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  1. My Minima was exactly the same. Steam boiler kept overfilling to the point water came out the steam wand. Also leaked on the counter top. May well have been a loose connection, but mine had the Gicar replaced and then when it still happened, the fault was thought to be the fill probe. I loved the idea of mine, but based on the above I would say there is an inherent fault in these which ACS should probably look to adjust/remedy.
  2. Just to follow up on this. I took the very bottom part of the group off, and re-seated it. Whatever it did sorted it as its now smooth as anything. Thanks guys.
  3. Think it's over Sent from my RMX1931 using Tapatalk
  4. Here is a pic of the cam sat in position.
  5. So I wanted to take some time to check this thoroughly. Have taken cam out, dried both the cam and the inside of the chamber. Put excessive lubricant on there to eliminate that from the equation. Still stiff going back down. Does feel like potentially the 'pins' arent moving as freely as before using cleaner (is this even possible?). Is this common, or is there a way to lubricate this moving part so I can see if that helps at all?
  6. Well I'm now starting to doubt myself! I start off in the neutral/halfway position. When it goes back in, the cam is in the middle, so in front of the pins so to speak. Its a definite stiffness on putting the lever back down I would say. i can make a video to show you where, but its purely on feel. Doesnt feel like a lubed cam.
  7. hi Dave, Thanks. this is the bit I was reading on that guide. The actual lubrication is done with a Cocktail stick (as the stuff is hard to wash off fingers) and is in the places marked with the red arrows. It is also a good idea to remove the cam itself (it just snaps out) and lubricate the area at the back of the cam, it should be obvious when you remove it. The reason the barrel is lubed and not the spindle is to prevent excess lubricant being pushed off the spindle into the cam chamber and hence into the coffee. It's also the reason why you only lubricate the inner 1cm of so of t
  8. 1. Alex_L 2. Alder 3. Tsangpa 4. np123 Sent from my ELE-L09 using Tapatalk
  9. Sounds great, I'm in! Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
  10. @Disapia Yes, I can post, it has its original packaging which is very sturdy. Hopefully you appreciate postage is at buyers cost and risk. I can send via a tracked service and add the cost or you could organise one of your choosing? Sent from my GM1903 using Tapatalk
  11. @Disapia Hi, are you able to collect? Sent from my GM1903 using Tapatalk
  12. I'm selling my Chrome Mignon Specialita as I find myself spending less time playing with new beans these days and I tend to stick to one for long periods. This was my second grinder, which was bought to be used for beans I fancied trying or for decaf, but I ended up just drinking the same ones as I got for the wife. In total its has 2kg through, its hardly been used at all and I think it makes sense to free up the counter space. Bought from Bella Barista and comes with 18 months warranty remaining and in the original box. This is the more expensive Chrome model. It has a di
  13. I'm just getting into cold Brew and I was looking at the oxo good grips maker. It's a steeping method and it's quite large, taking up to 280g of coffee at a time. Hand grinding seems like it would be a pain, the niche deals in lower volumes. I have a mignon specialita too which I suppose would work. Would a wilfa be the one? Would the ones I have do? Sent from my BKL-L09 using Tapatalk
  14. Think it suits brewed more? Sent from my BKL-L09 using Tapatalk
  15. Great, glad it arrived safe. Enjoy!
  16. Offer accepted. Let's go to PM and sort logistics.
  17. Bump for this great little grinder
  18. I've honestly never tried. It has the same 38mm burrs as the feld but a shorter crank arm so while the burrs are capable I think it will be harder to do. I also have a feld2 for sale if you're interested?
  19. No problem with that but I would need to check out the cost and agree on something.
  20. For sale is my Aergrind which has had very little use. Its got the upgraded metal lid, band for arm and also a spare band and (probably) spare O-rings but these are pennies anyway if I cant find them. Great compact grinder but just doesnt get the use it deserves. Asking £80 posted.
  21. np123

    Knock Feld2 Honed

    Bump for this.
  22. np123

    Knock Feld2 Honed

    Don't have the tube/cardboard box, but will have o rings in the drawer.
  23. np123

    ACS Minima

    I found them in general to be most unlike BB recently. I don't think all is running well there.
  24. np123

    Knock Feld2 Honed

    In London during the week, but out in Essex of a weekend.
  25. I actually think BB have been pretty poor when it comes to the minima. I asked them to do mine before they sent it and they didn't. But then I did it in no more than 5-10 minutes. It is literally the easiest of adjustments to make and a good chance to take a look under the lid. It's 6 or so hex bolts and a spanner. The video Dave made is great. And it's completely worth it. I took it as an opportunity to familiarise myself with my machine and it means I now know how easy it is to get inside the case if ever I need to, which will be annually to have a look around.
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