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  1. Soooooo... Who's re-subscribed? Price has gone up again! But there's the discount code so it's a tenner more than last year.. Bit of a pain that it's all paid for in advance but there you go.. Not supposed to be on the website yet, but it's there (I found it, but not telling.. you'll have to look )
  2. Rhys

    Christmas blends

    I've just ordered a few bags of Hasbean xmas blend. Sounds nice. One's a pressie for the other half's folks
  3. I'm glad I already have an EK otherwise I'd be getting very twitchy.. The EK43S is a lot more kitchen friendly as well compared to the tower cranes that are their bigger brothers..
  4. I use a Niche with my La Pavoni with no problem. For single dosing grinders though, the Versalab is pretty good (and the other one that has recently been shown somewhere on here that looks like one). I took mine to the last Rave lever day and it got some good use down there amongst the La Pavs (although the La Pav portafilter is a bit small for it and had to be dosed into a cup). Oh, it's both conical and flat.. Just to throw a spanner in the works (RAVE Lever day 2019)
  5. Left myself an idiot note..
  6. At least mine's a nice, symmetrical mess (the grinder was still spinning when I took the pic. As soon as I stopped it, it dumped what was still inside it all over..)
  7. Oh FFS!!!!! Not again!!! You just can’t make it up 😫
  8. EK43 , Mazzer Major, Niche... Yeah, got a Hario Skerton as well Be stuffed if I’m using it for espresso though
  9. ..where you just want to say bollox and go back to bed.. Making coffee for my other half.. Weighed out some beans, turned on the Versalab and poured them in.. A few seconds in and the grinder seizes up, back cog spinning bits off the belt.. Argh!!! Opens it up and finds a small piece of wood!!! WOOD!! At least the belt slip thing has done its job and nothing was damaged. Half hour later after cleaning up beans I’d thrown on the worktop in panic, and hoovered up the mess from inside the grinder, I then put it all back together. Pushed herself’s coffee aside and proceeded to measure out 17.5g of LSOL. Wound the M3 to my desired setting, turned on and tipped the beans in... BOLLOX!!! Hoovered up the mess again and put the portafilter into the grinder.. Looking all around me now expecting the third thing to go wrong.... Hope everyone is having a better Sunday than me.. If anyone needs me I’ll be falling off a shed roof this afternoon..
  10. Have you not got a black one you are wanting to spray white?
  11. Rhys

    G'Day G'Day

    Welcome. Sounds like you've got to a good start. Was using a BE and a Niche for a while some months ago at the other half's. use a Moka Pot as well and a LaVazza milk heater/frother I was bought last year when I can't be bothered to wait for my machine to warm up.
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