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  1. Monmouth Borough Market (There's a queue there for a reason 😉) If not Gentlemen Baristas round the corner in Park Street.
  2. Grimley


    Guys, as I stated earlier I've not been to any of these & I picked them from my internet resources. If I recommended them I would have said so. You have been so I would have to visit them myself to get an opinion. I cant do that right now but maybe one day.
  3. Grimley


    3 to be getting on with 😉 https://www.woodscafe.co.uk http://www.strongadolfos.com https://www.relishcornwall.co.uk There's a few more in Cornwall but its a Long County (100 miles fro the border to Lands end) so getting to all of them is a bit of a trek. I've not been to any of the three myself but I need to go back there, as my mate lives in the St. Austell area & after 8 years its about time I paid him a visit.
  4. /\/\/\ Thats a shame, I liked it due to its quirkyness. I'll pay Cult coffee a visit now I know about it.
  5. Well I volunteered really. I ended up making a lot of espressos for cocktails than I did milk based drinks.
  6. This arrived in the post today. This coffee is for a very special occasion, it's for my sister's wedding reception and guess who's been asked to be the barista... 🙄
  7. There's none that I know of unfortunately. all the good ones are inside the North & south Circular roads. My suggestion is to have a look on Google maps.
  8. Endgame. 9/10.Well worth seeing if you're a fan of the marvel cinematic universe like me. Plot was far fetched but made sense somehow. The writing was very clever. Surprised that they managed to squeeze so much into 3 hours. I think Avatar will be knocked of the top spot by the end of May. Good to see a lot of cameo appearances from other MCU films. I will be looking forward to the disc release in September.
  9. It is. I really like this one & I'll be sad when its gone by the end of this week.
  10. Nearest would be Boston Tea Party in Ringwood or Salisbury. There's also Lemana Coffee in Lymington if that’s any help.
  11. /\/\/\ That's good to know. I bought a bag of Roi AB from them at #LCF19 last weekend & its in the queue to drink.
  12. FYI He was on the Curve Coffee roasters stand.
  13. Bit late but these are the photos I took on Sunday: https://photos.app.goo.gl/fib3wJVtjWZLJz66A
  14. Paid a visit today. I mistook for @Scotford someone else on the curve coffee stand - DOH! My apologies mate, I'm getting old. Good coffee though, I'll buy some curve coffee later in the year. My haul from today which is the biggest in 5 visits.
  15. Due to the fact that I may have to travel to suffolk for business reasons, that weekend I've booked the Sunday brunch session.
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