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  1. I’ve emailed roasters before to ask for recipes (temp, ratio) and usually just get a vague answer back. Not really helpful but if they say ‘that’s what they use’ I’ll use that as a starting point. It’s a pity roasters can’t put info on their beans but I guess that’d be too much work for them and a lot of folks can’t adjust temperature on their machines. It might be an idea to get a few things you know are sour/bitter. Taste them and remember where in your mouth they react. There was a picture somewhere showing what receptors taste which flavours (bitter and sour). I’m the same as others in that I can’t tell what’s sour or bitter, but by heck you know it when you taste a shot that’s way out.
  2. You can do this on a Barista Express as well. I used to do it and worked quite well.
  3. Hmm... The Royal is bloody huge and a bit overkill for home use. Especially if you don't have the counterspace or SWMBO is making suggestive noises that something smaller would be better etc. If you only grind LSOL then a Niche might not be the answer. They much prefer medium to darker roasts being a conical. You lose the flavour definition of a larger flat and tend to muddy the output. Maybe muddy is the wrong word.. Rounded maybe. I put my Niche against the EK and Versalab. Granted it's not a fair comparison so I didn't really post my views. All were used with an LOSL at the time and the Niche produced some nice shots but there wasn't the clarity that a large flat burr grinder would give. The EK gave a thinner, lighter shot, the M3 gave a well balanced shot with good clarity of flavours and the Niche gave a more rounded shot. Could say they were bass, middle and treble (Niche, M3, EK) I wouldn't say the Niche is a downgrade either. it's a great grinder in it's own right and if you hadn't used anything else I think you'd be very happy with one. But coming from a Royal and after reading people's thoughts, I think you'd be looking for faults. As for single dosing with a large Mazzer, I have a Major that I modified and have had no problems single dosing it. It offered very little exchange. Probably the best thing is to ask someone who has used both for their opinions. @coffeechap has had a Royal (maybe still has it I don't know) and may have had/has a Niche. he may even be able to offer an idea for a suitable replacement for the Royal as well.
  4. Maybe @Terranova has something.. You did say 'high end'
  5. It doesn't matter where you live. Countries will always have those people who try to steer everything to suit their own agenda whether it be far right, communist or socialist. Unfortunately people often follow the largest group so they can appear to 'fit in' with society and not be picked out as the enemy of the state.
  6. If both parents are English then you can identify as English, it doesn't matter where you are born, you take the nationality of your parents (right of blood). Though if you were born in Germany and have a German birth certificate then I'd expect you could claim dual nationality when you came of age. I identify as Yorkshire first
  7. I voted leave, I quite freely admit that and I don't regret it. The trouble is the government at the time was full of 'vegan butchers' which Boris got rid of when he formed his cabinet. David Cameron did the right thing in resigning when he lost the referendum, only to be replaced by someone who wanted to be like Thatcher IMHO. Three and a half years later, millions of pounds spent, a forced recession and we are nowhere. The country is now being run by a blithering idiot, but what was the other options? People say Corbyn was hand in hand with terrorists, but fail to see that the Conservatives have been for the past government with the DUP who are backed by the UDA. The liberals main agenda was to scrap article 50 and bring us back into the grasps of the EU (who would then put us in the naughty corner so we didn't do it again and to be an example to those who may think about leaving). The green party want us all riding bicycles and hugging trees. I can't see the problem with leaving. We get our fishing waters back (which France doesn't like) so we can negotiate quotas on our own terms, as well as other industries like farming etc. I can't see the problem with free trade agreements either. The EU wants our stuff, we want theirs so what's the problem? To me it appears that once we leave and the EU isn't getting our money, then other members have to make up for it which is probably what they're so aggrieved about. We're so integrated in the EU though when most of our industries were sold off to European companies (and paid for by EU grants to those companies). It's just sad that most of our industries have been destroyed and wiped off the map so they can't be rebuilt. The steel industry for example. Sheffield steel was one of the finest steels in the world alongside German Solingan and Swedish Eskilstuna. I'm sure in modern times no one will miss the coal mines, but was once a great industry. The shipyards have mostly, if not all gone.. Railways.. the list goes on. Anyway, I'm sure there are those who disagree with some if not all of what I've said as these are my opinions. I just hope that Boris can make good since the majority have voted him in (not me, I didn't vote for him).
  8. Also becoming a is @squiggs1982 as well as continuing to be a . Thanks guys, it's very much appreciated
  9. Many thanks to @Phil104 for swapping out his badge to and for being a continued
  10. Poland doesn't have the Euro as its currency and neither does Hungary. There was a recent news story that said Poland may have to leave the EU as it will break EU laws over its judicial reform proposals.
  11. So, it doesn't really have a hopper and is for single dosing? Or is it going to have something like a borosilicate tube as a hopper?
  12. At an educated guess, around to three days before you got them, probably posted not long after roasted.
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