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  1. I will take the motta at asking
  2. Well look, don’t take it personally if they give you a bit of a stick. There are some great threads and a wealth of knowledge/info here so utilise it and learn. Good luck with the sale.
  3. You might have let yourself in for a world of hurt here bud. See what responses you get though. I am not sure this is the right place for that type of machine, maybe give it a try on eBay or gumtree. Good luck.
  4. I have had to retract my offer my wife bought me one for my bday and I have just ruined the surprise. Oops. @Marky_p
  5. I will have the bodum lot.
  6. Still available? I would like a 49.5 mm one please.
  7. Looking good. The la pavoni is going down a treat. Getting some lovely espresso.
  8. The trade has been arranged with @russell16688. Same deal as above just managed to agree on when and where.
  9. I can be pretty flexible if you are visiting. Currently no plans to visit northwards but I am happy to meet at a halfway point. I had a quick look and Sheffield is about 180 miles so somewhere in between Rugby and Leicester? Or am open to suggestions. If you're happy with the trade shall we move to PM to figure out the details?
  10. Hi, I have a classic I would be happy to offer as a trade. Rancilio steam wand. Normal portafilter as well as a naked one. Single, double and triple baskets as well as blank for cleaning. I also have a Bella barista tamper. Let me know if that would be of interest. I am in London so not sure how you would want to meet/post?
  11. Nice purchase. If it does not go through I will take it...
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