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  1. And here's Milly & Minty showing how she does it.....
  2. Hey Milly, do you want to help me sort out my Anglia? By sort I mean you do the work while I make coffee?
  3. I can tell that was cut by a Makita. Got to love the qulaity of those saw..
  4. Nowhere in the advert itself does it mention swap. The forum section is swap/sale to accommodate all selling options. The Daniel Wong doserless mod and cap is $110 + shipping and import tax. The price is fair in my humble opinion.
  5. DavecUK has been temporarily suspended for a week not only for posting political material, but for comments directed to, and the way he has acted towards other forum members. This decision was taken jointly by the forum moderators after a lengthy discussion. It will not be discusses, nor debated on.
  6. I'm looking at that and thinking it'd make lovely air-fried chips..
  7. Thread tidied to remove Sage references.. I'm sure there are pages and pages of info/discussions on Sage/Breville products..
  8. Dunno... I'll have to take a video.. Though my machine is already warmed up when I get up, and I usually weigh a few shots out the night before. So my routine is.. Grind a shot on the Niche, and fill milk jug whilst that's working. Tip coffee into portafilter. Distribute, flatten and tamp. Put to machine and put paddle all the way across * Cup under (sometimes with scales **) Whilst that's working I'll stream my milk. Knock off coffee, and turn off steam. Wipe wand/purge. Pour milk into coffee.. Job done. * I've preset my machine to do a 30 s
  9. Has a separate rangefinder and a viewfinder that just basically shows you what 50mm looks like. The bit you look through is a 6mm circle, so a bit squinty. If you want to put another lens on I'd need an accessory viewfinder for it.. But mechanically, its so precise that even Frank would be impressed. Feels brand new, but is pushing 70 years old! 😎
  10. A Mildred special for the Slayer A nifty yellow camera filter for a fiver (usually cost an arm and a leg as its 36.5mm tapered thread..) And.... an absolutely gorgeous 1952 Leica iiif 'Red Dial' with a 1949 5cm f2 Summitar lens in stunning condition. I've lusted after a Leica for years, and although it's not one of the "expensive" ones and is very basic, it's mine 😊 Took it out with me to work so afterwards I could have a walk round the village I used to live in. There's a lovely nature area there and I was itching to put a roll of film through it. Dug my old Weston
  11. Few years ago everyone would be saying.. 'Get a Super Jolly and mod it..' There are kits to put a chute on the front, so I think they are still relevant. At this proce-point so would be the Major, and Royal I think (but the Royal is a bit big...)
  12. I use one alongside my Versalab. It does what it does with minimal fuss and as I single dose it suits my lifestyle. The design isn't to everyone's taste, but it's supposed to be kitchen friendly and blend in rather that stick out which it does quite well. I'm guessing a conical doesn't need a huge motor, as gearing down to a slower speed that conicals use produces enough torque to turn the burs. Flats need more speed hence a larger motor. For the same price you might be able to find a used Santos 01 (mini EK), but IIRC it may need different burrs and a stepless mod? If anyone kn
  13. Cześć i witam na forum. We have several members on here from Poland. Where abouts are you?
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