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  2. Thank-you to @MinesAbeer for your very generous donation. It's a pleasure to add the badge to your profile on top of your badge.
  3. Welcome to the forum Gordon. Visiting places like BB can be fatal to your wallet as you've just found out... What grinder are you using and have you a flavour preference with your beans?
  4. Liking the current version, but could you do it in a different colour? There's always one that has to be different
  5. Thank you to @Kman10 for becoming a your support is gratefully appreciated.
  6. Another generous donation from @paul whu means not only a badge, but a badge as well. Thank you for your continuing support.
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  11. OK, we're back up and running! First up.. Our very own @MildredM. Many thanks for your generous donation on top of already being a and . It's very much appreciated
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