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  1. Rhys

    Espro Tamper 51mm

    Moved to sold. Nice tamper
  2. @MildredM to save me looking, what's the La Pavoni one look like?
  3. I think I'd be taking it up with the postal service that was used if it's believed that damage was caused by them. Even when well packaged its no guarantee against any harm coming to an item. Was the packaging damaged in any way? Does the machine bare any signs of being miss-handled? Even if there are no outward signs, something inside may have jarred/moved. If there's any reason to suspect damage in transit then put in a claim. Follow the guidelines from the postal service on how to proceed. @Coffeebean on here is a Fracino man and may be able to provide answers to what could be wrong, or who to contact to take a look at it for example. I personally don't trust postal services, especially after having one grinder arrived with its base cracked and the grinder out of alignment from being dropped. When I bought my EK it was on the understanding that I took full responsibility from the time it left the seller.. that was a nervous few days.. The transaction appears to have been carried out in good faith from what I can see there's no reason to say otherwise. Unfortunately from our perspective, once a sale has been agreed it's out of our hands and the dispute lies between the seller, buyer and the postal company. Maybe @Glenn can confirm that and offer further advice? I can understand how it can be frustrating for both parties involved.
  4. Something different, milk in first....
  5. Rhys

    Too much for me

    I’ve just looked on my iPhone and I can see what you mean. Click the button I’ve zoomed in on and go from there.
  6. Rhys

    Too much for me

    I'm using Mac OSC 10.7.5 Mountain Lion and Windows Vista.. Pretty dated stuff tbh, but it's still working.
  7. Rhys

    Too much for me

    Is that on TT? I don't use it tbh. Don't know if that helps?
  8. Rhys

    Too much for me

    Up at the top left under the Coffee Forums logo, or top right 'unread content.' It's not finished yet, and hopefully will look something like the old one. As far as I know, everything is still migrating over. I prefer the look of the old forum tbh, and some things need working on (which the team are aware of). All I can suggest is to post your suggestions on the 'Suggestions' thread.
  9. Those tools don't really distribute, but give a nice level surface to tamp on. Try three cocktail sticks or paperclips shoved into a cork and give the basket a good stir, That'll distribute the grounds, then use the spinny tool to flatten and then tamp.
  10. With all things, they don't just happen overnight. Well, most of it did
  11. Go the heart symbol on the right of a post (on a pc anyway, not sure about TT) and it gives you options. I'm just about to try it.
  12. We thought it would take everyone's mind off coming last in the Eurovision I think Tait (& team) have pulled off a cracking job pulling an all nighter to get our forum upgraded. “We are now cruising at a level of two to the power of twenty-five thousand to one against and falling, and we will be restoring normality just as soon as we are sure what is normal anyway.” ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy “We have normality. I repeat, we have normality. Anything you still can't cope with is therefore your own problem.” ― Douglas Adams
  13. Can always stick a cushion on the hopper and use it as a bar stool...
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