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  1. Thanks for that, It has both portafilters the Rancilio one and a naked one, I didn't make that clear
  2. Tap water behind a water softner. Back flushed once a month or so when it was being used.
  3. Since I got my Heston over a year ago I havent use my Silvia so its probably time to see if it has any value. It needs a good clean but no dents etc, complete with naked portafilter. Purchased from Hasbean in October 2010, used just for espresso generally one a day, steam used probably half a dozen or so times during its life. As you can see from the picture the steam knob is broken, it still works fine just it has cracked and comes out in your hand. Also the washer in the steam wand is missing. I was going to repair these but as its a year on and I still havent got round to it I suspect that I never will. Any ideas on what to put it on at? Regards Peter
  4. Hope I am not to late but count me in for a naked portafilter hopefully at a sensible price
  5. I am so glad I am not the only person to do this!
  6. Mine popped up with that message last week, I ignored it and its gone away.... Need to replace my filter thought Peter
  7. Excellent review Nick, I have to say I still look at some of the Italian machines and think how beautiful they look. However the coffee that I am getting out of my Sage is getting better and better. I am really getting into producing lovely milk now, it really does look like wet paint and makes superb milk drinks.
  8. I am loving it. Had my 'white glove' service on Tuesday which was good. Settled on a slight increase in grind time so a bit more coffee in the basket and a surprising improvement in the taste. Spent quite a bit of time on steaming milk which I am now really pleased with the results. Vario grinder is now on 4 stops down from the finest possible setting with a 14 second grind time. Produces a basket that when tapped is about level with the top of the basket, then a gentle tamp and a double pulls in about 35 seconds and tastes really good. It is so much more consistent. I have set it to volume based and now as long as I grind the same, tamp about the same then the coffee comes out the same. No more temperature surfing... I really like how quickly it heats up and is ready to produce good coffee, makes it so much more useful. Very pleased with my decision to buy it.
  9. Machine arrived this morning, complete with a note from Lakeland saying sorry that TNT lost the first one. Was well packed in double lakeland boxes and then the 'heston' box. Fits the space I have for it perfectly. Been pulling shots all afternoon, its much more consistent than my old Rancilio and the steaming is great.
  10. Wow, and I thought that I did well on price, that is an amazing price......
  11. Sadly when you buy something generally you don't get to choose the courier that the supplier uses. Work wise we use DPD/Interlink who have so far not let us down. They even give a 1 hour slot for the delivery which beats waiting in all day. The only oddity with DPD is if the driver turns up early ie before the 1 hour slot that they have given then he has to wait as you can't sign for it until the correct time. L
  12. Just to update this thread, Lakeland sent the machine out via TNT who have lost it! Lakeland have been very good, phoning each day to update me on the search and then deciding without any pushing on my part to ship another one. I really can't fault them. As an aside I was working on one of my customers sites yesterday who make bits for planes, Airbus, Boeing, big stuff. They had shipped a pallet with part of an aircraft on it to Airbus using TNT. TNT had firstly managed to deliver it to a private house over 200 miles from where it should have been, then managed to collect it from the house and then subsequently lost the pallet completely. Got to love them...... Peter
  13. Its an excellent location, just over 1 mile from my house
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