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  1. Getting the glass back off without fracturing it is really tricky. I'd just assume you need a new back, they're not expensive. Then warm up the back with a hot air gun, spatula to ease it off. Be careful as there are some wires connected. Look on youtube. Once the back is off it's very easy to swap the battery and pretty easy to fit a new back on. You need to swap the camera and flash etc over but these just pop out with a little warmth from the hot air gun. I've done it on several phones. Its a 15-20min job. I've never managed to not crack the back though. Also. When you refit the new back, make sure absolutely everything is cleaned out of the little ridge where the adhesive sits. Go to town on this bit. It has to be spotless. If you don't get it really clean your new back won't sit and seal properly which is a bit annoying.
  2. Dose into the niche cup for me. Then tap down, chopstick to distribute, motta leveller to level the puck then tamp. I found dosing more sometimes helps with drier pucks.
  3. That's great to hear customer service like that. It reminds me of a guy I dealt with years ago. He was selling wine by the crate and I ordered a box. I got a notification saying the package had been dispatched by Royal Mail and a few days later got an email confirming it had been delivered...........it hadn't. I rang the guy up and told him and he said "Leave it with me". An hour later the guy rings me back and says "Do you have an off-licence next door to your house? I've just spoken to the owner in there and she has your crate behind the counter, she signed for it yesterday because you weren't in". He'd gone to the trouble of tracking it down, then finding what off licence it was, then calling the off licence an confirming they'd got it. I popped next door and there it was! A lot of retailers would've just shrugged their shoulders and said.....contact Royal Mail.
  4. I'll give that a try. What I don't understand though is that when I re-operate the lever it immediately drops the pressure to zero. This would indicate that the cam is pushing on the release stem when I re-operate it but not first time around. I wonder if it's a spring problem and when the pump is operating it's stopping the release, but when the pump stops there's enough relaxation in pressure to allow the spring to move again?
  5. I'm just looking for some help/guidance with a weird problem with my Andreja Premium. I get very wet pucks and I think there's something going wrong with the ejection of pressure from the puck when I finish the shot. When I close the lever, the pressure remains at full 9bar, but if I then briefly flick the lever up and down again the pressure drops and there's a small release into the drip tray. The puck is still wet though. If I don't do this, when I unlock the portafilter the pressure is still pretty high and it starts to spray out. I'm comfortable enough stripping down the group but what am I looking for that would cause this issue?
  6. Yeah the exact same thing happens to me. Bit of a nuisance. I have to use my faithful chopstick to level it around the basket.
  7. I absolutely love the smell of Linco Beer but I don't think you can get it anymore. I'd pay over the odds for a bottle.
  8. Used to swim against QES when I was at school (Lancaster Grammar 89-96).
  9. Good to hear. She's a sexy looking grinder. I reckon it'll go on for years.
  10. The only place I know that the locals like is Archers down on the beach. Not really a coffee connoisseur shop but a decent cafe with good food and a nice stroll along the shore.
  11. NJD1977

    Dark and oily

    Black Beans Matter
  12. I grew up in Bolton-le-Sands just north of Lancaster. Went to school in Lcr. Still back there regularly as my parents live there. Welcome to the forum!
  13. There was a good article on this in the Sunday Times today. Tbh, it sounds more worrying than all of the other covid symptoms to me!
  14. I can't really remember why I joined tbh. I had a crappy delonghi machine and fancied an upgrade and I think I stumbled across here to find advice. I've not been mega active but the biggest thing for me has been the opportunity to purchase both a used classic, then a used Mignon, then a used Andreja Premium and finally a Niche Zero. Along the way I've enjoyed tinkering with the classic and fitting a PID and then had quite a few problems with my Andreja Premium. The likes of Dave and El Carillio were a godsend in helping me strip the whole thing down and fix it.......I got so much pleasure out of that and love fixing things. I joined a coffee tour of my favourite city of Manchester a few years ago and met quite a few of the crowd. The forum is a nice escape from life for me.
  15. Could be a number of reasons for the boiler topping itself up. Happened to me recently. Anti vac valve Loose fitting Leaking element gasket Leaking drain plug Pinhole in boiler somewhere. All you can really do is take the case off and listen whilst it's heating up. You'll usually hear the leak (rather than see it), it can be really small and boil off to steam but you will hear it as the boiler reaches its pressure cut off.
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