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  1. Nice that. Might have to pop in and see if there are any still around.
  2. I thought I’d only do it once @MildredM.... then I decided to polish the lever (fnar) yesterday and returning to the vertical the newly slippery wood,well slipped. Maybe 3rd time lucky!
  3. Hmmm. Don’t think I damaged it or fitted it upside down as I followed the guide. I guess I’ll have to take the lever out and see what’s what.
  4. What a great idea for the tool and library service. I replaced mine last month and it was a ball ache. Also sorry slightly off topic but since I have done so I get a little water around the portafilter when pulling a shot. Ideas of why and how to stop it?
  5. Could it be you’re not getting enough water into the group? Could you have a block in the exit to the group such as grease etc leading to a short amount of water?
  6. I have just replaced my seals on the LR with the Londinium ones I bought with the machine a couple of years ago. Have to say my lever grab position is about 80 degrees not far off horizontal. Not sure why your should catch so high. You’d imagine this would be due to a leak somewhere releasing the pressure. Have you removed the lever and looked at it again to check the seals are in the correct orientation and position. ?
  7. Lefteye


    Will do once there’s no chance of frost. To many mates have had injuries this winter on bikes!!
  8. Lefteye


    David. You’ll just have to bring a pack of colonnas capsules when you go over. They really are good
  9. Drops from a spray bottle. There was a little discussion on the decent espresso thread on here a couple of weeks ago.
  10. Have you tried spraying your pucks. I occasionally get sprites and spurts but since spraying the puck after tamping with a little water I don’t and get really well aligned central makes extractions.
  11. Did you mean the £850? Well I guess I was wildly optimistic in the old days!!
  12. Satan’s is great. Great in casa bonay also for drinks and food.
  13. Welcome. Loads of info on here!!
  14. i was in this artisan last Wednesday but they didn’t have a mirage. From what I remember it was a Linea pb. Still weigh grinds and extraction though
  15. Maybe it’s not sagging then. Might be the change in bean. I’ll try and get a photo for anyone with the ims 35 to compare to
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