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  1. Rhys

    Alex Duetto 2

    Moved to sold...
  2. Moved to the lever forum Looking good!!
  3. Thank-you to @catpuccino already a and now a
  4. Might be an idea to take an AeroPress, a hand-grinder (one that fits inside the AP) and some nice beans.. At least you'll have good coffee then.
  5. Why, what did they filter it through, a pair tramps socks?
  6. Think I'll have to get some fudge blend to try..
  7. Rhys


    So I'm guessing it now works like a Sowden except the coffee goes outside the filter rather then inside it? How about fitting the filter, putting the coffee inside it and then adding water? When brewed, remove the filter and wash out?
  8. ..just been told we've got a wedding to go to a week after we come back in September... In Gdańsk!! Looks like a long weekend away..
  9. Sorted.. Just ordered some reading glasses for the 'light roast' theme...
  10. Might want to have a look at this.. https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~jbigham/pubs/pdfs/2017/colors.pdf Looks like blue/grey is the ideal colour to put text on. Maybe with a grey border. I can't use the light roast theme as it gives me a headache. It's more like 'Latté' with no coffee....
  11. True.. Whizair from Robin Hood to Krakow, about £15! Coming back from Warsaw is less than £30.. Got 2 holidays booked now
  12. Rhys

    York emporium 20% off

    Good roasters, visited them several times when in York for beans.
  13. ..probably about right 😂
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