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  1. Happy to test for you, if you can drop by with a sample, just not on weds or thurs, i'm not working. its at Full Court Press btw on broad st. loosley speaking south central bristol has water supplied from the v large reservoirs at chew valley and Chedder. these are then mixed and held at barrow gurney before shipping into bristol. These are massive sinks of water, so rainfall etc does very little to effect the overall mineral content. North bristol has a far wider range of sources afaik, so is libale to more variation and as a lot of it come from the costwolds and not the mendip
  2. Venue and date Confirmed! This Friday, the 18th, at the Good Coffee Cartel. Deets here https://www.facebook.com/events/231735837578748/
  3. On tour again next week, this time to scotland, hopping to host an evening at the good coffee cartel in Glasgow, more details soon.
  4. So, had the machine for a few days now and I promise I will get round to updating you with some thoughts soon, I'm just deep into London Coffee Fest prep at the moment.
  5. UPDATE!!!!! as well as the Prufrock event, the machine will be on the Assembly Coffee stand @ London Coffee Festival in the capable hands of James Wise, the current Coffee Masters Champ. Word is they have something pretty special lined up for you to taste. https://www.fcp.coffee/blog/post/a-decent-demo-a-day-and-evening-with-the
  6. Can confirm that the DE1PRO will.be on the Assembly/Volcano stand at LCF!
  7. For those of you who are at LCF, but can't make it to Prufrock Mon the weds , working on getting the machine on to a stand.
  8. can confirm that the date is the `11th, the weds before the festival. Date has been changed on the prufrock site.
  9. Thanks, i' i'll check with them.
  10. Hello, by now many of you will know that I have one of the Decent Espresso DE1PRO+ machines to beta test. I'll be having this on the the bar in my shop, Full Court Press in Bristol, so feel free to pop by. I'll also be taking it with me on my travels with the SCA UK, so expect to see me around in the next few months. Tours Dates: London - 11th April @ Prufrock Coffee deets here https://www.fcp.coffee/blog/post/a-decent-demo-a-day-and-evening-with-the Glasgow - TBC but i'm up for Glasgow coffee fest - 19/20th may September will see me in London again, Novembe
  11. yeah, tickets are free, info here:https://www.fcp.coffee/blog/post/a-decent-demo-a-day-and-evening-with-the
  12. Afternoon all, I'll be taking the DE1+ Pro with me to the London Coffee Festival, specifically to Prufrock on the weds before the festival starts (I'm too.busy during the fours days itself) There will be a 2 hour hands on demo slot in the training room late afternoon (4-6) and then another one upstairs in Prufrock from 7.30. I'll start a new post about this , and other dates and venues for a decent UK tour later today.
  13. This is getting some good interest from both national and local roasters, plus the coffee in good spirits comp will be there.
  14. Hey all, I'll have the machine at my shop to view in bristol, and will be taking it around the country in due course. once it arrives I'll set up a new thread here to take questions and layout how you can get hold of me to arrange a looksee. Mat
  15. With size of filter you also have issue with the ratio of flow rate to exchange medium size. With the premiums, the longer the water sits in an the filter, the more work gets done exchanging Ca for Mg. For a very low usage, its far betterbto go for a smaller filter and change more often, the quality will be more consistent. At the shop we use an xl rather than a xxl for this reason. We also flush the filter every morning before dial in to ensure the water that has been sat all night has been removed.
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