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  1. The exact same thing happened on my Andreja Premium earlier in the year. Turned out to be the pressure stat sticking which caused the element to not get turned off, the pressure got to such a high level it started leaking out of the top of the boiler and fused the limit stat that sits in that location. I replaced both pressure and limit stat and all worked fine again. Let me know if you need any help.
  2. Mancoco Gegarang Village. 36g shot. Exactly as the description, dark chocolate and tangerine. Absolutely gorgeous. First time I've tried this bean from Mancoco, I normally stick with their Monsoon Malabar which is divine. http://mancoco.co.uk/epages/950003025.mobile/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/950003025/Products/0020/SubProducts/0020-0001
  3. Get a little screw/stud removal kit from screwfix. They're only cheap and it will take it out in no time at all assuming you have an electric drill?
  4. My Dad recently returned from a trekking trip in Peru and brought this back with him as a gift for me. He swears he was there when they roasted it. Do I give it a go!?!
  5. Another update, all fixed!!!! Put it all back together, new pressure stat in and new hi temperature switch and it all works.............and no leaks! Just need to order a new green light from BB as I snapped the existing one by accident whilst I was reassembling but otherwise I've got a working machine again. Needs a full repolish, backflush and clean up but I'm very proud of myself for tackling the strip down and glad I did it now. I feel like I could take on most repairs on my machine in the future now which is a comforting thought. Thanks for your help Frank and Clive.
  6. Update: I decided to be brave and try and strip the boiler out of the casing. Got it all out successfully, disconnected it from the grouphead. Managed to get the offending leaking fitting out, and it was quite scaled up around the base. I soaked it in PulyCaff and vinegar then gave it a good wire-wooling / sanding around the scaled elements. Wrapped the thread with PTFE and refitted it. I've disconnected the pressure switch and temp switch and ordered new ones and put it all back together. Just waiting for the replacement parts tomorrow. The twisted pipe is still twisted but the fittings at either end seem sound so rather than trying to do anything with it I've just left it as twisted. Clive - did you replace the pressure stat while you had the machine? I'm hoping it's just old and needed replacing and that will solve it, but if you replaced it fairly recently it might be something else. Cheers Neil
  7. Not that I noticed. I pulled a shot about an hour before it happened. Didn't look at the pressure gauge. When it tripped though it was steaming like mad and hotter than I'd ever known the machine get. I reckon the increased pressure in the boiler found a weak spot in the joint at the top and steamed onto the hi temp cut out switch causing it to short. I've ordered a new temp switch and pressure switch from BB.
  8. It definitely wasn't from there, I watched it leak from the base of where I've shown on the photo. Also, I wonder if the pressure stat has gone and the increased pressure has caused the leak?
  9. Hi Mate Hope you're well. Where is the boiler safety valve? It was extremely hot after it went pop so perhaps the stat went on it and it overheated resulting in the steam pressure blowing through the top of the boiler on a weak seal.
  10. No other problems that I know of. The pipe became twisted as I was trying to disconnect the nut from the boiler fitting but as I was loosening the nut it was twisting the copper pipe without me realising. I reckon the copper pipe needs to be be replaced and any olives on it also replaced.
  11. Hi All Looking for some help from you fine bunch. My Quickmill Andreja Premium made a loud pop sound this morning and tripped the electrics. I reset the breaker and fired it back up, it lasted 20mins and tripped again. I then took the casing off and watched it warm up with the case off, when it got hot, there was a leak from the top of the boiler which leaked onto the high limit temp switch, caused a short and tripped the electrics again. It was a pretty substantial leak from the position circled on the photo below. I started to strip the machine to try to get to the offending article to remove it and try to seal it, and I think I've just made it worse and hit my limits of my mechanical skills. I have removed the high limit temp switch and it definitely looks fried and needs a new one. The copper pipe from the top of the boiler to the group has also been twisted / mangled in my attempts to disconnect it from the boiler. I need someone to fix this - I live in Warrington, Cheshire. Does anyone know of any good repairers around this area who could fix it up for me? Thanks Neil
  12. Definitely try pulling a longer shot 45-50g and see how that tastes. I often find sourness at shots under 1:2 but they're much more forgiving at 1:3. As a rule I always aim for 18g:40g and go from there but there are definitely some beans that I pull to 50g.
  13. 13 Hours, Soldiers of Benghazi. Definitely one of the more harrowing and frightening modern day war films I have seen. A very solid film, kept me on edge and the acting was really good. It gets a 7.8/10 from me.
  14. Mancoco Monsoon Malabaar is impossible to get wrong in my experience. Hugely forgiving and delicious dark chocolate, nuts and sweet creamy finish.
  15. I got a bag of this recently from Rave as it was on sale. Have to agree, it's delicious. Very smooth milky chocolate with dark fruits but not overpowering. I shall be buying again.
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