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  1. take it its on top of the boiler in question ??
  2. how does one un stick it dare i ask ??
  3. all good except when i switch on and let all get up to temp when i first crack the steam wand there is no pressure but instantly i have cracked the wand you can hear the boiler bubble and two mins later one has steam, air lock ??
  4. thanks for all the help chaps seems ok today slight wif from the steam wand still but no lemon cheese lol
  5. first time ive descaled it so a learning lesson !! and to think i use citric acid in some of my wine recipe's !! stinks bad !!the acid not my wine lol
  6. so the safety valve is just a blow off valve ? citric acid smells just like burnign electrical components then ! and they say make sure you dont pull a shot till the smell has gone !!
  7. wasnt watching pressure but that could explain the pop, water coming out is bluish at mo from the de scale couldnt see any evidence inside the machine but then boiler are v hot so any water would evaporate quickly i guess, man i panic if i can sense my leva might be ill !!!
  8. hmmm as you say left it on just slight bubble through back up to 96 and pump steam wand etc all ok what does citric acid smell like when hot ?? maybe that was my acrid elec smell ??
  9. when i switch on the valve in the centre of the boiler nearest the camera starts bubbling water through it, pump still switches on and get to group head, darent leave it on maybe de scaling has boogered something or ??
  10. was doing first de scale of my dear dual office leva got to step 13 on the bella barista guide and i smelt a bad electrical smell followed by an electrical pop, trip wasnt thrown out and pid indicator still on pump kicks in when you operate water lever but darent keep it on because of the electrical smell, barista team now gone home so any help appreciated
  11. so i drank my last coffee the other morning but had "asked" she who really ought to be obeyed to get me a bag or three from bse (butterworths) who actually do some nice coffee but i digress, wifey comes home (is that a sexist term ? (keen to be politically correct not)) and no coffee !! nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coffee !!!! anyway she (notice a now distant term) picks up our son from brome home to thistledown roasting and bless they have a box outside containing freshly roasted beans with an honesty box !!!! saved and they were and are very nice !!!
  12. any recommendations for polishing one's beloved machine ??
  13. wise decision swamp donkey land lol
  14. any fellow nerds near me ?? im nr eye suffolk ip21 ???
  15. id have to make two coffees and drink them both lol
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