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  1. Sorry now sold, Andy came to pick up on Saturday.
  2. Hi, happy to accept and move to PM to arrange details.
  3. Hi, not sold, still sat on my breakfast bar. Been meaning to put it on gumtree/Facebook/eBay but it's a bit of faff and I'd rather it goes to someone who knows how to use it.
  4. If we can agree something to cover time and fuel then I should be able to drop it off. Just to be clear, are you offering £1k + something towards delivery? If so we can mark it as sold and get on to arranging the details.
  5. Hi Obidi, I could courier but it would be really expensive and a bit of a risk. Given you aren't a million miles from me I'd rather we try and arrange to meet somewhere. Do you have a car?
  6. Hi Izzimg. Totally understand if you don't want to follow through with this. If your location listed on your profile is right and you're in Hackney, I'm planning to drive to London in the next few weeks on a weekend and would be able to meet you somewhere if that makes a difference. I can't say I know a huge amount about the Expobar, but I will say it has been nice having a rotary pump vs the vibratory pump on the Expobar and obviously I have quite a few extras vs what you would get if you just bought the new machine. Let me know if you have a change of heart.
  7. Thanks both for your interest. I'm hesitant to go under £1k for this, which is quite a bit under what I was initially hoping for. I will therefore reduce the asking price to £1,000 for the machine + extras (but not the grinder), so the first person to respond on this thread accepting that offer will take it. I hope this doesn't break any forum rules and I'm sure if it does someone will let me know!
  8. Similarly I'm happy to entertain a sensible offer. I'm not sure whether your pm or izzimg's response on here came first.
  9. Happy to include all the extras with a sale of just the machine, think a grinder makes sense on its own. So I'd include: Two portafilters, one with double spout and one bottomless. Bottomless one with custom American black walnut handle Two double baskets and a blank backflush basket Several cups and glasses for espresso and for cappuccino, most with saucers Pallo group cleaning brush Grindenstein knockbox Drain kit Two tampers (both from knock) Two hole original steam tip (I replaced it with a four hole which I prefer) Molykote 111 silicone lube for steam/hot water arms
  10. Giving this a quick bump before I put it on eBay/gumtree/Facebook marketplace
  11. I've only ever single dosed with it and have found it really easy. I'll can try and do a quick video to show the process if that helps? Pretty sure you can buy a funnel from Mazzer or as a spare but they're pretty pricey! What I do is: - Weigh out 18g and put them in the throat of the grinder with the camera hood on top - Switch on the grinder and thwack the doser (this creates a fluffy mound of grinds in the basket) - When it has finished, pop the lens hood down and turn the grinder off. The air from the lens hood pushes most of the grounds out of the chute. - Do a quick sweep of
  12. Thanks for letting me know. I may end up putting these on eBay but will probably hold off for a week or two.
  13. Just to check, are you interested in buying or offering to collect for someone else?
  14. I may be around early on the Saturday but heading to London until Sunday afternoon/evening. Where are you normally based?
  15. Not something I'd heard of! Also thought worth mentioning I've got three milk jugs which are included, a large and medium Motta and a smaller one which I think was a coffeehit or similar (it's the most basic but the one I use all the time as I don't tend to make big milk drinks). Got a faithful grindenstein knockbox which is included too.
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