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  1. That's great. Happy to wait a couple of weeks until you are in the area. Let's move to mail to sort out the details.
  2. Hi there, I've just put pics of my mignon and info on a separate thread in the for sale section so as not to distract from this thread.
  3. Hi there Having moved up to a Eureka Olympus 65 from another forum member I am now selling my Eureka Mignon. I bought this new from Bella Barista in 2014. It is gloss black and is only used at weekends. It has had approx 25kg beans through it and is on the original burns which remain sharp and working well. It is the model with two modes one is a variable timer, the other mode grinds whilst you press the tab on the front. I still have the original box and packaging but would prefer for someone to collect. I'm based in south bucks close to the M25 and the M40. You are welcome to come and check the machine over it has worked faultlessly since new. Some of the chrome plating on the front has peeled off I've taken pics of this. Its purely cosmetic and other than that it looks almost brand new. Any questions please ask.
  4. I have a mignon in gloss black that I bought new from bella barista approx 4/5 years back. I was about to list it for £150. Let me know if you are interested.
  5. Thanks Dave, you're always so helpful! I will take a look at video too! Whilst you are on, I think the manual suggests 18g coffee and 40g out in 35-45 secs. Is that still 'the best' with the lower pressure? Also presume the timing is as per minima's own timer rather than from when espresso first appears in the cup (about 10 secs after you flick the brew switch on mine) Thanks again
  6. By running at 9bar, instead of the factory presett, have folk noticed an improvement in coffee taste, or this more to put less strain on components?
  7. My minima operates at 12bar from the factory. Has anyone adjusted their machine to 9bar as mentioned in the review? Are there instructions on how to do it? Thanks
  8. Just a quick follow up to say @monk and I concluded the sale last week. The grinder is in amazing condition and @monk even dropped it off to me, what a gent. Now looking forward to continuing my coffee journey.
  9. If folk are interested I see Bella Barista are now showing the Minima as available to pre-order.
  10. Good point, I tried them a couple of years ago and should revisit them.
  11. Thanks everyone, lots of wonderful tips for me to explore. @jlarkin The cup is about 200ml, and I'm putting about 16.5g beans in / 34g out. Does that sound about right?
  12. Hi all I’m looking to try some new beans that people would recommend with flat whites. Most months I tend to get a blend and a single origin- the single origins are my chance to try something new, but knowing when its sold out I’m unlikey to get any more, whereas I try blends in the hope that I can have a fairly consistent coffee taste from month to the next. If there is a regular supply of a single origin that would be fine too though. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed Rave’s signature blend and Hasbean’s red blend, although sometimes I feel the beans are being drowned out by the milk and I should consider a darker roast. Any recommendations of blends people find go particularly well in a flat white? Open minded on taste historically I've tended to prefer almond/hazelnut flavours but willing to try something new.
  13. Hi @monk we have a deal. Shall we move to DM?
  14. Hi @monk I'd like to make an offer of £575. I'll be down in Cornwall on hols from 16 Feb so could collect. Please let me know.
  15. Hi cambosheff I'm happy to withdraw my offer, it will work out easier as posting is never ideal. So over to you and OP.
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