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  1. Just arrived home to find the package on the doorstep and oh my god the smell is amazing. Cannot wait to get stuck into these tomorrow!
  2. 1. mrbagel - please confirm 2. jlarkin 3. Flying_Vee 4. bronc 5. JPJ001 6. JGF 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  3. Should be tomorrow for me - it’s Christmas Eve again here tonight (although for some reason the kids don’t seem quite so excited)!
  4. And I’ll take the other V please Dave! Think I must have refreshed this page about 20 times today thinking about it!
  5. 01. Coffeechap 02. dfk41 03. Mrboots2u 04. CageyH 05. Dylan 06. MWJB 07. Snakehips 08. Joey24dirt 09. Kennyboy993 10. LukeT 11. arellim 12. Stanic 13. AndyDClements 14. Jony 15. Johnealey 16. GingerBen 17. Flying_vee 18. Soll 19. MatBat 20. Steveholt 21. Johnbudding 22. grumpydaddy 23. Thecatlinux 24. Greenblood 25. David Bondy 26. jimbojohn 27. Joelarkin 28. Christos_geo 29. MediumRoastSteam 30. Tewdric 31. Heligan 32. blackstone 33. Salty 34. Stevied62 35. Jackblackmore 36. PPapa 37. Simon_s 38. Xpenno 39. Daren 40. drude 41.rob177palmer 42. Monkey66 43. Mazi 44. Urbanbumpkin 45. UbiquitousPhoton 46. Jellybean 47. koi 48. chip_kara 49. Flibster 50. Mmmatron 51. GaryG 52. working dog 53. Froggy 54. Obnic 55. MSM 56. Liam 57. fluffles 58. JGF
  6. The Moata last year was amazing and the Duromina this is different but for me, just as incredible - a cup of sweet sweet floral juicy joy. Getting the bergamot but not in an overpowering way which I sometimes struggle with. Absolutely loving this as both espresso and ccd.
  7. Foundry Duromina - oooh this is another belter!
  8. Very late to this but would just like to add my thanks to all involved. I've been struggling with espresso recently but this has been an absolute joy - have found it really well balanced, nice acidity and great length. First beans from Craft House so will definitely be revisiting them again soon. Thanks as ever to the LSOL team for organising and to Tom for a fantastic coffee and reveal.
  9. Hi Norvin - these look great - I'll take the other 58.5 if it is still available?
  10. All arrived safe and sound, expertly packed! Many thanks Lee
  11. Hi Cambosheff - I'll take the other set at asking if still available?
  12. Amazing - congrats jeebsy! Stunning effort to keep plugging away week after week come rain or shine. Wonder what the future holds?!
  13. Just watched that video - actually looks as though they have a new version out with better insulation to keep a steady temp and an improved hopper to keep the flow of pellets topped up both of which sound ideal
  14. Yep - I got one at Christmas. Thanks to the joys of moving house I've only managed to use it once since then although am hoping to get it out this w/e actually as we've got some friends over - will post a few pics if we do! Had some pretty mixed results on first attempt - a couple of spectacularly good efforts early on followed by some slightly soggy failures. It comes up to temp quickly but also loses temp quickly if you don't keep the hopper topped up. Was pretty cool though and as long as you are going for more classic, sparsely loaded pizzas seemed to work as described.
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