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  1. Happy to share my solidworks files for the classic drip tray design I've got if that's any help- It's a 4-5 hour print on a well set up printer - doesn't need to be a dense print since it doesn't need much in the way of structural integrity. I was never a fan of printing things like drip trays though - a printed surface is very hard to keep clean in that sort of use case. I used one on my old classic, but I put a coat of epoxy resin over it to smooth the surface and make it easier to clean.
  2. Bump on this before it heads to the scrappy
  3. Hello all, sorry for going radio silent - i haven't been active on here in a while. Sadly, after producing almost 50kg(!) of 3d printed parts, my bargainous printer has reached a point where the maintenance and time taken for each print has made it too laborious to carry on printing much - I am therefore sad to say that I won't be making any more 3d printed parts for the foreseeable. I'm always happy to share knowledge, expertise and advice though - so if anyone has any questions, or would like some designs drawing up feel free to drop me a pm.
  4. Sorry, all - been busy recently! I'll PM you all now.
  5. No reason why not, the limit would be how much lower it can go before the spout hits the bottom of the grinder. I suspect not very far. PM'ed you @jthepilot
  6. Plenty rigid enough I'd say (not sure how to give a quantitive answer!). I won't get chance over the weekend, but next week I'll try and print one and get it photographed supporting a PF - haven't got an SJ here to attach it to though
  7. I drew up this a few weeks back for @smidster09 - he may have some good/bad feedback. Not as nice as a stainless one for sure, but should do the job. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1872280
  8. I'm a regular Crankhouse consumer, and can only say great things - excellent coffee, and a lovely guy too
  9. Still here, still printing. Drop me a PM
  10. I've got the casing from a Mazzer Royal here with no use for it. It's been painted red at some point - not a bad job but is a bit tired now. Perfect for anyone wanting to refurb/paint theres but don't want to have it out of action for too long! Collection only from Bristol, potentially Exeter in a few weeks.
  11. Sounds interesting. Haven't got much time for design work at the moment, but I'll certainly have a think and see what ideas I can come up with.
  12. @urbanbumpkin, Yep, just replied. Sorry for the delay, been out of the country for a few days. @Phil104 - looks good, I'll get something drawn up and PM you over the weekend. @Jacko112 - The funnels are specific to each PF - they slot onto the lugs. If your PF is the same (or at least very similar) to the La Pav PF then it will fit, but can't guarantee it otherwise. I can however design one for yours give the correct dimensions - best to PM me.
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