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  1. Neat! In a strange coincidence I found myself researching such a mod on Sunday. I'm a bit shy of shipping from US though, last time I got stung $75 shipping and £35 import fee collection for a $35 upgrade service.
  2. I put the slidey discs on the back only and wound the front legs down to level. Then you just lift the front a bit to slide out for a refill and can still get a bit of oomph on the PF if you need to.
  3. Mine is recently plumbed in for feed and drain. One of my peeves with the Brewtus (compared to previous Vivi) was that the OPV bypass gets dumped in the drip tray, rather than recirculated back to the reservoir. So without plumbing I was forever emptying the drip tray and refilling the reservoir. And my convertible model came with a drilled drip tray, so I had a sandwich box in the drip tray. Not any more. Absolutely worth it for faff reduction. I can't claim to have noticed a difference in the cup though. Or a difference in noise.
  4. Thanks, and sorry if I upset anyone. I didn't want to spam the forum just to get my post count up, but I've had a mouse pointer poised over the E37 on BB all week. Got a bit over-excited when I saw the OP.
  5. Bialetti Silvia + Rocky PID for Silvia Izzo Vivi (original non-PID version) Mazzer Mini Baratza/Mahlkonig Vario Expobar Brewtus IV Extension to put Brewtus in (plumbed) ???
  6. Hello Drewster! I'm slightly shocked SpazBarista has de-cloaked so quickly, I think that means he's just about forgiven me for the Red Stuff.
  7. Yup, he started it with a Silvia and Rocky back when you could still buy 250g from Hill and Valley, first time I'd had a decent espresso so I got the same. Silvia was PIDed and I was happy. But OH wasn't because Silvia was a bit slow for milky drinks. DB's were in their infancy and outside my budget (remember the Reneka?) so in came Izzo Vivi and Silvia went to inoculate t'other brother. Rocky went and a Mini came, but OH was still not happy because Mini was messy. A Mahlkonig Vario grinding into a hopper sorted that out. (Cue sad piano music) But now I wasn't happy, my espresso was sour whatever I did. I thought it was my HX surfing skills, but despite Eric's thermometer I just couldn't get back to the rich espresso I'd had with Silvia. I lost interest. Other things took coffee's place. (Cue tumbleweed) And then, a lucky break - I inflicted the Curse of the Red Bag on my brother for 6 months. And with the resulting tongue lashing I learnt I'd been suffering from "Nordic-style roasts". And in another lucky break Rave started roasting 5 minutes drive away. Siggy & Italian Job FTW. Temperature surfing was still a faff, so an Expobar Brewtus IV has displaced Vivi, and life is good. I can't claim the palate or expertise of my brother, so lots to learn. I think a grinder upgrade is on the cards, and since half my espresso is produced with a MyPressi+Porlex at work, I've been reading up about hand grinders. I think an HG One on the desk might be a step too far, though.
  8. Mypressi with Porlex grinder. Much better than in-house Costa. Occasionally break out the scales. People are generally fascinated by the process and so far I have converted 3 colleagues to Mypressi.
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