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  1. Just posted a pin on Holy Island for Pilgrims Coffee House but I suspect it wont work as no one else has had any luck. Great idea with this map though, it's much better having a visual method of looking for good local coffee shops than a list of names!
  2. Really nice coffee shop and roastery! Find it on Map!
  3. i'd go with the first drill! Had experoence using them as an apprentice and it'll be a better job and less work. Just make sure you put something on the other side of the hole for the drill to go into whenthe hole goes through. Also remember to use a slow drill speed and do not apply a lot of pressure.
  4. Got myself a new Motta 58mm tamper! It's pretty obvious why everyone should get a new tamper when lined up next the stock Gaggia one.
  5. I open it about 3/4 open. Im still new to all this coffee malarky like but im getting the hang of it having a few coffees a day and steaming loads of milk for me and the dad. As with everything practice makes perfect i suppose!
  6. Im thinking about getting a vst basket and a bottomless pf, do you mind if i ask where you got yours from?
  7. Was only lurking for a few days if im honest. I decided to join when when i needed some advice, been checking every day since and reading up on all sorts of helpfull stuff
  8. This is it. http://www.coffeeitalia.co.uk/proddetail.php?prod=nemox_lux_coffee_grinder
  9. Mrboots2u Yes my dad got the gaggia classic with a grinder in a bundle. It's reletively good with a lot of grind size options from 10-0. I generally use grind 2 so it's quite fine but not the most it could be. I've read about tampers and people say to start with get a motta tamper so I think that's what i'm going for.
  10. So I should try a non pressurised basket? I've seen people talking about vst baskets, are these the most common type?
  11. Ive got a grinder and have been playing around with different grinds. Thanks for the info, i'll need all the help I can get because i'm so new to this hah!
  12. Can anyone help me?? Ive seen bottomless filter holders around and I'm curious as to what the beenfits of using them are as apose to the standard one with a pressurised basket in that i use with my gaggia classic. If anybody has one and thinks it creates a vastly better espresso i'd like to invest in one and if anyone knows the best one to get with a limited budget i would appreciate the help. They also look really cool when pulling a shot! Thanks.
  13. A lot of helpful information here thanks! So keen to get to grips with my classic.
  14. Thanks! I'll try shop around for the tamper. I'll have to keep altering the grind and tamp etc to perfect my espresso, as I'm very new to it it's not going to be the best. As for any modifications I'm a bit reluctent because it voids the warranty.
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