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  1. Hi I've PMed you - I still want it! Thanks, Paul
  2. Hi there, I'll bite at that price! I'm down near Preston, sure we can work out collection one evening? Thanks Paul
  3. Hey Tobie, is there any chance you may do an in-between size? I tend to rinse the PF assembly under the grouphead between shots so I do need some capacity in the drip tray, but I really want to be able to fit a slightly bigger cup under, so maybe something just half the size of the existing tray? Thanks, Paul
  4. Hi Ewan, I'm really tempted by this but the problem is distance (i'm up in the North) - I will be going down to Reading in December though (definitely 19th if nothing sooner) would there be any chance of meeting up somewhere in between Reading and Hackney on the M4? I guess if not i'll have to decide if i'm prepared to brave driving through London! Thanks, Paul
  5. brewski

    Black Friday

    Yep you're right, just read through the whole thread, never mind, would've been my first mail order coffee, Cyber Monday is the day for shopping online, black friday is for fighting over Polaroid TVs in Tesco!
  6. brewski

    Black Friday

    Trying to buy some from Foundry now but the code isn't working? Has it expired? It's Cyber Monday! Paul
  7. brewski

    Sold: Iberital MC2

    Hi Glenn, I'd like this please
  8. Thanks Graham, I'll have to see how money goes over the next few weeks (only the 6th and i'm already looking when's january payday!) so best leave this open to others for now until i'm sure I can go for it.
  9. Can't say I've much experience think I've used parcel 2 go before?
  10. Hi Graham, i'm interested in the remaining (newer) grinder, but i'm nowhere near Bristol (nearest I regularly get is Reading or London) would you be open to a courier or do you travel anywhere regularly further afield?
  11. Thanks for the advice, i'll give the OPV a de-scale at the weekend and see how it goes! Is this something you've seen before?
  12. Hi, I purchased a classic almost year ago refurbished/serviced (through these very forums! ) but I never had any luck getting anything decent out of it. No matter what i did, my Espresso shots came out in about 7-8 seconds flat. I didn't have a grinder, so I tried grinding it using the in-store grinder at Booths, I tried buying some at Starbucks, having it Espresso ground then rushing home with it to try it, even brought some back from Rome and used it the same day to no avail. I tried hand-grinding using a Skerton, but it was either 8 seconds flat or the machine choked, no in-between. I put it down to either me being useless with it (tried adjust dose, with scales, from 12-18g), tried a bottomless PF (that spurted everywhere) and in the end gave up and the machine has sat little used for nearly all that time. Queue Christmas, and a friend bought a fancy new machine, thought i'd give it a go again. I googled my problem/searched the forums and i've ordered the bits for a pressure gauge thinking I need to do the OPV mod (it's a 2001 machine with non-pressurized baskets) but last night I was browsing the forum and came across someone describing water being returned to the water tank. I have tested with a blind basket, and no water is ever returned to the tank, the pump just goes quiet (with the blind basket in) and when i switch it off it shoots water out of the steel pipe, but the nipple in the tank - nothing. Does this sound like a faulty OPV? Any tips on what to do? I'm waiting for my gauge bits to come, and i've also ordered some Puly Baby and Caff to descale and backflush, but i'm not sure how much it'll help. Thanks, Paul
  13. Hi, is this still available? My classic has the pf with drilled holes so the others doing the rounds won't do for me! Thanks, Paul
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