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  1. Just about to place an order myself any chance of the discount code ? It would be very welcome Regards Steve
  2. Ok Jaymac no problem let me know if interested and in answer to the other statement there are no final value fees on buy it now unless sold, you have a right to withdraw item for many reasons (I have done it before,fees only charged when item is in auction and somebody has bid which is only fair)
  3. The item is not in the auction just buy it now so I can cancel it anytime without charge unless someone clicks the buy button in which case I am committed to sell to that person, I am happy to sell to you and wait till the following weekend if you commit to buy but obviously do not want to wait till then only for a call to say you have changed your mind as i may miss other prospective buyers. Regards Steve
  4. Sorry I do not know the year of manufacture ,I bought the grinder from a forum member and went purely on its condition which is excellent and I am away all easter weekend but around the following one if it is still available.Because of lack of interest on here I have put it on Ebay although at a higher price but I would prefer a forum member to get the benefit of it Regards Steve
  5. Just ordered and received Eureka Zenith 65 E from elektros.Fantastic service delivery in 2 working days and Gianni responds to emails very quickly.With current favourable exchange rate got mine with small hopper for £431 an absolute bargain in my opinion. Comes with Schuko plug but you can buy an earthed adaptor with fuse for a couple of pounds on ebay.Would definitely buy from Gianni again.
  6. Well packaged arent they ! Get it out of that box and working you wont look back.
  7. Not sure about that but i chose because of the good review on here and the build quality for the money.I think this machine looks every bit as good as the Rocket Giotto but at a more reasonable price.Cant fault it.
  8. Hi there I have been the proud owner of an ECM Barista for a couple of months now ,fantastic machine,real quality and plenty of bling although i have a lot to learn in the Espresso making world.
  9. Have now reduced price of grinder to £140 collected if no takers will put on Ebay
  10. Yes i would as long as you insured it and paid for it by bank transfer before collection by the courier. According to the forum rules though we should be discussing this in the forum itself and not private message until we have agreed a deal but yes i would be happy to do that.
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