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  1. Have you tried spraying your pucks. I occasionally get sprites and spurts but since spraying the puck after tamping with a little water I don’t and get really well aligned central makes extractions.
  2. Did you mean the £850? Well I guess I was wildly optimistic in the old days!!
  3. Lefteye


    Satan’s is great. Great in casa bonay also for drinks and food.
  4. Welcome. Loads of info on here!!
  5. i was in this artisan last Wednesday but they didn’t have a mirage. From what I remember it was a Linea pb. Still weigh grinds and extraction though
  6. Maybe it’s not sagging then. Might be the change in bean. I’ll try and get a photo for anyone with the ims 35 to compare to
  7. Maybe it’s not sagging then. Might be the change in bean. I’ll try and get a photo for anyone with the ims 35 to compare to
  8. Ha! It’s the ims screen that’s gone saggy !!
  9. Quick question. Had my shower screen for a couple of years now. Recently have noticed that it looks a little ‘saggy’. And is leaving an indent on the puck. Do these things fail after a time. The stock screen that I haven’t used looks a tight mesh ??
  10. Well done on getting one of those. Yet to see one in The flesh. Only seen and tried on a root beer Rolex. Bit too pricey for me though
  11. I’ve tried in both ways stirring in the tumbler and letting it drop and also stirring in the timber and then again in the pf. I guess it’s one of those mysteries! Probably the beans as mainly the latest ones. Nearly all gone now anyway. If it happens again with any frequency I’ll film it and post it. Cheers guys!
  12. Yeah seems more one bean. Wish I could send a vid but it doesn’t happen all the time. Tried tapping the pf. The spritz occurs almost instantly which makes me wonder if the pre infusion bar is too high- except the next shot same beans is typically the same
  13. Am intrigued to see what the handles might look like after joey has had a go
  14. A great review. The machine is beautifully simple. Built like a tank and when you have to work on it it is well laid out. The service from Reiss is second to none. Where else would you have a direct link to the designer who can simply work out the problem and direct you. As @Fez says if I had to do it all again I would.
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