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  1. Look for a good, used Classic with the mods already done to it (i.e. 9 bar mod and Silvia steam wand. maybe even a PID) and you'll have a lot more left over for a grinder. When I bought my first Gaggia Classic, I paired it with a Mazzer Major. You could at a push pick both up for half your budget but then spend another £100 on a doserless mod for the Major. There's also a Mazzer Super Jolly that'd suit the Classic as well. if you've any inkling of upgrading in the future then buying used is the way to go, then at least when you sell them you won't lose an awful lot compared to buying new.
  2. ..and a few more. Not bad for a 1950's camera
  3. Some pics taken on my Leica iiig and Elmar lenses (9cm f4 & 5cm f2.8) Shot on Kodak 400TX (Tri-X)
  4. Don't ask me how deep the rabbit hole is.. I can't see anymore as it's gone too dark.. White Niche and a Sage knockbox.. I've got both and really like them. Lovely looking machine as well, a nice compact setup.
  5. I see you didn't put the little white rubber grommet in the hole. Although I got the metal cap as well which also has a hole in it so you can blow down through the burrs. I think the grommet will stop any fines coming out when you do that. Used mine tonight as I have it set up for a dark roast decaf. Although when I use the Niche at my other half's house it pees out of the La Pavoni, but the Major makes a lovely job of it through the Slayer.
  6. I used to use them quite a lot before and have had their #SSSSS for the past 3 years. I've dropped it foe this year as I felt what I was getting wasn't worth it. Might be good quality coffee, but wasn't my taste and for a secret very limited subscription there was nothing to me that very special. It did however make me try different coffees that I maybe wouldn't have ordinarily bought. With the exception of the recent LSOL I now prefer to pick and choose my own.
  7. Just not my taste anymore and rarely finished the bag each month. Better off giving my slot to someone else to try.
  8. Won't be #SSSSS as that's already taken (and I no longer subscribe)
  9. Rhys


    Years ago I was stung on the back of the neck when chucking some stuff in a skip where I worked. I'd squashed it after it got down my shirt collar, For the rest of the day I was feeling feint and sick. I've hated wasps ever since.
  10. Rhys


    When you open your front door does the light come on 🙄😁
  11. Rhys


    On the farm in Poland, flies are a big nuisance as most are mozzies. On all opening windows they have clip on mesh screens so you can open your window and still have a breeze coming in. Windows are those double action ones btw. Either the top moves in a bit or you can open them inwards fully. There's always those plastic fly swatters everywhere as well so there's always one at hand.
  12. Ironically the Spanish Inquisition used to give a month or so's notice so folks could prepare for their arrival. It was mentioned on Q.I. a while ago. I don't think they used the comfy cushion though.. As for the buttons disappearing, I believe there was just a 'like' button before (could be wrong. Being the internet the best way to get a right answer is to post a wrong one and wait for replies.)
  13. I bought the same ones and actually used them on my Mazzer when it lived under a cupboard. Also it stops the black rubber marks from the feet marking the worktop, so they do help if the feet start to vulcanise over time 👍
  14. Moved to sold, and looks like it's going to help create some new memories.
  15. As in 18g into 30g or less? More of a ristretto? I've still got quite a bit left as I guess they needed more time to develop. Will give them another shot (or three) in the morning.
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