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  1. You all should try homebrewing beer. It's a lot of fun to try to clone you favorite beer. I've made Guiness, Oktoberfest, and Oatmeal Stouts. I've even brewed a Newcastle clone with coffee. The sky's the limit. I make 5.5 gallons (23 liters) at a time. It does cost some money to start, but overall, it's fun. I've also made wine too. That's pretty easy and cool. Just a thought. Cheers! Jeremy
  2. I just did my first cupping today with 2 grocery store coffees. One was a Kona Light Roast and the other a Colombian Supremo coffee also light roast. I could taste some diferences in them. I smelled citrus and some floral in the Kona, but just floral in the Colombian. Kona was bright, slightly acidic, and a very light body, it just dissapated on my tongue. The Colobian was different, little more mellow, more acidic, medium body, and nice clean, dry finish, kind of like Guiness. Thanks for the tips. I hope to grow my knowledge on coffee and cupping. Cheers! Jeremy
  3. I'd go into SBUX and ask them to grind it. Otherwise some markets have grinders, just ask some one to help you. Hope this helps.
  4. Buono Natale!!! (Italian for Merry Christmas!) Happy Holidays Gents. Hope it was fun! Happy New Year! (Buon Anno)!!! Cheers! Jeremy
  5. About time u joined here. can't wait for the new podcast. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Cheers! Jeremy
  6. Hi WO. Nice to see you in another forum since our other one went down. I miss the Convo. See ya soon!

  7. Congrats Chris!! Well done. You work hard and love what you do. That's Awesome! Cheers!
  8. I don't know what happened. It seemed that all things were going great. The idea was a great one and I hope he changes his mind. I'll miss hearing his voice and the passion for coffee. At least I still got those podcasts. This Stinks! I miss it already...
  9. Thanks Chris, I'll have to give a try when I get a chance. I'll look it up on your site too. I appreciate the help. I just want to learn more about coffee and anything that goes with it. Cheers! Jeremy
  10. Seamus, chech out http://www.sweetmarias.com. They've got a great selection of roasters and beans. They could also tell you if anyone in your neck of the woods has the equipment to get you started. Hope this helps.
  11. Those are pretty cool. Look like the smilies on the net. I dunno if I'd drink from them, but use them for display. Cool find.
  12. Thanks for sharing. I almost bought one for $30 here in the US. I didn't know if it was any good for espresso. At least I did my research before I buy anything. Thanks for posting dja57.
  13. Hi Stranger! Nice to see another American here in an overseas forum. See ya later.


  14. Will do Seamus... hopefully for Christmas I'll get one.
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