate?” Click for more
  5. LeeWardle

    Random coffee photgraphy

    Just made a coffee and thought I would stick up some interesting shots!
  6. Thank you for that. Updated.


    What is your real name by the way?



  7. hi lee please check my latest post. thanks

  8. I'm in North Devon and Head Barista at the Boston Tea Party in Barnstaple at the moment. I have been working in coffee for nearly 10 years and (despite being an HB again) I'm a coffee Machine engineer and barista trainer.
  9. LeeWardle

    A lotta latte art by Meeeeeeee!

    Rosettas, double rosettas, hearts, apples and general coffee Geekery!
  10. It's a great podcast. I listened to a few of the coffeegeek ones a while back but couldn't get into them. Your cast is much more relative to us here in the UK.


    This board is the same, it's great to have a really good chilled out forum for the UK. I just sent Glen a message as I would very much like to get involved and help wherever and In can.



  11. Thank Lee, it's awesome that you came and joined in here because of me! I hope you enjoy the November cast when you listen, and the third is going to be a couple of weeks now :)


    Chris, Common Grind

  12. Hi Chris, I have just finished listening to your September podcast. Now I'm here! I'm looking forward to listening to the rest!





  13. LeeWardle

    More latte art

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