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  1. Can’t find the existing thread as the search function is retarded now so
  2. What’s the alternative, throw those beans away? i would consider that disrespectful to all those workers involved in the growing, harvesting and importation stages. i always run the hopper dry then put in the new beans .and make the numbers up to 32gms and look forward to the blend that comes out
  3. I’m on light theme and it makes it all far more tolerable
  4. Maybe, just maybe, those that have been grumbling have given up and can’t be bothered to post. but who cares anyway
  5. What / If binge watched that over 3 nights,, very, very good
  6. Beats me why the icon for that is up there masquerading as the theme icon while the the icon for theme is hidden away down there. FFS 10 minutes of my life I’ll never get back dicking about on here with stupid options
  7. So what’s all this up here? i thought that was themes,,,and it doesn’t do that
  8. All the themes do for me is change the colour of the margin around the edge of the screen, barely makes any difference at all if I’m in landscape,,,,,if I’m in portrait it does nothing,,nothing
  9. Can you do a screen shot and highlight where it is,,, as I can’t see it. im on iOS btw,,
  10. Am I missing something? all the happens when I toggle through the themes is the border changes.
  11. I don’t like any of the brown options, they all seem as hideous and dreary as each other, and it it seems pointless that it only effects the margins, not the actual pages we’re having to look at i much preferred the plain white page.
  12. I notice now it’s no longer Coffee Forums UK. just plain coffee forums.
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