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  1. Just not my taste anymore and rarely finished the bag each month. Better off giving my slot to someone else to try.
  2. Won't be #SSSSS as that's already taken (and I no longer subscribe)
  3. Rhys


    Years ago I was stung on the back of the neck when chucking some stuff in a skip where I worked. I'd squashed it after it got down my shirt collar, For the rest of the day I was feeling feint and sick. I've hated wasps ever since.
  4. Rhys


    When you open your front door does the light come on 🙄😁
  5. Rhys


    On the farm in Poland, flies are a big nuisance as most are mozzies. On all opening windows they have clip on mesh screens so you can open your window and still have a breeze coming in. Windows are those double action ones btw. Either the top moves in a bit or you can open them inwards fully. There's always those plastic fly swatters everywhere as well so there's always one at hand.
  6. Ironically the Spanish Inquisition used to give a month or so's notice so folks could prepare for their arrival. It was mentioned on Q.I. a while ago. I don't think they used the comfy cushion though.. As for the buttons disappearing, I believe there was just a 'like' button before (could be wrong. Being the internet the best way to get a right answer is to post a wrong one and wait for replies.)
  7. I bought the same ones and actually used them on my Mazzer when it lived under a cupboard. Also it stops the black rubber marks from the feet marking the worktop, so they do help if the feet start to vulcanise over time 👍
  8. Moved to sold, and looks like it's going to help create some new memories.
  9. As in 18g into 30g or less? More of a ristretto? I've still got quite a bit left as I guess they needed more time to develop. Will give them another shot (or three) in the morning.
  10. Aye, I checked it out on their website. At least its something other than the the fixed time they used to have. Can Aldo program it to come on and off. Saves using a WiFi plug.
  11. Actually looks legit, and the box has Espresso Solutions Ltd on it so can be contacted for authenticity I guess. What surprises me is you can control pre-infusion now? before it was flick the fancy paddle looking switch and you were stuck with a set pre-infusion. if that's the case it should be a great machine. Even to controlling everything with an app.. They're £3690 new.
  12. Spent a good 5 minutes just sniffing mine. They actually look light roasted as well. Just made a sort of filter brew using a courser grind on the Major sandwiched between 2 aeropress filters and ran abut 400g of water through 20g coffee on pre-brew. It's 94.5 deg C and runs at 50g/30 seconds at the moment. Took approx 200 seconds on the timer. Nice filter type brew without the faff of having to warm my pouring kettle up etc. Bit of tweaking and I think I'll actually enjoy this one.
  13. I've met James and his lad, and they are nice folks. Customer service like this goes a very long way in building a solid reputation. I've not taken mine apart but as far as I know there are spare bits inside. You don't get that with many things nowadays.
  14. It does look like a sweet jar Not bad little machines these, I remember when @fatboyslimhad one. I think they're worth around £350 ish at a guess, but as as is I'm not sure.
  15. I wouldn't worry about the burrs. They'll probably last longer than you. They're meant to grind several kilos a day not grams. 😁 Yeah, the only annoying thing is retention in the chute but that's not a biggy.
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