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  1. Normally when there is a cold water feed going into the hot water outlet it is there to level out the temperature of the water outlet - I ie it mixes in a little cold to avoid the spitting etc. There is normally an adjustable valve just after the (cold water) solenoid to regulate flow (and conversely temp) Cold water should not be gong into the boiler form there. As EspressoTechno says, check the inlet, also is there scale in the boiler? If so the fill level resistor/(s) will also be scaled and cause the machine to over fill. There is no flow regulator for the inlet, just keeps going until the water hits the resistor/(s)/probe at which point the intlet will cut off. If I remember rightly the ELise has two probes. One slightly lower than the other. When the water level reaches the upper probe the electrical resistance changes and cuts off the inlet. It's going to be either Inlet valve leaking, scaled probes (resistors) or possibly the connector has lost connectin with one of the probes. (had this before after a customer had a spillage of milk) and worst case scenario a knackered PCB. The former more likely though. Just systematically work your way through the faults. Lee
  2. LeeWardle

    Busy Boy!

    Hi all! IN case you are interested I thought I would post a quick update! It's been ages since i have used the board! I was one of the earliest members and of course a board administrator too! Often I was found the the engineer bit and spent lots of time trying to help fellow members with the espresso machine issues! Life invariably gets in the way however so I have had very little time to just sit and enjoy the board. I have made sure I have kept my contact details upto date though so if ever advice is needed just drop me an email! As well as work, I am presenter, broadcast technician and part of the management of a North Devon Radio station. We have been on DAB for 18 months and have just launched on FM! I'm also training for a mammoth cycle ride in August, Lands end to John O'Groats in aid of S.U.D.E.P. Action (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy awareness charity) so as you can imagine things have been crazy! I hope Glenn and the admin team are well and so pleased to see that the board is such a success All the best, Lee
  3. HI All, I'm very conscious of the fact that although one of the first members I haven't been active on the board for a good while. Life is hectic and I don't often get time to enjoy reading the forum. I am always around for advice on email however should anyone need me! I hope you don't mind my posting this for sale item. Should it sell as a result of the forum I will of course donate to the board The time has come to sell my trusty espresso machine! No room in the kitchen and need to raise money for a new bike for our lands end to John O Groats charity ride in the summer! Hardly used and complete with commercial double and single portafilter (group handle), (disposed of the crappy stock alloy one), knock box and a couple of pitchers. More photos on request! Really good home setup and cost about £800 all in... You know me and as a barista trainier and machine engineer it has been looked after very well! Offers around £400 please! Or if you prefer the ebay link is below. Also do have an Innova conical burr grinder I would be happy to throw in for the right price. Ebay link Many Thanks Lee
  4. Love Calonna & Smalls I'm sure you had a great coffee!!
  5. Great thread! You should create a single document and put it in the Wiki as a project
  6. The first shot you pull - Is this fresh ground the same as the second or are you using yesterdays/a few hours old coffee? Other than that are you sure you are dosing the same amount? Lee
  7. Absolutely no problem! Thats what we're here for! I hope you get it sorted. Regards Lee
  8. Ah, but you removed it to look and put the old one back? Quite often when you break the seal and try to make it again with an old O ring that it won't seal properly. THis is because it will be a little harder and tkes on the shape of both contacted surfaces. (similar to break pads on a disk) WHen you remove it you disturb this alignment the o ring won't seat properly. Lee
  9. Have you had a look at the top of the boiler whilst it's pressurised? Also when you replaced the gasket did you give the leading edges a wire brushing so they were clean? If there was a little debri/dry scale you may find that you do indeed have a small leak. Did you also replace the O ring where the steam valve bolts into the boiler? Lee
  10. LeeWardle


    Welcome to Coffee Forums!
  11. I drink coffee right into the evening and before bed sometimes...it never really has had much effect on me...Maybe it's because I drink so much that under the influence of caffeine is my normal state!!
  12. Hey Lee,

    Just wondered if you are entering the UKBC this year? I recon you would stand a chance of going all the way.

    Also, where are you man? you seem to have disappeared!

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