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  1. the palette and shadows remind me of the Pink Floyd wish you were here album. Striking shadow detail.
  2. A peaceful, good humoured, child friendly, walk through town. A diverse gathering of people from different backgrounds and interests coming together to celebrate life and their right to exist, standing up for friends and family across the pond, and voicing their concern at the encroaching restriction to their civil liberties. Thats pretty much as far from trump standards as you can get. In terms of photography, having never photographed crowds before, it was an interesting dynamic and set of skills you had to quickly develop to get the shot you wanted. From running around, threading your way through crowds, asking permission to take the shot with the GDPR rule these days, and engaging with your subject and even asking them to move around to position them for a better shot. Interesting set of challenges.
  3. and finally... A good day out followed by a trip to cult coffee for an espresso and macchiato of Round Hill Roastery - Claude!
  4. There was a trump protest carnival in Edinburgh today. Hows your Scottish?
  5. Thanks. Thats good to know. And yes 7C is damn cold! Unfortunately an eye condition is exacerbated by heating and baking has just become viable after discovering protective eyewear. Life....
  6. Good morning all. I was doing a little reading ahead and have another query for you. In the book Crust, I have a query about making the ferment for sourdough. The issue is temperature. Stage 1 = 30C for 36-48h. Stage 2 >24C for 24h. Stage 4 >24C for 12h. Unfortunately my house varies from 7-17C. What therefore are my options? Thanks.
  7. Well I finally got round to making the parmesan, parma ham & pine nut slices. I used the live yeast I bought from amazon, left enough in the fridge for the next month of baking and cut & frozen the rest. The smell of the yeast was quite incredible and permeated the house the entire day. The dough was a lot easier to work with. The results were not bad. With the brushing of oil between layers, on top once out the oven, and in the mix itself, I felt it ended up just too oily for my liking. One thing I would say is that perhaps with it being so cold, it took hours to rise each time and turned into an all day event which was not ideal. Once I find some fresh basil in the shops I'll try another olive dough and then move onto the brown breads. Ultimately, sourdough is where I want to be, but I guess I need to work through Dough before moving on to Crust - or do I?
  8. Thanks. I'll look into that flour. I have been adding all the water at once so I'll give that a shot too. All items are weighed to the gram. As for somewhere warm to prove.... When I used to make my pizzas I'd leave it near a radiator, but this proved too variable. Now I'm leaving the oven on for a while and periodically opening the door to warm up the kitchen. Just double checked but no proving setting on my neff pizza oven. Cheers
  9. Hi, after re-reading the book, I discovered that I also hadn't considered time. Time for mixing in and out of the bowl. On P22 he says 2-3 minutes in the bowl. I was oblivious to time, lost in thoughts as I went through the process. At a push I'd say in and out of bowl mixing was maybe 45 min. When it came out of the bowl it was like image 10 on P25, but incredibly tough to stretch it that much. So I made another batch with the easy bake yeast - whatever the heck that is. Much better results. All were light and airy this time. But again, the dough was not as wet and pliable as the images indicate. I also purchased a baking stone which can take up to 800 degrees C, along with a peel. I'm still trying to get used to the stone but the peel makes life so much easier. And today the fresh yeast (hirondelle) arrived. This week is the parmesan, parma ham & pine nut slices, followed by the tomato, garlic & basil bread. Next week I'll be moving onto the brown dough. Can anyone recommend any brands of 'Strong Wholemeal Flour', and looking further ahead 'Dark Rye Flour'? Thanks.
  10. I've perhaps only used the timer function 50 times in the last year or so with a few days in the 6-8 range. However I've never experienced this. I'd email Eureka and see if they have any ideas. Usually theres the option to just replace something faulty in the first 30 days or so and then its a warranty issue. So contact the shop as well and ask their advice.
  11. Hi so in Dough, on P12 he says just to mix it in and not follow the instructions on the pack of yeast I had, but since I'm confused by all the different types of yeast I don't know quite what I'm supposed to do. He did say to 'treat it in exactly the same way' so I spliced the packs water activation with his presumed 1:1 quantity to treat it the same way. None of which is right and comes back to my yeast confusion.
  12. Well I'm getting confused by yeast. I've heard of fresh, dried, dried active, instant, easy bake. I am gathering that you use different quantities of each compared to fresh. At present I have before me the original Allinson dried active yeast and a recently purchased Allinson easy bake yeast. The packaging of the dried active states to use half the amount if the recipe called for fresh but I can't see anything on the easy bake so assume 1:1. However, I see on some sites 7g Instant = 21g live. 7g active dry = 17.5g live I'll pop into sainsburys and see if they have any at the bakery. Failing that I'll get some off amazon. It would appear I used far too much yeast and after mixing in the bowl with the plastic scraper it was a tough solid, non sticky lump and could not be stretched out. It looked nothing like bertinetts videos. Too much time mixing in the bowl? I'll re-read the initial parts of the book. Its a lot to take in. The only baking I've ever done before is my own pizza bases - similar but different.
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