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  1. I paid Norwich a visit a couple of weeks ago. Here's my findings. Smokey barn has now got a couple of sisters running the shop and the roastery. The Kenyan bought from them was very cheap. Coffee wasn't too bad. Kofra now has four shops in the city. Their main shop has moved across the dual carriageway on st Giles Street. Strangers had a pop-up takeaway shop opposite John Lewis and their coffee shop was undergoing refurbishment at the time of my visit. Artel had moved from where Fika is now and is serving caravan coffee. Alchemista hadn't changed since I last visited. Fika had just closed for the day when I tried to visit there, so I went to ancestors instead where I had the best flat white of the day, with Kofra not that far behind. Little red roaster has closed its little shop outside the city centre. Little haven I didn't get chance to visit again.
  2. Visited Canterbury 2 weeks ago. In the space of 2 1/2 hours (had to help clear out & clean my folks caravan so they can sell it ) In this order: Fringe & Ginge = Top notch Lost Sheep, been there for a fair few years now & the quality is always good. Got round to visiting Fond, that was good too. I made time to visit garage to buy some beans from there. Willows is now a Barber shop, confirmed that Water lane Cafe changed hands again, I think the punting people nearby run it now. Coffee Curiosity is now closed. A pity as that was very good & the former owner Chase is a nice bloke. I hope he comes back at some point soon. No one has replaced Boho, Stag, Micro roastery & Burgate are still there.
  3. About 10 months after I originally planned to visit (couldn't for pandemic reasons) I managed to pay a visit 2 weeks ago! @dwalsh1 This place has a recommendation from me! Only downside is that my folks have decided to sell their Caravan which is stored nearby, so visits in the future will be few & far between. ☹️
  4. When @CasualsCoffee said last weekend 'fill your boots' with 15% off & free delivery, I did just that! Arrived today.
  5. I could collect my orders if you'd let me in future, My work is a 10 minute drive from where you are.
  6. This just arrived, not via the postie, it was delivered by the roasters themselves in a paper takeaway bag! 😁 I only ordered this morning! That's the advantage of living locally to the roaster! Talk about a quick delivery! Thanks to @Little Fin Roastery & used the forum discount too!
  7. Based on last years spend about £25 a month, the year before was £33. That was due to the fact I was buying from shops more in 2019 than last year. not through choice mind. I've spent £60 this month, but l will leave buying February's as late as I can, as I have almost 2KG at the time of this post & that will take me about 6 weeks to use up.
  8. I've been using the plastic V60 for a while now & I fancy an upgrade. So what do I upgrade to? Glass, ceramic or metal? Just wanted to get opinions here before I decide thanks.
  9. For my 2nd coffee order of 2021, I decided to go what you would call 'local'. this roastery is 17 miles away from my house door to door. There is one closer than that, but they will have to wait! @LalicoCoffee I also picked a robusta coffee by mistake! The robusta coffee was Ugandan. Just tried it in a flat white and it's not that bad, not bitter at all.
  10. Coleman Coffee in Waterloo Scarlett coffee in Islington spring to mind that I visited in the last 14 months.
  11. Not any more. Here's proof. https://watchhouse.com/blogs/spotlight/new-roastery
  12. I'll keep that to my twitter feed 😉 so if anyone here wants to know the result they'll have to ask if they can 'follow me' I thought that too, probably the best Filter I've drunk at home all year.
  13. Well this arrived the other day. I couldn't think what to get my aunt and uncle for their golden wedding anniversary, my aunt does like a cup of coffee and this roastery is local to them, sooo...... @SilverOakCoffee. The taster packs are mine by the way. 😉
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