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  1. just come across this: https://www.espro.com/catalog/french-press/coffee-p7 Looks interesting double filter which gurantees no grit and a isolated chamber to prevent over-extraction £110 for a french press though!
  2. What’s all of the gaggia users consensus on dose size with a standard double basket 16 or 17g? Just got a kilo abs am trying to dial in 5 days post roast
  3. I tried this over the weekend and also had great results with a coarse grind on the feld2 there were still a few fines at the bottom but I guess that's unavoidable with a French press unless you can pour it through some kind of filter
  4. Slightly coarser grind which is also what seems to work better for multiple / pulse pours. the feld2 is in another league in comparison to the rhino hand grinder which I was using before!
  5. whilst on the French press subject what's everyones go to recipes! I recently tried the James Hoffman method and had good results
  6. I too have found that recently the most consistent brews I've had have been with the 4:6 method and I'm sure the recent addition of the feld2 has helped with being able to ensure grind consistency and make easy adjustments so what's been working for me is the following using a 16:1 ratio 225g / 13.5g 0:00 36g 0:45 90g 1:30 135g 2:15 180g 3:00 225g around 2-10/11 on the feld2 and total brew time at around 4 mins although this morning I had a Bolivian bean which finished at just under 5 minutes and still tasted great water temp around 94oC
  7. I usually brew 225 for just one cup so 14g and 450ml for 2 cups
  8. managed to edit the spreadsheet to allow additional ratios to be selected: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wh-Wc9PhPvCzzZg4FzuOjhfvWwsIQcDGXHBrBalusN0/edit?usp=sharing
  9. yep I usually use 16:1 I wonder if I can adjust the spreadsheet formula somehow!
  10. also tried this method and it really brings out the fruity and sweet notes whilst minimising acidity too I've found this great calculator too! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1K9EMN-2PVELXMsLz6G2JX_B9eqTdYBT0FsYSLpixpF0/edit?usp=sharing what grind setting are people using on the feld2 I'm currently at about 2-10
  11. It was a difficult bean to get dialled in with my Mignon & Gaggia but am also tempted to order it again and see how others got on. Did anyone managed to get some nice brews via the V60 or French press with it?
  12. Interesting although I’m currently using your method for light roasted beans with a medium / coarse grind and 6 pulse pours but I guess like you say the time is just a ballpark and I guess for certain beans the grind needs adjustment but it would be easier to just not have to mess around with the grind settings too much I’m currently due to upgrade my hand grinder to a field so long that will give some better reference for grind settings too
  13. Ok makes sense so reducing the number of pours will increase the volume and extraction rate which should give me a quicker extraction, seems 5 to 6 pours is seems normal for around 3:20 extraction?
  14. So using the pulse pour method I would need fewer pours to reduce extraction time?
  15. What are people’s thoughts on the Scott Rao method basically 3 x dose volume for the bloom then wait 45 seconds and pour the rest fairly quickly. tried the usual pulse pour method of around 6 pours with a Guatemalan bean I had which I couldn’t get the flavours to come out from but with the rao method in about 2 min 10 seconds I got a fairly decent cup
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