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    Crown & Canvas

    I've been buying beans from C&C for about a year, customer service is fantastic, I had some issues with some beans last year and Jake was replying to my emails late one Saturday evening, try getting that kind of service from most other businesses. The coffee is excellent too as is the price and the delivery costs which are included in the price of the beans depending on how many bags you order. Big thumbs up from me. Thanks Jake.
  2. I ordered three kilos back in the middle May, two Brazilian and one Columbian, took a while to arrive but the coffee was excellent. I loved both beans, the Columbian was sensational in milk but the Brazilian is a very good all round coffee, so I ordered another two kilos of Brazilian today along with two kilos of house blend. The total for today's order was £54 including postage and a 25% discount so that works out at £13.50 per kilo delivered which is an absolutely fantastic price for really good quality coffee. I can't recommend them enough. Tony
  3. I've just finished a bag of their Monsooned Malabar beans which are superb and I'm currently drinking the Italian cafe blend which is also very good. I started buying from Redber a few months ago after a recommendation from @Iris and I have never had a bad bag of beans from them. https://www.redber.co.uk/collections/asia-and-pacific-coffee-beans/products/monsooned-malabar-aa-dark-roast https://www.redber.co.uk/collections/coffee-blends-espresso-decaf-filter-ground/products/caffe-italiano-espresso-blend-coffee
  4. I loved it, I have another kg bag waiting to be opened so I'll post up what that's like once I start on it. I use 14g in 28g out in about 30 seconds.
  5. I like Rave's Brazilian Swiss water Decaf, best decaf I've tried and one of the best coffees I've had too.
  6. That Suareze thread put me off but thanks for the recommendation I'll maybe try those beans next as I have another discount code.
  7. Redber sell on eBay but the prices are higher on eBay. I bought three kg from Redber direct and the beans were very good and I'd expect the eBay ones would be just as good.
  8. I've just ordered three kg of beans from Rave, swiss decaf, signature blend and Chatswood blend, I've had both the non-decaf beans before and both were really nice so Rave were doing 10% discount today (SnowJoke) and free postage.
  9. Hi Iris, on your recommendation I bought the Redber beans below, wasn't too fussed with the Brazilian Dulce beans, but the El Salvador beans were very good however the Italian blend beans are excellent and our favourites, everyone in the house loves them, we'll definitely buy those again and probably the El Salvador beans too. I'm using a La Cimbali commercial grinder (73mm burr set) and a 2007 Elektra T1La Deliosia both of which are fantastic machines however the Elektra doesn't like overdosing so 14g in the basket and 28/30g out in about 30 seconds, most coffees were made with semi-skim
  10. Blah blah blah, total pish, don't bother replying mate you've made a **** of yourself twice now.
  11. No nothing to do with you mate, the post was pulled in the for sale thread after I complained about it. Thanks again for buying the LA Pav, it was a pleasure dealing with you. Kind regards.
  12. Doubt it, with a few notable exceptions, there is a huge clique on here who gang up on people, there's one on this thread who tried to thread crap a for sale thread that I had up recently. The item in question was a 1978 La Pav EP being sold for 'spares or repair' and this 'member' tried to cast aspersions relating to bloody seals that hadn't been done on the machine but a quick look at the supplied photos showed the condition of the La Pav and seals would have the least of the buyer's worries, LOL. This place is mental. BTW, I've bought loads of coffee from CC and have never h
  13. These are now sold subject to payment so can a mod please move this to the sold section? Thanks Tony
  14. This is now sold subject to payment so can a mod please move this to the sold section? Thanks Tony
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