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  1. Cheers for that. I've just ordered a pack of Polsilver Super Iridium off fleabay for £3, see how they fair. Might look for a DE as well as mine are ancient.
  2. When I was with my ex, she couldn't drink dairy or soy due to having Hashimotos Hyperthyroidism. After trying all we could get hold of (except the Alpro ones as they are soya) we found the Oatly Barista/Foamable ones very good, and also the Almond one with the mild taste (there are two versions). Anything else wasn't very nice, especially the Hemp milk which was disgusting.
  3. I think the cheapest they have been sold for was when they were on kickstarter/indegogo (whichever one it was..) but as always on those sites it's a gamble. Those that backed saved a few quid., but at the same time could've lost it as well.. For the price nothing comes close and it has a decent set of Mazzer Kony burrs in it as well. Majors are OK (I still have mine with Ti burrs) but it's an ugly lump of metal compared to the Niche IMHO and a lot bigger. Plus single dosing is a pain and can be messy.
  4. Yeah, I know what you mean. If I make two flat whites on the La Pav I usually have one that looks ok'ish, while the other looks like a big white dollop..
  5. Yeah.. Not too hard. You have to keep it turned on until the steam is coming out, flick it off then put your jug under and turn it on so it doesn't die off. takes a while to steam milk I find, but far better than a Gaggia Classic. Plenty of vids on youtube showing what angle to hold the jug and how to get good results. When I sold mine I did a demo on steaming milk with it and managed a bit of latte art without too much fuss. That's after not using it for months.
  6. No, they're too squat. I only buy them when they are on special offer (I buy yoghurts based on whether they are on promotion as my gf would say.. Nice though.
  7. @coffeebean might be able to give you some pointers.
  8. is there a site that shows the properties of different blades? ie sharp, smooth etc.
  9. Now you're asking.. I've had it ages. It's an opaque plastic one (not white) and fits my 51mm basket perfectly while still leaving about 2" above so when I sit my pf on the round wooden bit on the Niche, the chute is just inside the top of the pot. I'll take a pic when I'm next at the gf's.
  10. Funnily enough I just watched a youtube vid where someone bought a knock off (not the Qshave) and said the blade was 1mm out on both side (slanted upwards) and had to push down on one end to make it look even. Another vid showed a Qshave against a genuine Futur and the difference in quality was evident but you still got a decent shave off the aliexpress one but not as good as the Merkur. I was thinking of getting a DE for my other half as she shaves her legs three different ways.. Cream, an epilator and a razor.. She suffers from ingrown hairs (that;s multi blade shite for you) and did say a straight would be nice but she shivered and said no chance! Even though I can get a buttery smooth shave with my straight when honed on my Coticule. So I thought an adjustable DE would be nice so she can dial in to suit her skin/hair.
  11. I might do that, cheers. I've heard good things from Feather and a few other blades. Is it that bad? I did think about getting a proper Futur, but watching youtube vids and the knock offs were pretty much identical. I use Trumpers Limes and had it a few years now. In fact the shop I bought if from closed down after being open donkeys years..
  12. I use a yoghurt pot with the bottom cut off for my La Pavoni pf. All I have to do is hold the pf under the chute of the Niche then. Stir with a '3 paperclips jammed into a cork' tool and tamp. Simples..
  13. In musical terms, bass, middle and treble. Niche was muted and more body, M3 had clarity and body, EK was thinner, sweeter with clarity and less body. Ekspresso is always going to be different though. I'm sure with a darker roast the Niche will be better. This was with an LSOL (can't remember which one). It was also unfair to compare them all as the price difference in grinders is quite large.
  14. I get supermarket blades and the holder they come in comes with a built in balde safe you slot them into.. My razor isn't fancy though (it's an old brass gillette that'll rip your face apart). I don't often use the DE as I usually use a straight to shave my neck. I also sometimes use a Rolls but they feel a bit numb. Thinking about buying a Merkur futur rip off as they are near identical. Just wondering about blades...
  15. Any outcome? I did a comparison between my EK43, Versalab M3 and Niche. It wouldn't be fair for a number of reasons, main one is the EK and M3 are in a different league. Not saying the Niche is bad, it's actually very good. Also I used a light roast, which the EK and M3 shine with and aren't particularly suited to conicals. the M3 is a hybrid though but the conical burrs are more a pre-breaker to feed the flats. My Niche is paired with a la Pav at my partners house and she prefers medium to dark espresso roasts. This suits it very well and we make some lovely flat whites.
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