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  1. nice! Just done the same to my camper "stealth" van - took a little bit longer and quite a lot more wrap 😄
  2. good call Sage make really simple to use machines but their reliability is not the greatest. I managed to go through 3 Dual boilers that all developed the same fault (leaking steam arm), so there are obviously some design issues. Can't complain much as new machine issued on each occasion, but lost patience in the end. Shame as it was a more than capable machine.
  3. Maybe try a Long black? Noticed the other day that nearly all coffee chains are actually serving long blacks when you ask for an americano. Not sure how much difference the order makes, maybe worth comparing. Cold brew in summer, filter in cooler months works too
  4. Finally dusted off my Ooni Pro after it has sat in the shed for 6 months post house move. cajun chicken pizza. Not the prettiest one I’ve ever done but darned tasty!
  5. Pooch introducing herself to the cows at the top of the garden, or more likely, telling them to stop eating her blackberries!
  6. No longer for sale cheers Nick
  7. Selling my Genuine Sage Bottomless portafilter (matches supplies Sage pf). This is 58mm and has been used with Sage Dual Boiler. Very good condition looking for £50 available from Cirencester area or can post by agreement. Cheers Nick
  8. Just wanted to give a shout out to Dan and the team at La Marzocco Home UK. Contacted them to find out cost/availability of a replacement reservoir for Linea Mini. Quickly came back to say that they would send me one free of charge, as well as details on installation and an offer of help if needed. Everything arrived yesterday as promised. I rarely leave reviews for things these days but this stood out as worthy of praise! thanks Dan!
  9. I once made the mistake of clicking YES when my laptop gave me the option of upgrading my Office to 2008. This was the first introduction of the Ribbon feature and basically meant that everything you knew had been changed and all the useful stuff removed completely. My foolhardiness in accepting was made worse by doing so the day before a big presentation was due (can't remember what it was now, but at time it was life or death!). What would normally have taken me 3-4 hours ended up being an all-nighter and I have vague recollections of driving back from the meeting on the M4 the following day feeling like I was drunk I was so tired. So basically Microsoft tried to kill me! (maybe a tad melodramatic) Today has been a similar day. I have been away in Poland since Sunday and only got home late yesterday. I had soooo much work to get done today and I reckon I have managed about 20% of it. The other 80% has been spent swearing at the MacBook, contemplating its elaborate destruction (a master plan involving waiting for a tractor to pass by the next door field), and generally being so pissed off that I have now had to offer to take my lovely missus out for supper on Friday to make up for being such a moody git all day. Something as simple as setting up the wireless connection of a printer (which took me about 2 minutes on a PC) has taken me about 2 hours, and the scanner still won't work. I don't 'hate' many things in this world. Maybe just: being told what I should think, Marmite and my step-mother. Everything else like soccer, goat's cheese and silly beards just get lumped into 'things I dislike, so avoid'. MacBook Airs only need to do one more thing to annoy me and they will be make the top list!
  10. well, I've tried. Gave it two weeks to see if I can get used to the peculiarities of MacWorld. In 30+ years of using computers I would say that for irritation level this ranks right up there with typing pages of text from Sinclair User magazine into my ZX81 only for the 16k ram pack to pick up the tremor from a fly hitting the window and reset everything. Nothing is where I want it to be. There is no sensible way of changing settings. The toolbar (or whatever Apple choose to call it) comes and goes seemingly at random and it is a bit like "whack the mole" in terms of getting your cursor on it before it disappears, and oh yes - it has just taken me three goes to type the speech marks in the preceding part of this sentence. I am not apple-phobic in any way, I use an iPad and have just upgraded my iPhone SE to a new 7, but I really do not get on with the MacBook Air. One annoying feature, which I am sure is a bonus to many users, is that my work use has now infiltrated my home use. I was quite happy using my iPad and iPhone for my own needs and keeping work contained on my laptop. Now there is no division and I don't like that at all. Heading over to my head office next week so have already told them that it will be coming back. I would rather use the breeze-block sized Dell and pay my physio bills.
  11. Getting my own back. Just heading off to airport so might have to be quite noisy getting the car started!
  12. neighbours eh! Can't live with them, not allowed to bury them under their own patio! First nice day in a while, few family around for a BBQ and a small glass of wine, just relaxing on the patio and thinking of a bit of snooze. Right on cue, neighbour's stroppy teenage son decides he is going to mow their lawn... ...with a 2 stroke strimmer!! Seems he likes revving it more than actually using it. put up with the noise and exhaust fumes for 30 mins and then took some garden shears around to him with a clear indication that he should continue his labours with them or I would find another use for them. Gentle snip snip snip noise now.
  13. ooooo, I have been toying with the idea of one of these for a while. There might be a nice E8 Redspeed up for sale soon
  14. Joe Root's much younger brother
  15. Hahahaha to be fair it's not the worst thing I have ever read in the Telegraph, but I think Master Guy is just upset because his pocket money wouldn't stretch to a big boy drink
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