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  1. ok looks like the first thing that was an issue was the power light was flickering so an adjustment of the cable started it again, it was still jamming up after a a few grams of beans through the hopper so I removed the lower burr and there was quite a bit of grounds underneath and what looked like a lot of grounds blocking the chute so all cleaned out and backtogether and working again ?
  2. So my mignon recently stopped grinding so I removed the top cover and removed the excess grounds from the burrs and chute but now the lower burr does move freely when I move it with my hand but when I press the grind button all that’s happening is I’m getting a clicking noise with no movement If the burrs? ant y suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks
  3. Interesting what brew method are you using now?
  4. Using the 4:6 method should you be aiming for a final drawdown at 3:30? and if the bed is dry before the 45 second interval start the next pour earlier?
  5. Think I having a similar issue I have been using the feld2 at around 2 + 2-11 with the 4:6 method but getting long extracting brews at around 4:30-5mins will try this new method you have mentioned
  6. Ok just tried this method without changing the grind settings and the drawdown was actually at 2:20! Resulted in a slightly better cup than the 4:6 but still not much sweetness coming through I think it must just be these beans as previously using the same 4:6 method with a couple of selections from Horsham I was getting pretty decent and consistent results has anyone else used the 4:6 with the rocko mountain?
  7. The bed isn’t try between the 45 seconds so when I pour there is still water in the bed I’m guessing it should pretty much be gone by the time the next pour starts so aiming for a total extraction time of around 3:30? I will try your single pour method but I’m guessing the grind should be a bit courser for the 4:6 method with multiple pours?
  8. Am using 1:16 ratio so 14.06g/225ml 0:00 36g bloom 0:45 - 90g 1:30 - 135g 2:15 - 180g 3:00 - 225g total brew time around 4:15-4:30 What water temp are you using? So for the 4:6 I should be going coarser!?
  9. So for once the espresso seems to be giving me really good cups but my v60 is a bit hit and miss as I’ve been having good results using the 4:6 method with other beans but dropping the water temp to 95oC made a big improvement today I’m getting a total drawdown time of around 4:30 atm and still tastes like I’m getting a tad bit of bitterness so wondering if I need to go coarser currently 2 + 11 clicks on the feld2
  10. It does taste good! And yes letting it cool down 17 > 34g in 34 seconds gives quite a balanced shot on the gaggia just not that much strawberry so will experiment going tighter and coarser
  11. Just got a batch of foundry’s rocko mountain and have been brewing as espresso and with the v60 I’m only about 4 days post roast atm but am getting the blueberry notes through but not much strawberry. 17g > 34g in around 42 seconds on the gaggia gives lots of blueberry notes
  12. just come across this: https://www.espro.com/catalog/french-press/coffee-p7 Looks interesting double filter which gurantees no grit and a isolated chamber to prevent over-extraction £110 for a french press though!
  13. What’s all of the gaggia users consensus on dose size with a standard double basket 16 or 17g? Just got a kilo abs am trying to dial in 5 days post roast
  14. I tried this over the weekend and also had great results with a coarse grind on the feld2 there were still a few fines at the bottom but I guess that's unavoidable with a French press unless you can pour it through some kind of filter
  15. Slightly coarser grind which is also what seems to work better for multiple / pulse pours. the feld2 is in another league in comparison to the rhino hand grinder which I was using before!
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