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  1. Any interest? Might chuck it on fleabay at the weekend. This is the better one of the two I bought.
  2. 1st bag finished... Onto 2nd bag. This has got shed-loads of flavour and I'm guzzling it as flat whites. Not really tried it as an espresso yet as it's lovely in milk. Been chewing through most of my first bag using the Versalab and only used the EK a few times as I'm liking the big body experience. I'm pretty sure I know what it is but I may have been told so don't want to spoil it. Was going to chuck some through the Chemex earlier today but need my sleep. Might do one tomorrow or a V60 (and grind on the M3 for a laugh instead of the EK)
  3. Ah right, so it will be running at full power then. Just tried plugging it into the Meross and switching it on. A couple of seconds later it tripped off. Back to the timer plug. Will look into the TP-Link stuff, but also looking into the Light-wave system where you replace the socket itself with a smart socket (as well as light switches)
  4. Rhys


    Other half will probably like this as she makes coffee by putting a spoonful of ground coffee in a cup and adding hot water.. Strange lass
  5. I'm not sure how it's been set up now tbh as it appears you can have all the elements on at once, or muck about inside it to switch them @EricC will know better I expect.
  6. Nope, it heats both up but not at the same time. 3 x 900 watt heating elements, 2 in the steam and one in the brew boiler plus a heat exchanger to heat the water going to the brew boiler through the steam boiler (as well as a cold bypass to bring it down to brew temp as the steam boiler is 135 degrees). All the elements don't come on at once though to keep power consumption lower. IIRC two come on so it's 1800 watts and it alternates between switching one off in the steam boiler when the brew one comes on. Eco mode cuts the temp in half to conserve energy and enables quick heat up time when switched back onto full power, but that's manually switching after it's turned on. Pretty complicated to explain, but it's a quickish start up, and I use the steam boiler (which is up to temp pretty quick, while the brew boiler takes a while longer.. )
  7. I've just plugged my Speedster back in through the Meross, and so far it's stayed on. I'm guessing when it switches on from cold it'll probably trip as the heating elements didn't need to kick in. I'll see how it is in the morning.
  8. Nope, appears to be the same one. Have you updated yours recently? Maybe they’ve sent out another update, I’ll try it again..
  9. That's something that is a must as well. I can remote switch on the Meross from the app on my phone and it shows when it's on, I sat in my van just before setting off from a job and tried switching my machine on (can't be arsed waiting when I get home) and it used to work great, then after an update it would immediately switch back off.. I'm back to using my timer plug so I can at least wake up to a ready machine when half asleep at silly o'clock in the morning.
  10. Yes. I have it linked to my Alexa and via the Meross app on the phone. As soon as I switched it on the plug would click and the Speedster would go off again. I've seen all sorts of different ones on fleabay but can't make head'nor'tale about them if they would cope with the current drop. I have a similar experience with 110 Volt transformers when on jobs, Soon as I plug one in and switch it on it trips the customer's RCD panel. I'm guessing the same thing is happening due to the heating elements kicking in and the sudden power drop. Probably thinking something's gone wrong and cutting it out for safety. I've only got the one Meross plug so far, but if I get something different I'll give it away as I don't want loads of apps on my phone. I've got enough as it is I bought the Meross one as it's quite compact. It's this one...
  11. I bought a Merros wifi plug thing for my Speedster. All worked great until it did one if its updates and now it just trips itself when I switch it on so it's now relegated to turning a bedroom side lamp on via my Alexa dot (so I don't have to hunt for the switch) Lazy eh? That's technology for you.. Anyway, now looking for a replacement that can cope with the draw from my machine.. I've noted Merros make a bigger amperage one though can't find one on fleabay. What else is out there that folks can recommend? I bought the Merros due to @DavecUK recommending them. Cheers folks
  12. You can get milk frothers. My mate and his wife bought me one that heats up the milk and froths it for my last birthday. I've never used it tbh but keep it in case they call round.. Pair an electric milk frother with a Moka Pot and you're pretty much sorted. Even better, try and find a Mukka Express which makes cappuccino for you The Sages can be a pain in the respect you can't leave them switched on as they have an auto-off after a while. But they do heat up quite quick. The Barista Express is pretty much plug and play once it's set up so
  13. 14g into 200ml is the same ratio as 21g into 300g. Works out at 70g/litre, is this the sweet spot for it?
  14. Hopefully the grinder doesn't put them off Good machine though; shame I couldn't get my old one to work before selling it.
  15. Mazzer Major? Not much bigger than a Super Jolly and well worth the extra size.
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