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  1. Oh well.. I could've sent you a free one. Only problem is it comes free when you buy the rest of the BE
  2. I don't think I'd worry about your puck not coming out clean. I have to give my Speedster portafilter a wash every-time as I never get a clean knock-out, and I'm fastidious with my prep so I get no channeling or spritzers. Saying that my La Pavoni pucks come out clean every-time as did the Sage BE ones and all I do with them is Tamp. I use a yoghurt pot on my La Pav PF and grind direct into it with my Niche. The Niche cup lives on my EK and I use that with my Kees. I guess it's down to what you prefer and what works for you. You could even try the AeroPress filter method, but it's a bit of a faff tbh.
  3. Here's another, cropped square otherwise straight out of camera.
  4. Took some pics in my local churchyard the other day with my new(ish) camera. using the built in film mode 'Acros+red filter' Fuji X-Pro2 Pic straight from camera and resized in PS CS-2
  5. Just a bit of Anthrax on my Alexas. I've got two 'dots' linked as a stereo pair. When I get fed up of Anthrax I'll stick some Roxette on. Quite digging them at the minute,
  6. Go for it, cos' if you don't I'll be tempted
  7. A huge thank-you to @doolallysquiff for becoming a and a
  8. No Sorry, been years since I went to Cornwall (must go again sometime)
  9. Yes it's still available and no I won't post it.
  10. Well that's a bugger, as I've just driven by Manchester tonight on the way to Chorley and back to pick an ebay purchase.. I'll come down to £220 and could possibly deliver. Snowed under with work at the minute so could possibly do Friday after work, on Saturday morning if I'm not working (although I probably will be) As far as I know there are no leaks or internal problems. Everything works as it should. It's been hardly used while I've had it. If I've got time I'll fire it up on Thursday evening and pull a few shots to give it the once over.
  11. I've got a Mazzer Major knocking about, might give it a go myself.
  12. I’m based near Goole, and also travel to York.
  13. I was actually offered more va pm by someone with no posts (I warned them off btw).. I'm not offended btw, sometimes cheeky offers work, but not this time
  14. 18g VST (dosing 17g) and 22g VST (dosing 21g). The 18g is for my morning flat white, and the 22g is for my work travel mug thing.
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