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  1. Mine arrived ok. Ground a few beans through my M3 just to purge anything out, and decided to chuck the grounds in a cup and pour some hot water on. Had a slurp from a spoon after a few minutes. Probably me but I got a hint of cigar.. Going to have to wait a week now as I tried some as espresso, and although it was nice, it needs dialing in properly so will finish my last LSOL of first (and the #SSSSS as well as the Pineapple Candy from BCC)
  2. Ordered some and some decaf.Look forward to trying them
  3. I'm about 5 to 6 bar inlet pressure. I live near enough opposite the pumping station lol. Had to get a pressure reducer when I had the Speedster to set line pressure to 2 1/2 bar, maybe 3 for line pre-infusion. Yeah, the Slayer likes it between 3 and 5 bar so I've now got water set to 4 bar. Slayer pump is running at 22%. I could push it up a bit more to reduce the pump on the machine but it's fine. I live right opposite a Yorkshire Water place, so I'm guessing that may contribute a bit lol
  4. I did a side by side comparison of a Niche, an EK43 and a Versalab M3. All have different burrs and i got nice coffee from all of them, which was my objective.
  5. Rhys

    Fun Competition

    Napalm Death: A very heavy roast which is famous for a an intense, short lived stimulus overload. leaves a confused aftertaste of 'WTF did I just listen to'
  6. Rhys

    Fun Competition

    Cliff Richard: A light roast, washed Single Origin strongly associated with Finca de Jesus. Goes well on a Summer Holiday with tasting notes of Mistletoe and Wine.
  7. Rhys

    Freedom of Speech

    Your Political Compass Economic Left/Right: -2.88 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.54
  8. @Buster Put a funnel on your portafilter, hold it under the chute and grind directly into it. You can also get portafilter rests made up. As mentioned, pre-fill some tubes/pots and just tip one into the grinder when you want a coffee.. Stick with it for a while longer and you'll soon get used to it. I wouldn't be surprised i the Eureka didn't give as good results, after all the Niche uses burrs from a Mazzer Kony. Also if you fancy a pour over, it's really easy to swap and change from one method to another. Forget that with an on demand grinder.
  9. Rhys

    Fun Competition

    I'm on the Crossroads with that one..
  10. Nowt wrong with Majors. Used one for years and still got mine.
  11. Welcome Plenty to read up on before you make any decisions. It sort of goes downhill from there, but the coffee gets better
  12. Rhys

    Fun Competition

    Slade: Christmas Blend. Not very popular during the year but comes into its own about mid December. Although by January you are fed up with it as it starts to leave an annoying aftertaste.
  13. Might want to mention if the RR45 is an 80 step or 40 step. I had one many moons ago (funnily enough paired with a Classic.)
  14. Rhys

    Fun Competition

    Milli Vanilli: Promising notes on the bag, but contents not as advertised. Best thrown in the bin.
  15. Bag of beans from @Black Cat Coffee Just resisting trying them straight away..
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