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  1. You are both correct - the boiler pressure will drop with less resistance through the tip. I just wondered if was dropping more than normal.. Tip should be kept clean. Need to work on clean two hole tip technique. Thanks
  2. I was reading this thread and wondered if anyone could comment on a couple of points. I clean the steam tip on my machine every 2-3 months (two hole). I know I should probably do this more often but what I notice is that after cleaning, steaming is more difficult to manage. The boiler pressure drops more, to as low as 0.75 bar and steaming is much louder towards the end (as the pressure has lowered). I struggle to get nice microfoam and the mik seems too aerated, destroying the crema as I pour. I assume, the holes gradually get smaller with some milk residue build-up and as this happens, steaming improves - quieter and its easy to get good microfoam. I was looking for conformation that the large pressure drop during steaming is normal - its one of those things that I notice now but didn't before. Could be my steam tip is a bit worn and the difference between clean and partly clogged is more significant? Thanks
  3. The TP Link smart plug has a pushbutton on the plug so you can turn it on/off manually. The Meross plugs are certainly good value but I don't know if they have this feature.
  4. Kasa/TP-Link HS100 smart plug works well for me. Kasa app allows you to set different on/off schedules and control from your phone. Around 20 quid.
  5. I have started using an Aeropress at work and was lucky to pick up a secondhand Aergrind (thanks to Joey24dirt). I have set the Aergrind at 2-4. Espresso would be around 1-5? so I'm not far off espresso grind. Having said that, there is so much variation possible with beans, grind, ratio, method, brew time, filter - just a matter of finding a recipe that you like. I'm very impressed with the Aergrind.
  6. The only time my Mignon stopped grinding, I found the outlet was plugged with coffee. This was despite regular cleaning and it had never plugged before.
  7. StuartS


    The ones linked on Amazon seem to be a mixture of "branded" and "copied", with a range of prices. I first bought a pair from Creamsupplies a few years ago branded "On Balance" - they were good but not water resistant (none of them are) so be careful if weighing your shots while brewing. The on/off button started to play up so I bought a copycat scale from ebay. Not the same build quality, but probably the same load cell - so far so good (I am keeping these dry). I wanted a second set for use at work and found a pair of On Balance scales on ebay (private sale for 10 quid) but they switch off after a few secs so I got my money back. I use the 2000x0.1g version.
  8. On the one occasion that my (now retired) MC2 jammed when grinding, the plastic gear stripped immediately. The motor will spin but there is no drive to the burrs. If the burrs are turning with no beans, the gear is fine. It could be worn motor brushes - this would reduce motor power and make it erratic.
  9. I continue to use Rave despite the price rise - I like IJ and now their Espresso Blend - still good value in my opinion. I buy 2 x 1kg bags (lasts me around 5 weeks) for free postage. What's that...6 quid a week for around 25 drinks - pretty good value really. I agree with others comments...
  10. Thanks, not bad then....In terms of workflow the Niche sounds great - beans in, grinds out, repeat... Managing a purge, a timed dose, weigh, adjust etc is a pain (as everyone knows)
  11. Hi, what degree of repeatability can be expected from a timed dose? I expect there are several factors relating to beans, hopper level, environment and the grinder inlet. I'm interested to hear user experience about which factors affect the dose the most. My grinder is 9 months old and has around 15kg though it so I consider it run-in. I find the weight of a timed dose still varies by anything up to 0.5g either way - and I mean for a given time, bean, hopper level and grind setting. It means I still have to weigh and manually tweak the dose before tamping. I assume the timer on my grinder is accurate so the variation I see can only be down to the grinder design and the way beans fall into the burrs, right? Thanks
  12. StuartS


    ok, I'll pm you. Thanks
  13. StuartS


    Looking for an Aergrind (just missed the last one for sale, twice!) or maybe a compact Rhinowares. To use with Aeropress and ideally store it inside. Thanks Stuart
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