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  1. You never know when you might need any one of them.....
  2. Many times in life I have found the saying "It's not what you know but who you know." to be very true. Yet another case of that today, many thanks!
  3. You have lovely hands. I like the colour (of the PUSH not your hands, but they are still lovely). Looks like the logical bits in my head that should work do. My hands are old and dry and cracked. It's a good job it was yours in the video.
  4. Just back after a day of much exhaustion.....TO THIS LOT!
  5. Purgatory. Half full.......of bonkers!! Amen.
  6. Love the naturals me and it's another pacamara so I'm double happy. Not even opened last weeks yet!! End of the day you (and I am assuming your on weekly like me here....) just got a £15 bag of beans for £4.80 delivered. POW! If you really ain't feeling it flog it on to one of the Glasgow heads so no postage involved or swap them for a bag they purchase from a roaster up there. Which ever way you look at this you have a win or even double win situation on your hands.
  7. I can see the fight was savage!! I get nuclear cups like that. Overpowered in a good or bad way?
  8. My IMM arrived this morning it's a bloody pacamara. I like pacamaras! Still I'm playing catch up with this..... No complaints though this one is quite yummy.
  9. Would be ok alongside Caractacus Potts breakfast invention............ I have a lot of fun making coffee, if the 9k mention is right I could have the same amount of fun with better machinery and still have well over half that left I expect to have fun doing something else lol
  10. HA! incoming pacamara this week then, cool!
  11. Last years crop of Foundry Rocko (yeah I know I only just tried some) 20g > 44g > 33secs Massive red berry sweet with some light to medium acid, real full creamy mouth texture. The least aggressive most easy going crema I have possibly come across to date. Really nice. Going to cut it short next shot purely for my own preference next time as think it may suit my tastes. One of the most forgiving beans on dialing I have come across also!! All in all very nice. Now sat with a brew of Has Bean Kebel Aricha. Blueberry blueberry BLUEBERRY! Overall and outstanding fruity sta
  12. I got bored and ordered two back issues of Caffeine one night, not sure why. Something to read. .......and a care package from my north of the wall bredbin, tonight I try the Rocko Mountain for the first time. Behind the times? Nah just flowing with it all.
  13. Right just had a double shot cortado of the Kebel Aricha. Oddly for me especially it doesn't work as well as the split as it lost the custard cream part and the funk of the blueberry alone wasn't enough. Something to do with the coffee to milk ratio then. For the first time in a long while I am going to make a flat white as compared to the split shot the ratio evens out and a bigger blueberry custard cream is appealing, but that's tonight.
  14. Just split one. Got exactly where your coming from and the cortado just made me go oh it's a blueberry custard cream. Flipping lush, I am definitely definitely going try a larger ratio lone cortado. Mine was roasted 25th if that makes any difference.
  15. Ahhhhh man that piccolo is making me coffee horny.
  16. You wait till I get started later with my 18g basket for split and 20g basket for single shots and the cross over ratios and percentages I have to take into account along with my Total Disordered Statistics and Equally Yarp readings. You boys and your funky s*** ain't got a thing on me and my Neanderthal flint stone and wood machinery and cutting edge anarchic approach to coffee making!! Ungghhh OuuuFF!
  17. I don't do cappa or flat white's anymore for that very reason and shifted to cortados, 50g shot cortado in a 3oz cup is also fine with me......it's just how I've ended up. No rules, just taste. Just ran it tightened more again and I am in pacamara tight land now for my grinder. 20g>50g>36secs nice now maybe back of the grind just a tiny amount but fruity blues with a nice amount of acid. Sour has gone bye byes very pleasant if not large shot. I'll pull a split tonight as cortado and a stand alone one.
  18. Sounded reasonable to me.......but then I stick that in my cortado don't I if it's not split :-S Don't you listen to them Gary you do what you like bud so long as you like it
  19. Hahaha yes yes, ok ok. It is a stunning brew though regardless and well as ever I haven't given up yet.....
  20. After the twenty second speed pour and tightened I just got a 20g>44g>29secs about an hour ago. Diffo machine to Garys of course but not there yet still a tad sour and thin bodied.......not tried with milk yet so can't comment on that. So far prefer as a brew but need to get down and dialled before I dismiss as a straight shot. If i get happy I'll try a cortado as its a funky and I usually like funky ones in milk as they hold the pizazz!
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