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  1. Well just after posting I found a German seller on ebay doing 10 of these for €8.20. If I was lookin these delivered to the UK it would cost €39 postage. But luckily I have a family member who lives in Germany, and who just happens to be sending me a package this week ? . So hopefully that'll be me sorted for a few years.
  2. Its bean (like that? ?) a wee while since I've posted here, mainly because I have had zero issues with my machine. Until now that is. The o ring on my steam spout has withered/broken and other than DeLonghi's own online spares, I can't seem to find the exact same ring on sale anywhere else. Well, I probably could but I don't know the part number or required dimensions, And I don't want to pay DeLonghi £6 for something which only costs £2.50. I mean, £3.50 postage for something which could literally be stuck to the back of a postage stamp. And £2.50 is probably at least £2 more than its worth.
  3. I've been using a DeLonghi bean-to-cup machine for about a year and although it has a descale function, there is no dedicated cleaning/backflushing cycle. It also runs a short clean cycle through the "group head" when shutting down. I still have a lot of Puly cleaner left over from my Gaggia Classic days and I'm wondering if its possible to use this to clean all the coffee deposits from the machine as I'm sure this isn't done automatically. The machine is an Autentica ETAM 29.510.
  4. Richard what do you use to descale your machine? I was wondering if in future he could use a citric acid solution, like I use in my Gaggia Classic.
  5. I just went ahead with the next step and it worked. It looks like it is either a mistake in the instruction manual, but as it states the same thing twice, its more likely the machine functionality has been changed slightly and the instructions haven't been updated.
  6. I'm descaling my dad's DeLonghi bean-to-cup machine for him. This is its first descaling and everything seemed to be going according to the instructions until about 10 minutes ago, when the cycle stopped. The instructions say that when the cycle finishes, the water and steam indicators flash. But it is the descale and steam indicators which are on. Now I'm wondering whether to cancel the cycle completely and proceed with the rinsing cycle, or wait a while longer to see if the cycle finishes itself. If anyone here has one of these machines, can you give me some advice on what to do no
  7. Yeah, it was a file I was going to use because, as mcrmfc says, using a dremel or a grinding drill bit is too risky even at low speed. I'm getting the impression here that the "collar" is what causes the steam valve knob to stop opening, making it possible to unscrew the pin right out in normal use. Is that right?
  8. The steam valve on my Classic has been steadily getting worse. After descaling at the weekend, it got even worse with a steady flow of water each time the valve is opened. I looked it up and found a video where the owner says the leak is caused by a buildup of scale in the steam valve and because it can't be descaled properly, the leak just gets worse. In the video, he shows how to grind back the collar where the brass open/close pin goes into the aluminium pipe, allowing the pin to be removed for descaling. The end of the video shows the reassembled valve working perfectly with no leaks.
  9. Thanks for the links. Unfortunately the first one doesn't include a group seal and the second is Mark's listing. I got one anyhow.
  10. Thanks Mark. Do you still offer a bit of discount for members? Sorry just saw you're still not accepting orders from me.
  11. Hi guys. I need a full set of seals and rings for doing a full service of my classic. Where's the best place to get them?
  12. As fast as that? Okay, I'll need to order a set of seals etc first so I'll get back to you by tomorrow.
  13. I'm having exactly the same problem. I backflushed my Classic for the first time after having it over 18 months (I know, I know...) and then descaled it. It worked like new afterwards. A week later, no water coming through the grouphead. So I descaled again. Same thing a week later. So I descaled it for a third time and its had a steady drip from the steam wand since. I'm also getting a little loss of steam at the steam wand fitting as well, so I know a new gasket ring is in order there. But the steady drip is a real annoyance. Otherwise, I'm delighted with the performance after backflushing.
  14. I'm glad I got a 2014 model now. What a lot of arseing about to fit a new steam wand.
  15. I normally grind beans per shot, freezing between use. But, of course, friends and family think they're doing me a good turn buying me ground coffee. So I have a burr grinder for the beans and a blade grinder to grind the ground coffee to espresso grind (is that the record number of the word "grind" in a forum sentence?). And, ideally, I would like a happy medium between taste and crema, with taste being a high priority to begin with.
  16. I've been using a 3rd party double filter basket with my Gaggia Classic since losing the crema filter pin. The problem is, I can't get decent crema using the basket, while using the official Gaggia basket gives good crema, but it flies everywhere due to the pressure. Can anyone here suggest a decent replacement double filter basket? Or should I just buy a new crema pin and stick with the Gaggia basket?
  17. Sorted. Thanks for the help guys. the solenoid didn't even look very dirty, but there you go. I'm off to buy a backwashing kit now to stop this happening in future.
  18. The water is coming out of the brew head in short bursts and out of the steam wand steadily. Okay. Sounds like my kind of problem - easy to rectify . So is there a guide for the solenoid repair?
  19. The water is coming out of the brew head in short bursts and out of the steam wand steadily.
  20. I've removed the shower screen holder and all 4 holes are clear. I used a really small star head screwdriver in the water hole on the boiler to remove any debris that may have collected. When I turned the machine on it just kept making the loud "buzzing" sound it makes when there is no water in the tank. Then I remembered reading that if you turn the steam nozzle on while the water is turned on, the water should come through. That worked. Now the water is coming from the boiler in short bursts. I haven't yet put the shower screen holder back on again and I'm wondering if that is how the water
  21. I make 4 cups of coffee per day, single shots. Everything was working fine until today when the water from my grouphead had slowed to a drip. I removed the dispersal plate and checked it for clogging, nothing major there, just a thin film. The block itself was very clean, with no build up of scale. I descale twice a year and that seems to keep everything running smoothly. Since I got it in May last year, I haven't performed a backflush. So I ran some water through with the plate removed and there was only a steardy drip from the water hole on the left side (looking at it). I used a paperclip i
  22. I've recently been given a Dualit CCG2 burr grinder which, unfortunately and typically, suffers from the same grinding problem as other Dualit models - it doesn't grind beans finely enough. Seeing as I only had a blade grinder before, I see any type of burr grinder as a step up the ladder to coffee greatness. So I've been grinding to the finest setting in the Dualit and then finishing it off with a few seconds in the blade grinder. Not ideal but any port in a storm. I've been reading about people modifying their Dualit grinders to produce a finer grind but the CCG2 is never mentioned. The
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