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  1. I grew up in Bolton-le-Sands just north of Lancaster. Went to school in Lcr. Still back there regularly as my parents live there. Welcome to the forum!
  2. There was a good article on this in the Sunday Times today. Tbh, it sounds more worrying than all of the other covid symptoms to me!
  3. I can't really remember why I joined tbh. I had a crappy delonghi machine and fancied an upgrade and I think I stumbled across here to find advice. I've not been mega active but the biggest thing for me has been the opportunity to purchase both a used classic, then a used Mignon, then a used Andreja Premium and finally a Niche Zero. Along the way I've enjoyed tinkering with the classic and fitting a PID and then had quite a few problems with my Andreja Premium. The likes of Dave and El Carillio were a godsend in helping me strip the whole thing down and fix it.......I got so much pleasure ou
  4. Could be a number of reasons for the boiler topping itself up. Happened to me recently. Anti vac valve Loose fitting Leaking element gasket Leaking drain plug Pinhole in boiler somewhere. All you can really do is take the case off and listen whilst it's heating up. You'll usually hear the leak (rather than see it), it can be really small and boil off to steam but you will hear it as the boiler reaches its pressure cut off.
  5. Another vote for coffee compass. The best dark espresso beans I've had. Full earthy, dark mouthfeel, just like a perfect cafe in Italy.
  6. I think the dosing area is needlessly too small and with it being angled forward it takes a little bit of care when dosing 20g in. Despite it saying it could accommodate 55g, I just can't see this being realistic. It's a minor gripe but I would've made the dosing area larger (and ideally not leaning forward). Otherwise a great grinder.
  7. Could be the control unit which is hooked up to the water level sensors. Theres not too much can go wrong with the sensors but the control unit can fail or have a loose wire.
  8. I'm pretty sure any females will press on. The incoming wire needs a certain size though. See my box below.
  9. Maybe get a Stilson spanner on it?
  10. Look at the size of that bad boy!!!
  11. Cheers Graham. Glad you like the grinder. It's served me well and it's got a lifetime of use in it. A good birthday present!
  12. We can definitely f**k things up though. I do it most days. [emoji1787][emoji23]
  13. I use a HX machine so hard to say on temperature.
  14. https://www.scottrao.com/blog/2017/12/17/the-21-ratio Seems to err on the side of 1:3 being more appropriate for most.
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