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  1. Hi Damien. Post up an introduction in the introductions section, build up a few posts and you'll be able to access the sales section. You don't need many posts so it isn't too hard, and the forum members will open up to you more when folks get to know you a little better. Coming on without reading any forum rules and instantly advertising your equipment will get your posts removed. Cheers
  2. Rhys

    The FFFrench

    It's not that that particularly worries me. It's the blase way that some people in the UK think they can do what they want and put other folks lives at risk. Factories making (as in work or lose their jobs) their staff work in close proximities without adequate PPE while the management swan about at home 'doing the right thing.' I personally don't know first hand anyone who's got it, but have spoken to some that have lost relatives through it or family members that have it. I'm self employed in the building trade and am currently sat at home. I have mild breathing problems (shortness of breath) that means I could well end up as a statistic.. I'm maybe looking on the dark side but I know how bad I can get.
  3. Rhys

    The FFFrench

    I've read that in Wuhan the actual deaths aren't been announced but it could be up to 10 times the number that has been published.. People are just told to stay at home and they just cart them away to be incinerated as and when they snuff it. Lets face it, the government over there control the media. Likewise in North Korea. Apparently when the first person was announced to possibly have the virus, they shot him. Also the number of cases over here is probably off the scale. People are just told to stay at home if they think they are showing symptoms. I read about one woman in York who nearly died from severe breathing problems and took several attempt to get paramedics to her. They stabilised her and was told a defibrillator was located in a local shop (I grew up in the area and it's a long walk to the shop). She wasn't tested or admitted to hospital. My partner went to Scunthorpe hospital for a couple of days (for tests relating to a recent surgery) and she said she spoke to a woman wearing a mask who told her she had the virus. There were only 2 reported cases at the time, but if one was walking around talking to other people and touching things... doesn't take much. They shut down visiting altogether a few days later. It really worries me..
  4. Sorted.. Not tried this roaster before so looking forward to seeing what they come up with
  5. Rhys

    Coronavirus humour

    News just in... The first Dyson ventilators have just been put to use with the latest Covid-19 cases. Early reports say they are a success and their patients are picking up nicely.
  6. 1. Dalerst 2. Cooffe 3. Dunk 4. ratty 5. EricC 6. fatboyslim 7.cjonny 8.AmandaH 9. Phil104 10. matted 11. Salty 12. jlarkin 13. jlarkin's bro (hoping it's OK to show some support to the roaster and all with extra orders...)? 14. Rhys
  7. It works if there's no load on the burrs but with a hopper on it won't work. It's just stood in my utility room doing nowt and I thought i might as well put it all back together and have it running with some espresso blend in it.
  8. Old thread followup... Did this work? Keep meaning to sort mine out.
  9. Rhys

    Coronavirus humour

    (Babcia = Polish grandma) 😂
  10. Rhys

    Coronavirus humour

  11. The second thank-you tonight goes to one of our long term members on here. @frustin. We're pleased to give you your badge as well as being a .
  12. A few more thank-yous going out to the lovely folk on here. @Jony now becomes a as well as being a . Thanks Jony, it's very much appreciated.
  13. And the OP hasn't been on the forum since posting the advert it appears.
  14. I don't think you'd go far wrong with a Gaggia Classic. The older ones have a higher wattage and are made in Italy. Then they had a change and were made in Romania (and have smaller valves). You can properly back flush a classic as well. Although the newer ones without the metal pipe going into the drip tray aren't as good. Some might say they are but they are mechanical and don't have a proper over pressure valve. Another option is a La Pavoni. A steeper learning curve but the steam wand is far superior to a Classic, even a modded one. Also when you get it right you might just drop your cup in surprise. Easy to descale and look far better than most other machines (as well as being quiet) it would be my choice tbh. As for grinders, once over (nearly) everyone cut their teeth on a Mazzer Super Jolly. These can be had for just over £100 but are a bit commercial looking for kitchen use. There are Mazzer Minis as well which are a bit smaller. Mazzer Majors are a tad bigger than the SJ's but have bigger burrs and are great grinders if you can find one. Easily modded for single dosing, I paired my Classic and then my La Pavoni with one for a long time. Then when budget allows, flog the Mazzer and buy a Niche. It goes perfectly with the La Pavoni or Classic. Here's mine. I've had the La Pav for years and would never get rid of it.
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