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  1. For sale is my Baratza Preciso. Bought from Hasbean in December 2014, developed a slight grinding fault in June 2015 and was repaired by James at coffee hit and hasn't missed a trick since. I sold my Silvia just before Christmas as a new job role meant time to play on it was limited and I couldn't give her the time she deserved. I held onto the Preciso for a while as she has been used for my clever Brewer but she's a bit overkill for that. I also have a wedding coming up and the funds will be going to that otherwise I'll have to start selling my body to pay for it. Has a few scratches where a screwdriver was dug in to pop the case off this is shown in the pics, also the grinds bin is missing so only the portafilter holder is included. Looking for £180 ONO for collection from Porthcawl South Wales. I also work just off J34 M4 so collection could be made there if it's easier. Thanks for looking. NOW SOLD TO MY BROTHER SORRY PEEPS
  2. Hi All, My Silvia has been sat idle for about a month whilst my grinder has been out of action. I tried to run some water through it yesterday, just in preparation for my grinder coming back and there's no water coming from the grouphead. I read the post here http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?22972-Rancilio-Silvia-No-water-through-the-brewhead and my only difference is that I can water out from the wand (as well as steam), so I'm assuming the pump is working as teh water would need the pump to be pumping??? So can I also assume this is most likely a scale problem? Cheers HLA91
  3. Whats the retention like on the grinder with those mods? I may be in the market for a new grinder as my Preciso is starting to get on my nerves with its reliability.
  4. It's not stocked round these parts so I haven't had chance to get a glimpse.
  5. Hi All, If anyone here reads Tatler, then rave have a 10% discount code inside. HLA91
  6. Lucky bugger, do you think much of the timing mechanism on it? I read somewhere that its quite accurate for dosing the same amount within 0.7g i think it was.
  7. Ahh right with VAT its £350. I think customs and VAT will increase total price to £183 (20% VAT + 2.5% Duty). What on earth was I thinking, I should have just saved £50.
  8. £290, where have you seen that??? Cheapest I found was £350. SWMBO has already warned me not to get any ideas about changing grinder unless I can prove that its broken or doesnt do the job, which I can't so I'm sadly stuffed. I do wish now though I had saved an extra £50 and got a Vario the preciso cost me £300. Postage with ChrisCoffee brings it to £150 which is good, any idea what the import tax is I can't understand what category it comes under, parts maybe??
  9. Shipping & Customs is my concern. Just tried a few US coffee sites and cant find any that do UK shipping off the bat probably only special request. Bloody kicking myself. The other idea of buying it was I could easily switch between pourover and espresso but I found my old Hario slim which I could have used for pourover, I only have them every blue moon so I could have gone for a purely espresso step less grinder instead. Ahh well it happens.
  10. I'm well peeved off at that. I only bought my preciso for the Esatto attachment, I could have got a nice step less grinder for the £300 it cost me. Grrr stuck with it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Any update on the Esatto attachment? Baratza now say they are no longer available outside of the USA, don't know if you've managed to grab a couple?
  12. Hi All, This morning whilst pulling a shot I noticed water running from the group head, down the portafilter handle and right into my shot . The portafilter was locked in tight with 16g, so I'm guessing a new gasket is required. After looking on coffee-hit I thought I was sorted but their size is 72mm x 54mm x 8mm and the ones on eBay are 57mm x 74mm x 8mm. So there is a difference of 2mm & 3mm , and one user here http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?17575-Rancilio-Silvia-V3-Group-Head-Gasket says that the coffee-hit gasket leak. Should I go for the larger ones on eBay to play is safe, I'm only asking as the ones on coffee-hit are cheap as chips but eBay are a tad more expensive as they come in a pack of 5? Cheers HLA91
  13. Just got 350g delivered from Rave so cant get the 1kg your offering SWMBO will murder me slowly & painfully. Maybe next week with your next batch.
  14. Anyone know which home trainer covers the South Wales area?
  15. Sumatra Jagong Village 350g from Rave
  16. You can also use the code when purchasing their special offers.
  17. What cup is that I like them. Nice art as well.
  18. I'm trying to talk her into letting me have a training session next so I can use my kit properly and get some good results.
  19. Sorry I couldn't justify leaping from a Classic to a £650 machine, so I went for a Silvia being sold by Lazarus (member) and SWMBO has said that come birthday time (March) once I have the hang of it, should I wish to upgrade she will not stop me.
  20. Christ you really do have the bug, welcome.
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