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  1. I'm just getting into cold Brew and I was looking at the oxo good grips maker. It's a steeping method and it's quite large, taking up to 280g of coffee at a time. Hand grinding seems like it would be a pain, the niche deals in lower volumes. I have a mignon specialita too which I suppose would work. Would a wilfa be the one? Would the ones I have do? Sent from my BKL-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. np123

    Django Discount Code

    Think it suits brewed more? Sent from my BKL-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. Great, glad it arrived safe. Enjoy!
  4. Offer accepted. Let's go to PM and sort logistics.
  5. Bump for this great little grinder
  6. I've honestly never tried. It has the same 38mm burrs as the feld but a shorter crank arm so while the burrs are capable I think it will be harder to do. I also have a feld2 for sale if you're interested?
  7. No problem with that but I would need to check out the cost and agree on something.
  8. For sale is my Aergrind which has had very little use. Its got the upgraded metal lid, band for arm and also a spare band and (probably) spare O-rings but these are pennies anyway if I cant find them. Great compact grinder but just doesnt get the use it deserves. Asking £80 posted.
  9. Don't have the tube/cardboard box, but will have o rings in the drawer.
  10. np123

    ACS Minima

    I found them in general to be most unlike BB recently. I don't think all is running well there.
  11. In London during the week, but out in Essex of a weekend.
  12. I actually think BB have been pretty poor when it comes to the minima. I asked them to do mine before they sent it and they didn't. But then I did it in no more than 5-10 minutes. It is literally the easiest of adjustments to make and a good chance to take a look under the lid. It's 6 or so hex bolts and a spanner. The video Dave made is great. And it's completely worth it. I took it as an opportunity to familiarise myself with my machine and it means I now know how easy it is to get inside the case if ever I need to, which will be annually to have a look around.
  13. I don't agree. He should get a niche, how did you miss that suggestion? But seriously to OP, a niche for £500 is the best buy.
  14. Yeah but you don't leave them both on all day. The brew boiler is on all day and the service boiler takes 5 mins to heat up so it's turned on and off as required.
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