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  1. Afternoon, I would love to try the mystery 8 bean after reading @dfk1 review! Could some kind person please send me the code please Regards leigh
  2. Afternoon, my current favourite bean Upton now has been Colombian Suarez by Rave, I've ordered from various roasters and paid good money for not necessarily a better end product, I remember being disappointed in bean from Square Mile! The packaging was very impressive but shame about the very average coffee. I rather like the the reviews that Mystery 8 bean is getting, would anybody be so kind to pm me the discount code please? Thanks in advance Leigh
  3. Leigh

    Rave Coffee

    Colombian Suarez is by far my favourite coffee I've discovered so far! I also did like the 350g bag option that they no longer seem to offer?
  4. We can also back feed from Meriden too! But yes the EVA is the main source indeed, Frankley works produces from that source which pretty much supplies Birmingham, if the works shuts down customers would have dry taps within 20 mins! It's pumping out 350 mega litres a day that's a lot of water Not sure what your saying about Manchester? We have the cheapest water and waste water bills in the uk, if the water industry became renationalised our bills would increase, since privatisation the industry has invested twice what was previously invested 25 years leading up to that point. Leigh
  5. Hi John, I'm a water production engineer and its very difficult for them to give a precise hardness of your water as they abstract from different sources at differing times of year (dependant on your location) but a ball part is all that you'll need it's just so it reminds you more frequently to descale, 5 being the hardest water! Cheers Leigh
  6. Leigh

    Oracle dies!

    Hi John! my warranty stays as before as it's a replacement machine so come the end of March it's the end of my two year manufacturers warranty and at point of purchase I decided to purchase an additional one year John Lewis added care. my replacement machine has just arrived (next day) and I was shocked to see a single basket as well as the standard double which by the way is different to the DB single basket that I already had for experimentation but didn't work out! The grinder sounds totally different and the tamping noise sounds very different too! I'll let you know how I get on with it, just so glad to be able to make myself and guests a decent coffee at last! regards Leigh
  7. Leigh

    Oracle dies!

    I have owned and loved my Sage Oracle for just shy of two years, two weeks ago upon turning the machine on it let out an almighty loud electrical noise like something was electrically overloaded, so loud in fact I thought it may wake the better half up, I turned off immediately and called John Lewis, they then contacted Sage and eventually arranged for coffee classics to come and rectify the machine. The machine didn't show any signs of the same fault but the engineer did find several slight leaks from boiler pipe O rings, which he replaced but unfortunately as he was putting the machine back together the final screw on the back panel decided to start spinning and wouldn't tighten leaving the panel proud which he wasn't happy but carried on testing what he had fixed by turning the machine on, this was the beginning of the end for my Oracle as the portafilter was pressurising unexpectedly and when he pressed the hot water button it splurged water everywhere, after continual attempts at de air locking the machine it then started to read 106c on the display, at this point he decided that the machine needed to be taken away to the workshop for further investigation etc. The engineer did say it could be down to scale build up and advised descaling every 2 months regardless of the machine display just for info which is sound advise. I will in future use slightly softer water with this in mind (80 -120) hardness. I was told by John Lewis that I would be given a temporary machine by sage whilst mine was fixed but this didn't turn out to be true as Sage said they never have offered this service! So after many phone calls and expressing that I wasn't happy about being mislead Sage and John Lewis have decided to give me a brand new machine and £75 refund for my inconvenience which I was blown away with!! I thought I'd share my experience and my machine had been faultless up to that point but very glad I decided to purchase via John Lewis. Regards Leigh
  8. I was looking at the Acaia Pearl and lunar but it seems excessive for weighing shots, are there any other options, if I need to spend that I will do so but I want to have a few options if possible although I can see me buying a set already. thanks for the suggestion much appreciated
  9. Evening, can anybody recommend a decent set of scales with timer function to? My cheap Chinese made digital scales have had there day and in need of replacement! Any views or opinions would be much appreciated ? Regards Leigh
  10. I had a very similar issue with my Sage Oracle! I did exactly the same and removed all parts as said above and found that the felt washer didn't really reseat very well after removal but after a little messing around finally got it back as before, what I did find is that it was fairly critical as to how tight the final bolt was on the top of the conical burr, during the following weeks use I started to realise that the grind settings/results weren't as they were before, I decided to slightly tighten the nut and this significantly improved the grinding and seemed to restore the grinder.
  11. Thanks for the replies, I rang sage direct and it turns out they do have stock although it say's otherwise on the website! I have also ordered a one cup single wall filter and a one cup double basket to have an experiment with and at only £8 for the two baskets its worth a gamble. Anybody tried this before?
  12. Evening, Im hoping someone can help and point me in the direction of where to source a new shower screen for my Oracle other than Sage direct as they're out of stock and need one asap? Mine has split after after nearly three years which isn't bad for a consumable part! Regards Leigh
  13. Hi Wes, how do you get on with the single basket? I'm after a smaller dose for some smaller acme cups I've recently purchased! Any info would be much appreciated ? regards Leigh
  14. Hi Ron, It does seem a big dose at 22g but I do get fantastic results with it, I just wondered if anybody had gone down this route of trying a single basket and was interested in hearing what results had been achieved. I've had my Oracle 2 years now and really do like the machine and it's features. I see your a fan of Raves Columbian Suarez! To date this is one of my favourite every day beans, what recipes do you use with Suarez?
  15. Morning, I've just noticed that sage are now selling single baskets as well as the double that come with the machine new and wondered if anybody has experienced using one specifically with an Oracle and maybe give some feedback on your results? It normally doses around the 22g mark +- 1g with the standard double basket. I'm guessing that it would dose less and cut out grinding as it registers pressure with its auto tamp mechanism ? kind regards Leigh
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