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  1. So guy's whats it worth, my spare Coffee Deluxe. New Seals, New Boiler fully cleaned ad rebuilt an working faultlessly.
  2. We have virgin for bband and home phone. We dropped Sky and Virgin for the TV opting for NOWTV. I buy the codes on ebay, never fails. £9.99 for 2 months movies £20 odd quid for 6 months entertainment pack. On PS3, Droid, Ios and Nowtv box. All great here and cheap. We watch what we want to watch, when we want.
  3. Whatto buy beans. There is two places near market harborough
  4. Stocks of the needed parts have to be ordered from china, as the suppliers have run out. Have seen a hc600.it where someone made a ali funnel assembly. So might go that route. Its consistant and quick and very quite, helping to nail the perfect grind for the Classic.
  5. Took the frostie gasket out and readjusted the burrs. Touches on 1. Perfect for my beans now 2.5 Got temporary plastic cup funnel fitted.
  6. Im interested, however I have a blank already. Evilbay these are selling new 1p cheaper are you open to offers?.
  7. The manufacturer is hey cafe. Model HC600-ODG. Build quality it quite good. I know its a post 2012 model due to the powder chute. Also now need a wire portafilter holder. A frostie packet gasket has been placed under the lower burr, The burrs come into slight contact at 1. Which I think is ideal. Do the burrs wear that much. The gasket should I think be under the top burr instead. Apart from that it's dialled in at 3.25. With my current beans.
  8. Yeap Tried a few, cofeeomega to come back. Bellabarista, said to contsct yourself coffeechap. If too much hassle might be an idea to get it 3d printed or a stainless steel funnel mod.
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