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  1. https://sprudge.com/stillroasting-coffee-map-162067.html?fbclid=IwAR2wSpMWPy5It286zeuC8c4-UbesPiAvMTnv7t8IG-rrj9C__AGxVZQ4dl4 This may help. It shows the roasters that are still operating. It does cover the UK
  2. Specialita - even got a free bag of beans too!
  3. just got a Eureka grinder from them. Ordered Wednesday pm - delivered Thursday am. Excellent company to deal with. Highly recommended
  4. I went from a Silvia to a Sage DB recently, very pleased with it. Still using a Vario at the moment, but thinking about an a grinder upgrade In the near future, haven't decided what to go for as yet.
  5. mike 100

    Rave flash sale

    Rave Easter sale until noon tomorrow (27/03/18) 15% off!
  6. Hi, having upgraded to a Sage DB, wondering what my V3 Silvia is worth, purchased new from HasBean in 2011, well maintained with additional naked portafilter and triple basket. Thanks
  7. Agreed, it does seem to be the most consistent so far. Pleased with the machine, steams a bit slow, even after increasing the temp,good microfoam though!
  8. Still playing around with the DB, just wondering which extraction method is preferred by other users, Manual - Timed - or Volumetric? This is a new area for me as my previous machine was a Silvia!
  9. Well so far so good, getting decent shots, and steaming the milk produces excellent results. Very pleased at the moment!
  10. The Double Boiler arrived, unpacked and set up - impressed so far, looks well thought out. now the fun begins!
  11. Ordered my Sage DB from Lakeland, good price ATM plus if for some reason 'we' don't like it when it arrives they will collect it FOC. Plus the 3 year Guarantee is a bonus. Watched all the videos (Seattle Coffee Gear mainly) and checked out the posts on here so fingers crossed. It will be paired with a Mahlkonig Vario for the time being, and will see how it goes, and upgrade the grinder at a later date. Not sure if I will bother with the White Glove service, again will have to see.
  12. After happily using my Silvia for ages, decided to pull the trigger and upgrade to the DB. hopefully arriving in the next few days. Any tips- suggestions welcome!
  13. http://www.coffeehit.co.uk stock them and they do fit! £1.01 + postage. But take care exploring the site.. lots of nice things to buy!
  14. So it's Coffee - Cakes/Biscuits - Beer that's me sorted then:)
  15. If I were you I would have a full set of blood tests done, friend of mine had similar symptoms and it showed an iron deficiency and low sodium levels, blood tests showed this up now sorted out!
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