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  1. Frankly I think FilipK is overreacting but I have reluctantly offered to “refund” him £50 to cover costs of service he believes the machine needs, and he has agreed to this resolution. I am am fully disavowed of couriering items as this would all have been dealt with if they’d looked at the machine in person. The machine is now sold, the cups are available if there is any interest.
  2. I don’t believe the machine is faulty nor damaged in transit. Filipk feels it needs a service but the opinion on the fracino forum seems to be its working as expected with maybe slightly low temps that can be fixed with an adjustment. With this in mind I am minded to consider the transaction complete, and hope Filipk agrees and gets on with the machine. Afaik, the purchase price is a bargain, regardless. The machine has been owned by three forum members and hopefully looked after by each. To buy it new would cost over £1,000.
  3. I've followed the dispute guidelines in the main post and reported my post, so hopefully a mod will be along soon to help.
  4. Hi mods. I'm afraid we have a dispute. FilipK and I agreed a price of £320 + delivery (a further £20) for the machine and a couple of accessories. I boxed these up and posted them to him via Parcelforce, insured. I had owned the machine for five months and made something like 30-50 coffees in the period, with only Brita filtered water and regular cleaning/descaling. The machine had always worked to my needs and had done since I had bought it from the forums. On arrival, FilipK feels the machine is in need of a service. He thinks the pressure is too low and there may be a broken seal between the group head and the machine. He's understandably frustrated, although I also feel the machine was sold in good faith. I don't know if the issues are from transit, or had always been there, because I'm not an expert. The machine made good coffee and frothed milk well. Guidance on how to proceed would be appreciated from both parties!
  5. £350 for everything except the crockery? I have another poster asking about the cups so would split if you were happy with that. My only concern is the weight. It’s around 18kg plus if you want the cleaning stuff they’ll be heavy to post. Parcelforce claim to deliver for £12 but I’ll believe it when I see it!
  6. Yes, a big upgrade from a Silvia. This is a HX machine which means simultaneous steam and coffee, more consistent temps and less waiting between shots. It’s almost famous for having a ridiculously huge group head for a single group machine. It’s 36cm to the top of the rail guard, which is removable. 31cm to top of the machine without rail guard.
  7. Not sure what the rules are on bumping threads , but gonna bump and hope for the best!
  8. Ok thanks for getting back to me. For information I’m using a sage smart grinder and it works great. Everything still for sale, I think this is really a cracking price for this machine. Hopefully someone is looking for an upgrade?
  9. Any interest in this, Nick1881?
  10. It’s top filled, yes. The website claims its 380mm tall.
  11. Thanks I’ll bear that in mind. I’ll have to find out what happens with the machine first and let you know.
  12. I think it would be a big upgrade over a DTP. It’s a totally different class of machine. I can’t speak for the technicals but fracino have details on the website https://www.fracino.com/cherub.html It’s rated as a prosumer machine for 50 cups a day, and has a 2.3L HX boiler. It’s possible to steam milk and make espresso at the same time, if that speaks enough to temp consistency. For one cup it has always been hot enough shortly after it has been powered up. Maybe ten to fifteen minutes? I pair mine with a tp link smart plug which works brilliantly for timer and switching on whilst still lying in bed! I have the same issue with height under cupboard. I found the small milk jug I have will snake under the cupboard for filling. 3L according to the website. Would you be interested in the accessories too or just the machine?
  13. The machine is seriously heavy. Surprisingly so! And physically big too (more so than it looks in pics) I will fall back to courier if necessary but would prefer a face to face sale (and promise to help you lift it to your car!)
  14. Hi Bought this from forum member dripdrop around Christmas and just haven't had the use out of it that I expected. It's in great nick (I understand dripdrop bought it from someone on here who had owned it from new) and has only been used a handful of times since I bought it. The wife is demanding the counter top space back as it's not being used much! This is a perfect beginner machine as it's so consistent, and would also work in a high usage scenario like an office. I've used Brita filtered water and descaled/cleaned it as I've used it. I'm not looking to sell it for any more than I bought it for (it was a bargain!), So asking for £300 for the machine and portafilter £350 for machine and all accessories, which includes: 5 le creuset espresso mugs (one broke as I was tidying up after photos ! ) 2 loveramics flat white mugs 2 loveramics latte mugs 2 misc cappa mugs Metal tamper Small milk jug Milk thermometer Tamping mat Knock box Blanking plate for cleaning Cleaning fluid and milk cleaning fluid Collect from Barrow upon soar (near Loughborough)
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