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  1. Cheers, just emailed Richard to order some.
  2. mremanxx


    Thanks Cat, did wonder if I was overthinking it, single dosed for ages and feel my brew suits me, just lockdown doredom I think.😀
  3. mremanxx


    Do you store it in an airtight container?
  4. mremanxx


    What I noticed that if I grind a larger volume of beans at once I get a finer grind due to the weight of the beans, I assume that this will also improve grind size, no?
  5. mremanxx


    Hi, Pretty sure this will have been discussed but too lazy to look.😀. I use a commercial sized grinder and single dose, this obviously gives me the usual popcorrning uneven grind size etc. I have just learned to accept it as I am the only coffee drinker at home. What are the thoughts on pre-grinding 3 doses(my usual amount drunk per day), then stored in an airtight container? I am aware of the breakdown of essential oils etc, but do you think keeping it in an airtight container may negate this somewhat?
  6. Keep it simple Jord93, if you like the taste you are on a winner.
  7. Hi, as someone who only drinks flat whites I never concern myself too much about ratio's, it is all down to the taste you get as different beans will mean that I either pull a longer or shorter shot or even vary the temperature to change the taste. I normally use the starting ratio of 1:2 and go from there.
  8. Cannot honestly say I have ever noticed any difference, you are actually recommended to allow the drink to cool slightly before thinking as this allows the flavours to come through.
  9. Yep, same as Rob, always make my shots based on consistency as I use the same amount of milk everyone, that way I can tell the flavour difference between beans.
  10. Hi All, Thought I would let those who regularly enjoy the mystery beans from CC, I am trying out NO 12 which is not released until the end of the month, Richard kindly sent some out with a recent order. I have been using the mystery beans for ages now as I don't think you can get a cheaper good quality roast anywhere else. I know some had issues with No 11, I am almost finished my batch and found they took quite a long resting period but do produce a nice tasting coffee, I only drink milk drinks and these have been good. Not my favourite but enjoyable. Now No 12 was roasted on the 6th has been resting since then, pulled a shot using 19g in 36g out, nice crema and aroma, these beans actually smell nice? I found this a little strange as I don't usually notice this. These beans are slightly paler than 11 so assume not roasted as dark, this may be to some peoples liking, doesn't really bother me as I said I only drink milk coffees. Sipped the espresso before adding milk and was pleasantly surprised, not too bitter, I could probably drink this even though not my preference. A little sour but more do do with my shot pulling etc. With milk a nice coffee that does not leave that stale taste in your mouth, not overly strong but certainly enjoyable. I don't have the experience in expressing the quality and complexities of beans like most others on here so must apologise, I do however know when I like the taste of a bean and when not, these I like so will gladly order more when I need beans. Hope this helps someone on here when they go on sale. Cannot thank Richard enough, he really does go the extra mile for his customers.
  11. Hi, Actually turned out to be 3 faults at once. Pressure stat, vacuum valve and the boiler pressure valve leaking. I think it was all down to the pressure stat as it went high a few times and I hadn't noticed it. I have a habit of just leaving the machine on. All sorted now thankfully. Thanks for all the comments.
  12. Thanks for this info, will certainly do this until parts arrive to Orkney.
  13. Cheers, will order a new one and see how it goes, going crazy for a coffee
  14. https://www.ferrari-espresso.com/product/anti-vacuum-valve-internal-brass-new-version-isomac/ Hi Found this, seems you are indeed correct, any ideas why it would go faulty?
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