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  1. I got reprimanded for asking who bought an item that wasn't made clear on the thread. Tread carefully
  2. Unless my phone wasn't showing the post properly? I didn't have the pic of the base with handle just the text saying the handle was for demonstion only..
  3. We still need to plan a colab brew
  4. I do the same but I'm thinking about a temp fridge
  5. @garydyke1 do you use a temp fridge for fermentation purposes?
  6. her bloke is punching well above his weight
  7. Yow tawkin abowt me? (In best NY accent)
  8. I'd say buy from here rather than eBay you can end up buying something less than desirable from eBay. If it's for sale on here it's usually looked after..
  9. if you need any dimensions etc, gimme a shout. I understand it's not that straightforward when you haven't got one in front of you.
  10. Mr O

    Growing Hops

    My cascade has flowers, I've given up on the other 3 for this year. Not even watering them anymore.... I will take a me a photo or two in a bit...
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