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  1. I'm a long time lurker who has just signed up. I bought a Delonghi Treviso about 7 years ago (which is still running), have a couple of different filters (V60 and an automated machine) and the grinding taken care of by a Mazzer Major. Currently using Hasbean beans due to the lack of anything local but loved the espresso blend for Artisan Roast when I lived in Edinburgh.
  2. Hello, My first post so feel free to ignore me. Something that hasn't been mentioned so far is the temperature. Leave it a while to heat up (the portafilter should be hot to the touch before you do anything else, you can run boiler water through it to get it to this point more quickly). Also I don't know how much Delonghi machines have changed in the past 8 years but mine has a very large dead zone in the thermostat. I find running the pump for ~ 10 seconds till the light goes out (saying the boiler isn't at temperature) then locking in the filter and starting the pump as soon as the l
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