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  1. Just setup my machine and realized there is no naked portafilter in the kit. Any recommendations on where to buy them? Are they Evo specific or would any LSM group portafilter work?
  2. Turn the machine off, pull lever down and then you should be able to remove the portafilter with a minimal sneeze. Wrap a towel around if you want to minimize the mess.
  3. Does anybody know what voltage the solenoids for the water supply valves use? Specifically the one for refilling the water tank?
  4. Well, you have a problem then. The group pressure profile is not linear, it applies more pressure at the beginning and less after. So if you want 10.5 bar you need to get the spring to "catch" earlier. To do that, you need to have the pluck saturated and high pressure in the chamber earlier. For that to happen, you need higher PI pressure.
  5. Like this one? https://www.tidaka.net/de/product.html?q=%2Fde%2Ftrichter%2Fboard-trichter-la-san-marco.html&info=1264
  6. Why? The sm200im is the wrong size (48mm) but the sml200im is not (50.5mm)
  7. Norvin's piston removal tool. 1: Steevebee 2: Like Medium Strong Coffee 3: SL01 4:danielpugh 5: TomR 6: Systemic Kid 7: pinky 8: 9: 10:
  8. The IMS B662TH26M basket is for 14-18 grams. If you want a bit more there is the standard IMS SM2T123 basket that's for 18 grams but is 28.5 mm high. I don't have the machine yet so all I can test is if my 54.4 mm tamper fits.
  9. I got it by mistake and returned it. It's only 53 mm inside diameter.
  10. I was told by Paolo that it will be distributed via their network later.
  11. Maybe it would be better to wait and get it from a regional distributor if you don't feel comfortable.
  12. Why would I ask the producer of the LSM group? The group flexing has nothing to do with the group itself and very little with the bolts used. It has everything to do with the frame. How may of those commercial machines you speak of have you checked for group flex? My current machine (Salvatore Compact Spring Lever) has the Fiorentino group (granted not LSM) and, even when it had both springs in, there is no flexing anywhere, not in the front panel nor in the frame. But the frame is made of 5mm thick steel and is a fully connected box (pictures here: https://www.home-barista.com/levers/salvatore-compact-spring-lever-design-t51714.html). It looks like the Vesuvius has an L-shaped frame and I can't tell if it's even re-enforced in the corner. Is any of this a problem? Don't know. But asking questions is how problems can be discovered early and I will ask Paolo since I'm in the second batch.
  13. Well, the group is connected to the brew boiler with a copper pipe. If the group is moving and the boiler is not, how many twists or stretches can the copper pipe take?
  14. Flex is visible in The Systemic Kid's video as well. Looks less but it's there.
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