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  1. Thank you! I had a busy weekend & will try to get in touch later in the evening today. May I know your name & contact, send me a PM Thanks again, Daisy
  2. Thank you and where can I see this; do you have any pictures to share?
  3. Is it still available & may I know about its condition? Alternatively I'll consider http://www.laptopoutlet.co.uk/z0ra2000124012-ag-apple-macbook-pro-13.3-retina-display-intel-core-i7-3.0-ghz-16-gb-ram-256gb-ssd.html maybe; sounds about identical but you are asking for £850 & they are asking for £1300, right?
  4. Hi Ian, this sounds really cool! Thank you!
  5. Eyedee, I used to do the same! Anyone out there with experience of using Fretta V60? I'm planning to buy one but not sure if it's worth buying or I'm good with my steps for making it manually!
  6. Share your recipe for making an ideal glass of iced latte!
  7. I personally like http://www.1and1.co.uk/, they are way too economical and reliable as well!
  8. If you are anywhere around the Green's Court, London - http://www.yalla-yalla.co.uk/ is the one I'd recommend!
  9. It was Silver Linings Playbook for the second time!
  10. Finally watched "The Words" and indeed that was wonderful!
  11. Often at work I used to have some Roasted Coffee Beans in my Black Tea - When at home, I prefer the Cappuccino or Choco Mocha Cappuccino!
  12. I'd recommend http://amzn.to/1yaGk0c a little expensive than £400; while I'm personally using http://bit.ly/1xYJbaC and this too is doing almost everything for me, including the image editing and live streaming.
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