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  1. Final update for this thread. The machine is all up and running now! Working well so far (fingers crossed). Here are some photos before and after (minus the new valve as I took this before I installed it): And here it is with its new insulation, looking much better than those first photos! I didn't manage to get the boiler heating elements out as I didn't have a impact driver and didn't fancy trying to wrench it off! But I will keep an eye on how they go, and now that I have more confidence in getting the boilers out I will give that a go as an
  2. Ah right, thanks for the info @NJD1977. Had no idea about that! This is turning out to be a good learning experience! Thankfully it doesn't appear to have completely ruined the machine. I tried getting some bolts but none of them worked. The M6 and M8 were too thin and the M10 thread seemed to fit but the distance between the threads was too large so it didnt screw in easily and I didn't want to force it!
  3. Yea, I've soaked it and cleaned it all up. Bella Barista kindly offered to send me the correct fitting for free after I sent the photo showing this. Turns out its a 1/8", which I can't understand as it looks like a 1/4" in the photo! Yea it makes sense having seen how much it reduces. What's your thoughts on using the machine but just the brew boiler not the steam boiler and just putting a nut in it until the new fitting arrives. Would that work?
  4. Edit: All sorted now - apparently I need it to a 1/8" Bella Barista are kindly sending me the new one for free after I made contact. After shearing the safety valve reducer ( part on the right of the photo) I managed to get it out and bought a new part on the advice of Bella Barista (I'm not sure I needed the safety valve just the reducer but nevermind). However, the part they advised is too big. See photo for sizes. My old part is on the right. Bella Barista say the reducer they sent me reduces from 3/8" to 1/4" Is this true? I don't know much about thread sizes but it looks much
  5. Thanks for all the swift replies @Jony, @Mark7and @NJD1977. New things learned and thankfully not the disaster I first thought! Now I need a new adapter then we'll be back on the road and hopefully have it up and running in a few days! Cheers, Gordon
  6. Whoops, juust a few minutes too late @NJD1977. I haven't checked the thread but I hope it's ok. I cant see any obvious signs of damage. But I'll remember that for next time 👍
  7. Yes! Thanks @Mark70 and thanks @NJD1977 for those ideas. Had a go with various drill bits and screw heads I could find then finally tried an allen key fitting and hammered it for a tight fit and was able to unscrew it! Phew 😅
  8. Yea this look like a great idea! Thanks! I wonder if I could hammer in something like that, that I've got....
  9. Not sure, I guess I must have over tightened. Makes sense given its a smaller thread. Yea drilling could be an option cheers!
  10. Sad news regarding the instalment of the new insulation. Finally got round to taking it all apart, giving the parts a good clean and putting the insulation on. Then, on reassembly, the safety valve that screws into the top of the steam boiler has sheared off with the threaded part still in boiler (see the photos). Needless to say, I'm gutted! So bloody close! My idea is to try and freeze a rod and then put it in and hope it expands enough to be able to twist the thread , but I'm doubtful it'll work. Has anyone got any other ideas or is it as I fear.... having to buy a whole new boil
  11. Oh right, that's a lot cheaper than I thought! Is it easy to cut with simple tools like Stanley knife or even scissors? I'm guessing I'd just use the old gasket as a template? Just looking at the photo it looks bit thicker, but does it matter? Looks like you just tigheten to the gasket
  12. Thanks @Jony yea it will be good to get one ready, I've worked out what Viton means now! Not done much of this before! @El carajillo you said to check first, but do you mean by taking the old gasket off or looking it up on the web - if it's looking it up on the web, I've tried and can't find it yet, do you know where you can find that sort of information? Also don't have an impact driver, so I think I'll cause more issues by trying to replace it at the mo, and if it's not leaking then hopefully what @Nikko said is true and the seal will be good for longer. Pond liber is arriving Tuesday
  13. Thanks @El carajillo having a difficult time trying to find the gasket along with its dimensions. Only place I could find it was clive coffee in USA! So I am going to leave the gasket replacement until it becomes more serious. At the moment there is no obvious leaking on warm up nor during operation, so I will keep a close eye and see how it develops. In the meantime, I've ordered the pond fleece and will get on with adding that. Thanks for all the help
  14. Dont think it’s typo, they had a photo with the gasket next to a ruler. It’s here: https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/izzo-pompei-boiler-gasket-tf18.html
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