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  1. Not exactly coffee related, but no doubt I'll be using it to take pics of 'coffee related stuff' The postie handed me a lovely parcel yesterday and this is what was inside.. Leica 3G from 1957 and Leitz Summar 5cm f2 from 1936. The Summar isn't brilliant as it has some haze/fungus but should clean up nice. It's a pre-war lens so uncoated (believe it or not, the Germans developed lens coatings during the war to improve their lenses..) Hoping to find a better lens at some point as I was spoilt with the Summitar that had to go back on the iiif I had (faulty shutter curtains..)
  2. Yes, just let me know what you would like and I'll see if it's available.
  3. Because... Post anywhere on the forum and you become active. You need to be active to post in the sales area.
  4. I really don't get booze in coffee. The only thing worse is Sherry in trifle! Wrong way round.. Only thing worse is trifle in sherry Reminds me of years ago when my late mum used to treat me sometimes to a small glass of Harveys or QC. I say years ago, it's depressing to think it was 30 odd years ago
  5. There was, and there were some nice DSOL's but wasn't very popular so was dropped. I'm not keen on dark, oily beans tbh. Think medium/dark is the furthest I'd go just as they're starting to go shiny. I'd second Coffee Compass for darker roasts.
  6. Rhys

    Wet Shaving

    Ooof, that's a special one, with a price to match. Never actually tried a Japanese Kamisori but I can't say I use the full length of a straight, so it should be easy to use tbh. I think they are one sided razors though like a microtome razor (used to cut sections of skin for analysis) so only for right handed use. Wouldn't mind trying one sometime myself. There are also Kamisori western style straight razors as well.
  7. I've got some freshly roasted JBM from a friend and it's not blown me away. It's nice, but nothing special (to me anyway, YMMV). Probably better off latching onto the LSOL guest threads if you're after something light roast and special.
  8. Rhys

    Wet Shaving

    My other half won't go near my straights (cut-throats) I offered to let her use one of my Thiers Issard round point ones for her legs but she refused.. I use mainly square point ones. She did try one of my Rolls though as she felt a bit safer since it resembled a normal razor and had a little guard across the edge of the blade. She just sticks to her disposables though.
  9. Bit of a long shot, can anyone give me the dimensions of the portafilter holder assembly from a Mythos One? I've ordered a Daniel Wong doserless kit for my Mazzer Major and had the idea of making a portafilter holder for it. I was going to just make the hook bit for it but after chatting with Daniel he said the holder he makes sits too low and using a tumbler is easier. The Mythos one looks quite simple in design, but to buy one would be about £200!!!!! Not a *****ing chance.. (***** = chuff btw) Daniel is sending me a spare backplate to chop up to make one (smashing bloke
  10. Rhys

    Wet Shaving

    Did something I felt ashamed off yesterday.. Was having a shower after giving my beard a trim (after my other half let loose with some hair clippers on me.. She said I looked like a tramp!) reached for the shower gel, and grabbed her multi-blade thing.. 30 seconds later I had the smoothest shave in a long time. Albeit on my neck (have beard remember). I had my Filarmonica #14 in my bag as well She saw me and said 'Kochania, that's my razor.. but you can use it as I haven't used it in a while' I responded.. 'I can see, your moustache needs a trim..' Bit of advice.. Don't upset a
  11. I've been using my other beans lately so will go back to these now. 96 deg? Will try that and a lower input? See what I can squeeze out in the morning.
  12. Just clicked new posts and a lost came up, so try it now.
  13. Well, it's ordered.. I'm used to coffee mess everywhere tbh. At the moment the doser spills it all over the place when trying to fill my basket.
  14. Thanks for the offer, but I'm wanting to keep it as compact as possible. I did notice you're selling them on fleabay (saw them last night).
  15. Looking at the vids of the Daniel Wong kit and leaning more towards getting one. As for changing the colour of the Mazzer, it would probably be easier to spray it with a rattle can I think. Hammerite do differnt colours and I need some for a cast iron fireplace mantelpiece anyway. Either that or it will be a trip to Halfords for a few tins (primer and top coat). Getting zero retention out of the Mazzer by blowing into the exit hole with a Rocket Blower. Only thing that's annoying (I've reinstated the innards of the doser so coffee doesn't fall out when I grind) is when I'm thwacking, it's hit
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